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  Co. B, 27th North Carolina Troops

Guilford Greys

Enlisted Men of the 14th U.S. Regulars

 "I would take the 14th to the very gates of Hell, but I want a chance to whip the Devil when I get there."

Captain John "Paddy" O'Connell, 14th U. S. Regular Infantry

Medal of Honor Recipients from the 14th U.S. Regular Infantry

Ovila Cayer, Sergeant, Co. A, 1st Battalion - Issued February 15, 1867 for saving the colors and commanding the regiment, all officers being disabled, at Weldon Railroad, Virginia, August 19, 1864.

George C. Williams, Quartermaster Sergeant, 1st Battalion - Issued August 28, 1897. While on duty with the wagon train as quartermaster sergeant he voluntarily left his place of safety in the rear, joined a company, and fought with distinguished gallantry through the action at Gaines' Mill, Virginia, June 27, 1862.

Robert Wright, Private, Co. G, 1st Battalion - Issued November 25, 1869, for conspicuous gallantry in action at Chappell House, Virginia, October 1, 1864.

Enlisted Roster of the 14th U.S. Regular Infantry


Albert --, Company E

Henry A. Abbott, Company E

John C. Abbott, Company B

Wesley Abbott

Louis Abegglen, Company B

Wm. Acker, Company F

Marvin Ackley, Company A - Private

Chas. E. Adair, Company - Recruit

Andrew Adams, Company D - Private

Axel S. Adams, Company B - Sergeant

Chas. Adams

Chas. Adams, Company E

Francis Adams, Company A - Private

Frank Adams, Company A

John Adams

John Adams, Company F

John Adams, Company E

John E. Adams, Company G - Corporal

John L. Adams, Company B, A

Richard Adams, Company E

Wm. Adams, Company B, H - Master Sergeant

Wm. B. Adams, Company - Recruit

Wm. P. Adams, Company D

James Addams

Robert Addams, Company DAB - First Sergeant

Charles Ade, Company G, H, F - Private

David Adel, Company D - Private

Thomas G. Adkins, Company F&S - Band Leader

Thos. Y. Adkins, Company F&S - Band Leader

Chas. Adolph, Company I - Private

Henry Aeg, Company D - First Sergeant

Henry Aeg, Company D - Sergeant

Chas. Agens, Company E, A - Private

John W. Ahern, Company F&S - Musician

Michael Ahern, Company F&S - Private

Michael Ahern, Company D, I - Sergeant

Patrick Ahern, Company F - Sergeant

Claus Ahlt, Company E, B - Private

Christopher Ahrens, Company G

Hugh Aikens, Company F

Chas. S. Ainslie, Company D

Chas. W. Ainsworth

John Ainsworth, Company F - Private

Wilson L. Akers, Company A - Corporal

Johann Alber, Company G - Private

James Albert, Company F

Wm. Albertson, Company G - Private

Wm. Albright, Company A - Private

George Alcorn, Company A - Private

Charles H. Alden, Company F&S - Private

William Alden, Company B

Geo. Aldrich, Company - Recruit

William Aldrich, Company C

William S. Aldrich, Company C, B - Private

James A. Alexander, Company A - Private

Washington Alexander, Company H

John Wm. Alington

Johnathan P. Alington, Company E

Chas. Allen, Company D

Chas. C. Allen, Company E - Private

David Allen, Company A - Private

Ernst Allen, Company H - Private

George Allen, Company

Grainger Allen, Company G

Henry Allen, Company H

James G. Allen, Company B

James T. Allen, Company D - Private

John Allen, Company

John W. Allen, Company H, F, C

Peter H. Allen, Company D, H - Quartermaster Sergeant

Peter K. Allen, Company D - Private

William Allen, Company G

William Allen, Company

Wm. Allen, Company D, G - First Sergeant

Enoch M. Alley, Company D - Ordnance Sergeant

Jonathan Allington, Company E

Anthony Allsburgh, Company A, B - Private

William Althamer, Company E

Frank Altmann, Company A - Private

Henry Alway, Company F - Private

John Alwell, Company C - Private

Sherman Ambrose, Company F

Thomas Ambrose, Company F - Private

Eugene D. Ames, Company

John Ames, Company A - Private

Joseph L. Ames, Company - Recruit

Wm. Ames, Company E

James S. Amidon, Company E - Private

John Ammerman, Company C - Private

Amos C. Anderson, Company C - Hospital Steward

Chas. Anderson, Company C

Chas. Anderson, Company B - Private

Edward Anderson, Company C

George Anderson, Company B - First Sergeant

Jacob E. Anderson, Company B

James Anderson, Company B

James Anderson, Company B - Private

James Anderson, Company E

John Anderson, Company G - Sergeant

John Anderson, Company C - Sergeant

John W. Anderson, Company H, B - Private

Jonathan A. Anderson, Company H, B - Private

Joseph Anderson, Company B

Joseph A. Anderson, Company B

Peter Anderson, Company A - Private

Robert Anderson, Company H

Walter James Anderson, Company E, B - Private

Wm. Anderson, Company G

Wm. Anderson, Company E

Christen Andrews, Company A - Private

Dewitt C. Andrews, Company D

George Andrews, Company

Rueben Andrews, Company

Awise Andrus, Company B, A - Private

Abraham W. Aneigh, Company C

Geo. M.D. Aneigh, Company E

James H. Aneigh, Company H

Ferdinand Angeroth, Company B - Private

Henry E. Anson, Company

W. C. Anthony, Company

Oscar Appel, Company C - Private

Anton Appelt, Company A - Private

Anthon Appett, Company A - Sergeant

Daniel Applegate, Company I

Chas. Archer, Company

Robert Archer, Company H - Private

John Archibald, Company A

Wm. U. Ard, Company G, H - Private

Albert Armitt, Company - Recruit

Chas. Armstrong, Company B - Private

Finney Armstrong, Company A

Geo. Armstrong, Company - Corporal

John Armstrong, Company K

John Armstrong, Company G - Private

Robert Armstrong, Company E, A, B - Private

Henry Arnett, Company - Private

Harvy Arnold, Company H

Henry Arnold, Company F

James N. Arnold, Company

John Arnold, Company

Kirtland C. Arnold, Company H, F - Private

Nicholas G. Arnold, Company D

Wm. H. Arnold, Company B - Musician

Wm. J. Arnott, Company H - Private

David Arnson, Company B

Robert Arrowsmith, Company F, F - Private

William Arthur, Company F - Private

Joseph Arudt, Company C, C - Private

Anton Asbach, Company F&S - Musician

Linning Ashley, Company EE - Sergeant

Benj. Ashton, Company E - Private

Wm. Asple, Company A - Sergeant

Moses Aspurey, Company F

Philip Atkins, Company H

Geo. Atkinson, Company D

Augustine C. Austin, Company H - Private

Henry Austin, Company E

Jackson H. Austin, Company

Meser Auten, Company I

William Averberg, Company E - Private

Alvin A. Avery, Company F - Private

Alfred Avory, Company H - Sergeant

Benjamin Ayers, Company H - First Sergeant

Benjamin Ayers, Company H, G, H - Private

James M. Ayers, Company F, K - Corporal

Chas. S. Ayres, Company G - Hospital Steward

James A. Ayres, Company


Peter Babb, Company D

Albert C. Babcock, Company F&S - Musician

John Backman, Company - Sergeant

Joseph Badger, Company A - Private

Joseph Badger, Company A - Private

James Bahan, Company F - Private

Aaron Bailey, Company

Frank Bailey, Company

H. Bailey, Company F

James Bailey, Company B, F - Private

Martin B. Bailey, Company

Nathaniel Bailey, Company B

Thomas Bailey, Company C

Augustus H. Bainbridge, Company F - Sergeant

Wm. M. Baird, Company G

Benjamin Bairt, Company A

Abraham B. Baker, Company A - Private

Augustus G. Baker, Company - Private

Charles Baker, Company H

Geo. W. Baker, Company H

John Baker, Company A

Noah Baker, Company F - Private

Cornelius Baldwin, Company E - Private

Henry Baldwin, Company G - Private

Joseph N. Baldwin, Company - Private

Chas. Howell Bale, Company B - Private

Augustine Ball, Company - Undercook

Charles Ball, Company F - Private

Edward Ball, Company D

John H. Ball, Company

James Ballard, Company H

Thomas Bambrick, Company

John Bandorf, Company C - Private

Thomas Bane, Company A - Sergeant

Frank Banmann, Company D

Richmond H. Banning, Company F&S

Robert Banning, Company F

James Bannor, Company A - Private

Thomas Bar, Company

Wm. Barbes, Company D - Private

Joseph Barbioux, Company H

George Barcroft, Company G

Peter Barden, Company B

William A. Barden, Company E

Chas. Barel, Company D

Jacob Barick, Company

James Barker, Company A

Simeon Barker, Company

John Barlow, Company D - Sergeant

Thomas Barnaby, Company H - Private

Joseph H. Barnard, Company

Peter D. Barnard, Company F

Edward Barnell, Company E

Augustus Barnes, Company F

George O. Barnes, Company H

Honfrod Barnes, Company B, F - Private

J. Barnes, Company B - Private

Jerome Barnes, Company B - Private

John Barnes, Company H, G - Private

John F. Barnes, Company G, H - Sergeant

John L. Barnes, Company H

Michael Barnes, Company B

Francis E. Barney, Company D, A

Frank E. Barney, Company F&S

Harris Barney, Company A, B

John F. Barney, Company I

John F. Barney, Company F - Private

Reubin K. Barnhart, Company

Wm. Henry R. Barnhart, Company D - Corporal

T.H. Barnum, Company B - Sergeant

Lewis Baron, Company D - Private

John H. Barraclough, Company B - Private

James Barret, Company E

... Barrett, Company B, A

Joseph Barrett, Company G

Michael Barrett, Company G - Private

Radmond Barrett, Company H - Private

Thomas Barrett, Company F - Private

Wm. Barrett, Company H

Chas. Barry, Company E - Private

James Barry, Company D

John Barry, Company F

John Barry, Company A

William Barry, Company

Wm. Barry, Company A - First Sergeant

Joseph Barswill, Company H - Private

Marion Barthoff, Company D - Private

Walter L. Bartholomew, Company - Recruit

Edward A. Bartleson, Company A - First Sergeant

James Bartly, Company D - First Sergeant

Henry Barton, Company - Recruit

Wm. P. Barton, Company

Mort Bartsch, Company A - Private

James Bass, Company C

David K. Bassett, Company - Recruit

Sylvanus Bassett, Company B

Francis Bastian, Company

Adolphus Bates, Company F - Private

Cornelius Bates, Company C, B - Private

Thomas Bates, Company F - Private

Wm. Bates, Company G - Private

Emil Bath, Company E - Sergeant

Emil Batle, Company E - Sergeant

Robert Battersby, Company F

Carl Bauer, Company C

John Bauer, Company

Ludwig Bauer, Company F&S - Musician

George Baxter, Company - Recruit

John M. Baxter, Company D - Private

William T. Bayard, Company D - Private

Hiram Bayett, Company

Stephen D. Baylor, Company F - Private

... G. Baynes, Company B

Thomas Baynham, Company D

Martin Beadell, Company A

John Bean, Company C - Private

Thos. Beardsworth, Company H, G, H - Private

Matthew Beatty, Company A - Private

George Beavers, Company A

M.L. Bechtel, Company A, H - First Sergeant

Theodore Becker, Company F

Isaac B. Becket, Company B - Private

John A. Beckett, Company E

Chas. Becknagel, Company E

George Beckwith, Company

Joseph Beckwith, Company H, G - Private

Steward N. Beckwith, Company B

Frank Bedard, Company E - Musician

Nintag Bedard, Company F&S - Private Third Class

Victor Bedard, Company A - Musician

Joseph Bedor, Company A

John R. Beebe, Company C

Henry Beek, Company A

Lewis Beers, Company B - Private

Edwin Beeston, Company E - Sergeant

Henry Begards, Company H, G - Corporal

Herman Behm, Company C, B - Private

Ephraim Beidelman, Company B - Private

Reuben Belden, Company F, B - Private

Archibald Bell, Company - Private

Benjamin Bell, Company A

Chas. Bell, Company A - Quartermaster Sergeant

Edwin J. Bell, Company E - Private

George B. Bell, Company H - Private

Louis Bell, Company D

Samuel Bell, Company A - Private

William Bell, Company

Wm. Bell, Company A - Sergeant

Alonzo J. Bellows, Company H

Sterns S. Bemis, Company D, B - Private

James Colbut Bence, Company B

Christian Bender, Company E - Private

Julius Bender, Company

Jose Bene, Company A

Chas. L. Benedict, Company C - Private

Chas. Beneoke, Company D

Charles Bening, Company E - Private

Frank L. Benjamien, Company D - Private

Ceylon L. Benjamin, Company D - Private

Chas. W. Bennet, Company C - Private

James Bennet, Company F - Private

Dan Bennett, Company F, H, C - Private

Edward Bennett, Company G - Musician

James Bennett, Company C

William Bennett, Company

Wm. Bennett, Company A

Wm. A Bennett, Company - Hospital Steward

Wm. J. Bennett, Company C - Private

Chas. Benson, Company A

Ezries Benson, Company

Eugene Bentley, Company D - Private

Isaac W. Bentley, Company A, B - Private

James Bentley, Company C, F

Joseph Bentley, Company F

Thomas Bentley, Company H

... Edmond Benton, Company B

Washington N. Benway, Company H, G - Private

Elijah Berand, Company C

Louis Bereles, Company G

Johannes Berg, Company D

John Berg, Company F - Private

John Bergen, Company F - Private

Alphonso Bergeron, Company - Musician

G.M. Berggreen, Company H - Private

James Bergh, Company

Lewis Berkefelt, Company E - Private

J.B. Berkstresser, Company E

Samuel Bernett, Company D - Private

Fredrick Bernhardt, Company C - Private

Charles E. Berry, Company H, G - Sergeant Major

Edward Berry, Company B, A, G - Private

James Berry, Company

James P. Berry, Company H, G - Private

Oliver J. Berry, Company B

Wm. B. Berry, Company A, E

John Besaw, Company F - Private

Wellington Bessy, Company

Henry Best, Company

George Bethelier, Company F

Monroe Betron, Company G - Private

Jacob Bettinger, Company E

John Bettman, Company

Chas. R. Betts, Company B

Frederick Betzold, Company B - Private

Wm. Bickell, Company F&S - Private

Emil Bieri, Company E

Henry S. Biery, Company A

Henry Bietlemann, Company D

Joseph Bigelow, Company

Frederick Bigler, Company

Gottlieb Bigler, Company

John Bigley, Company A, G, B - Private

Albana Billings, Company

Frank Billings, Company E - Private

Oscar N. Bingham, Company C - Private

... Birch, Company B

Bryan E. Bisby, Company - Private

Benjamin Bishop, Company H - Private

Fred'k. H. Bishop, Company F&S - Private

G. Edward Bishop, Company F&S - Private

Wm. Wallace Bishop, Company A

Pauhl Bissikommer, Company D

Oliver Bisson, Company - Musician

Hiram Bixby, Company E - Sergeant

Wm. T. Bixby, Company

Robert Black, Company E

Allan Blackman, Company A - Private

Edwin B. Blackman, Company E - Private

Henry Blackwell, Company

Richard Blackwell, Company H

William Blade, Company

Chas. Blair, Company F

John Blair, Company

John Blair, Company - Recruit

Louis Blair, Company C, F - Private

Louis Blair, Company F

Edward Blake, Company E

George Blake, Company

Henry Blake, Company - Private

Patrick Francis Blake, Company D

Louis Blanch, Company I

Wm. G. Blanchard, Company G - Musician

Julius Blass, Company

Henry Blay, Company F

John M. Blayney, Company A - Private

Hiram N. Blest, Company F&S - Private

Albert P. Bleven, Company C, G - Private

Albert P. Blevin, Company G

Daniel J. Blood, Company A

Henry Bloom, Company A

Charles Bloss, Company F - Recruit

John Blue, Company A

Richard Blunerich, Company D

Jacob Board, Company

J... ... Boart, Company G

John Bock, Company D - Private

Theodore Bodeman, Company - Recruit

James Boden, Company

James Bogan, Company B

William Bogasch, Company E

Benj. G. Bogert, Company - Unas. Rec't

Jacob Bohner, Company A - Private

Joseph Bohner, Company E - Sergeant

Charles Bolan, Company C, B

Patrick Bolan, Company D

James Boles, Company E

Edward Bolin, Company H - Private

Chas. Bollon, Company E

Jeremey Bomgeis, Company D

John Bonaparte, Company C - Private

Edward Bonchard, Company

James Bone, Company A

... Bonnell, Company C

Henry Bonnet, Company E - Private

George Boorman, Company - Private

Henry C. Boos, Company

Nathan Boos, Company A, G - Private

Frederick Booth, Company E

John H. Booth, Company G - Private

Peter Booz, Company - Recruit

Joel Bordeau, Company A

Vinesinco Bordo, Company C

Gustav Borghard, Company H

Louis Borghard, Company H

Thomas Borland, Company A

Fredrick Bornetz, Company E - Private

William Bose, Company

Mark Bouck, Company

Harrison Bouger, Company G - Private

Samuel Boughman, Company A, B - Private

Geo. A. Boughton, Company F&S - Musician Second Class

George A. Boughton, Company F&S - Musician First Class

James Bourke, Company C - Private

Wm. J. Boutcher, Company -

John Bowen, Company H -

Jacob Bower, Company H, F, C - Private

Henry Bowers, Company C -

Frank Bowes, Company - Private

Walter Bowman, Company C -

Chas. Boyd, Company -

Vernon Boyden, Company A -

John Boylan, Company E, B - Private

Wm. Boyland, Company C - Private

Chas. Boyle, Company A - Private

Edward Boyle, Company C -

James Boyle, Company F&S - Private

James Boyle, Company F -

John Boyle, Company -

John Boyle, Company E -

Michael Boyle, Company D -

Wm. J... Boyle, Company F -

Thomas Boysen, Company H - Private

Thomas Bradey, Company C -

Robert Bradford, Company D -

Wm. L. Bradford, Company A, G -

Francis Bradley, Company -

James Bradley, Company C, B -

James Bradley, Company D -

James Bradley, Company A -

Michael Bradley, Company A - Wagoner

Patrick Bradley, Company E, A - Private

Thomas Bradley, Company C -

Thomas D. Bradley, Company A - First Sergeant

Truman D. Bradley, Company A - First Sergeant

Wm. P. Bradley, Company C, B -

Henry O. Brady, Company H -

James Brady, Company A -

John Brady, Company E - Private

John Brady, Company -

John Brady, Company B -

Patrick Brady, Company - Recruit

Patrick Brady, Company G, B - Sergeant

Peter Brady, Company G -

Thomas Brady, Company E, B -

Timothy Brady, Company F -

Wm. N. Brady, Company G -

Charles Bragg, Company A - Private

Martin Brahaney, Company H - Private

Chas. Braley, Company G -

Jeremiah Branan, Company C - Private

Frederick Brandt, Company A - Private

John Brandt, Company E - Private

Michael Brannan, Company G -

James Brannigan, Company D, D - Private

Louis Branson, Company A - Private

George Brauer, Company H - Private

Geo. Julius Braun, Company E -

Henry Braun, Company D -

Wilhelm Braun, Company E - Private

Earl Brauss, Company D - Private

Andrew Brawdeberry, Company A - Sergeant

James Brazall, Company -

Abram Brazee, Company B - Private

Joseph S. Brazee, Company - Recruit

James Brazell, Company F - Private

Philipp Breilenbach, Company A - Private

John Brenan, Company E -

Patrick Brenan, Company H, G - Private

Jeremiah Brennan, Company A - Private

John Brennan, Company -

John Brennan, Company B -

John Brennan, Company G -

Michael Brennan, Company -

Michael Brennan, Company D - Private

Patrick F. Brennen, Company C -

George Brenton, Company -

Owen Bresland, Company D -

John Brewster, Company -

John P. Brice, Company E - Private

George Brick, Company H -

Wm. Brick, Company G -

Thomas T. Brickley, Company H -

William Bridges, Company A - Sergeant

John Briggs, Company D -

John Henry Briggs, Company H -

Ira B. Brightman, Company C - Private

Michael Brigsin, Company F -

Michael Brigson, Company F -

Frederick Bristley, Company F - Musician

Rudolph Britzkow, Company E -

Wm. J. Broach, Company F - Sergeant Major

Wm. J. Broatch, Company F&S - Sergeant Major

Thos. J. Brocks, Company A, H -

John B. Brockway, Company B - Private

John R. Brockway, Company B -

E.H. Brodie, Company F&S - Sergeant Major

Robt. J. Brodwell, Company H, A - Private

Edward Brogan, Company D - Private

James Brogan, Company G - Corporal

John Brogan, Company C -

John Brogan, Company G - Private

Joseph Broggio, Company - Private

Hector Bromberger, Company E -

Peter Bron, Company A, B -

David Bronson, Company -

Francis Howard Bronson, Company A - Private

H.C. Bronson, Company F - Musician Third Class

Horace C. Bronson, Company F&S - Musician Third Class

Frederick Brooklis, Company E - Private

Andrew Brooks, Company C -

George Brooks, Company C -

Henry Brooks, Company F - Private

Ralph Brooks, Company D -

Wm. Brophy, Company E -

John Broshart, Company H, D, F -

Nathaniel Brotherdon, Company G - Private

Nathaniel Brotherton, Company G, A - Private

Samuel C. Brought, Company D - Private

Joseph B. Broulette, Company C - Private

Andrew Brown, Company C -

Chas. Brown, Company H - Private

Chas. Brown, Company -

Chas. J. Brown, Company E - Private

Edward A. Brown, Company F - Corporal

Edwin Brown, Company D -

Francis Brown, Company F -

Franklin Brown, Company H -

Geo. Henry Brown, Company -

George Brown, Company -

George Brown, Company -

George Brown, Company E -

George Brown, Company A -

George H. Brown, Company A - Private

Henry Brown, Company -

Henry H. Brown, Company B -

Henry L. Brown, Company A - Private

James Brown, Company A - Private

James Brown, Company A - Private

James Brown, Company B - Private

James Brown, Company D -

James Brown, Company A -

James Brown, Company E -

James Brown, Company A - Private

John Brown, Company -

John Brown, Company E - Private

John Brown, Company A -

John Brown, Company - Recruit

John Brown, Company D -

John Brown, Company F - Private

John Brown, Company C, B - Private

John A. Brown, Company B, E - Sergeant

Jonathan A. Brown, Company - Recruit

Joseph Brown, Company - Recruit

Moris Brown, Company -

Nathaniel Brown, Company F -

Samuel Brown, Company C -

Spencer Brown, Company E -

Stephen R. Brown, Company C -

Thoams Brown, Company A -

Thomas Brown, Company A - Private

Thomas Brown, Company D - Corporal

Warner Brown, Company E - Private

William Brown, Company B -

William D. Brown, Company -

Wm. Brown, Company - Recruit

Wm. Brown, Company D -

Edmund Brownell, Company F - Corporal

Geo. L. Browning, Company F - Sergeant

Robert J. Bruce, Company G - Private

Edward Bruek, Company -

Ruben Brunson, Company -

Charles C. Bryant, Company G, H, B - Private

Benj. H. Buchanan, Company -

Peter Buchanan, Company D -

Henry Buchman, Company G, A - Private

H. Buchwalder, Company E -

John Buckhardt, Company G - Wagoner

James Buckley, Company D -

Michael Buckley, Company -

Daniel Buckly, Company - Recruit

Henry H. Buckman, Company G - Sergeant

Louis Buckman, Company F&S - Musician

John Budelmann, Company B - Commissary Sergeant

Chas. Budrow, Company D - Private

Gustave Buergen, Company B - Private

Theodore Bugbee, Company B - Private

Thomas Bulger, Company C - Corporal

Frank Bulie, Company H -

Frank Bulie, Company H, G, H - Private

Horace Nathaniel Bulis, Company A - Private

Homer M. Bullis, Company A - Private

Carl Bulow, Company E, H - Private

Hiland Bump, Company B - Private

Isaac C. Bundy, Company E -

Francis Burbridge, Company -

Edward Burch, Company - Recruit

... Burcha..., Company H -

William Burchnell, Company B, H - Private

John J. Burdick, Company - Recruit

Lewis Burgess, Company C - Private

Johann J. Burgetzi, Company B -

Washington J. Burghardt, Company H, G - Private

Ferdinand Burghausen, Company E - Private

James Burgin, Company -

John Burk, Company C -

Chas. Burke, Company -

Edward Burke, Company D, C - Private

James Burke, Company -

John Burke, Company H, G - Corporal

John Burke, Company -

John Burke, Company G -

John H. Burke, Company F&S - Private

John H. Burke, Company D - Private

John P. Burke, Company F - Private

Thomas Burke, Company F&S -

Thomas Burke, Company B -

William Burke, Company C - Private

Wm. Burke, Company D - Corporal

Henry Burket, Company D - Private

Ferdinand Burkle, Company A - Private

Arthur A. Burley, Company E -

John H. Burley, Company C - Private

Noah Burley, Company E - Private

John J. Burne, Company G -

Thomas W. Burnee, Company C -

Philip B. Burnes, Company H -

Alfred G. Burnett, Company H - Private

Daniel Burnett, Company -

Oliver C. Burnett, Company F, H - Private

Simeon Burney, Company -

Daniel W. Burnham, Company H - Private

Fessenden T. Burnham, Company D - Private

Luther J. Burnham, Company D -

Thomas W. Burnham, Company H - Private

D.P. Burnop, Company -

Edward Burns, Company D - Private

Edward Burns, Company H - Sergeant

Francis Burns, Company B -

Henry Burns, Company E -

Hugh Burns, Company D -

James Burns, Company -

James Burns, Company -

James Burns, Company E, H - Private

James H. Burns, Company B - Private

John Burns, Company A - Private

John Burns, Company A, F - Private

John Burns, Company A -

Martin Burns, Company B - Private

Michael Burns, Company -

Michael Burns, Company F - Private

Michael L. Burns, Company B -

Patrick Burns, Company -

Thomas Burns, Company D -

Thomas Burns, Company F - Private

Thomas Burns, Company D -

Thomas Burns, Company F -

Thomas Burns, Company D -

Wm. Burr, Company A - Artificer

Joseph Burras, Company -

James Burridge, Company C - Private

A. E. Bursing, Company A -

Chas. A. Burt, Company E -

John Burt, Company B -

Thomas Burton, Company E - Corporal

William Burton, Company G -

John Burtonshaw, Company E, B -

Herman G. Busch, Company H -

Ferdinand Buschelberg, Company B, E - Private

Alexander Bush, Company G -

John Bushey, Company -

Chas. Busse, Company F -

Charles Butler, Company -

Lewis Butler, Company G1 -

Thomas Butler, Company A -

Wm. J. Butler, Company B - Sergeant

Adolph Buttner, Company E -

William F. Byard, Company D - Private

Francis M. Byers, Company B - Private

James Geo. Byington, Company C - Private

Joseph Bylaw, Company D -

John Byrne, Company F -

Richard Byrne, Company A -

James Byrnes, Company B -

Peter Byrnes, Company G - Private

John Byrns, Company D - Private

M.L. Byron, Company E -

Thomas Byron, Company -


Thomas R. Cabbel, Company D - Private

Samuel Cable, Company B -

Daniel Cadigan, Company H -

Denis Cady, Company F - Private

James Cafferty, Company -

James Caffey, Company A - Sergeant

David Cahill, Company B, E - Private

Michael Cahill, Company B, D - Private

Philip Cahill, Company G, H -

Wm. Cahill, Company A - Sergeant

John Cain, Company G -

John I. Cain, Company G - Private

Patrick Cain, Company H - Private

Patrick Cain, Company H - Private

Patrick Cain, Company H - Private

Peter Cain, Company A - Private

Samuel Cain, Company E - Corporal

Samuel Cain, Company E - Corporal

Chas. W. Caldwell, Company B -

Chas. W. Caldwell, Company B -

James Calhoun, Company D - Sergeant

John M. Call, Company A - Private

Joseph M. Call, Company A - Private

Thomas Callagan, Company -

Robert Callaghan, Company A, H - Private

Chas. H. Callahan, Company A - Private

John Callahan, Company A - Private

Michael Callahan, Company I - Private

Michael Callahan, Company I - Private

James Callan, Company F -

John Callan, Company B - Private

John Calnan, Company B - Private

John Calnan, Company B - Private

Henry Calvert, Company -

Jeremiah Calvin, Company A -

John Cambell, Company D, E - Private

Chas. Cameron, Company A - Sergeant

James Cameron, Company H - Private

Smith Cameron, Company A -

Charles Cammer, Company A, B - Private

Louis Camp, Company A -

Charles A. Campbell, Company E -

Hugh Campbell, Company E -

James Campbell, Company H -

James Campbell, Company A - Private

James Campbell, Company A - Private

James A. Campbell, Company A -

James D. Campbell, Company B -

James D. Campbell, Company B -

John Campbell, Company A, B - Corporal

Patrick Campbell, Company -

Robert Campbell, Company E - Private

Wm. Campbell, Company E - Private

Thomas Campion, Company F -

Robert Canady, Company -

Francis Cane, Company G - Private

James Cane, Company -

Oliver Canfield, Company - Recruit

Thomas Cannay, Company E, B - Private

Daniel Cannon, Company B -

Patrick Cannon, Company D - Private

Patrick Cannon, Company D - Private

William Cannon, Company B - Private

Edward Cantwell, Company B - Sergeant

Francis Capp, Company B -

John Capp, Company G - Corporal

John Capp, Company G - Corporal

John Capvell, Company B, D - Private

John Q. Capwell, Company D - Private

Wm. Carber, Company H -

William Care, Company A, G -

Francis Carey, Company B -

Francis W. Carey, Company A - Musician

John Carey, Company C -

John Carey, Company A -

John Carey, Company D - Private

Owen Carigen, Company E - Private

Owen Carigen, Company E - Private

Owen Carigen, Company E - Private

Harrison Carkin, Company B - Private

Frank Carl, Company B -

George L. Carl, Company F - Corporal

John Carlile, Company G - Quartermaster Sergeant

Daniel Carlin, Company A, B - Private

Michael Carlin, Company C -

James Carlisle, Company -

Augustus Carlton, Company -

Henry J. Carlton, Company E -

Moses N. Carman, Company D - Private

Daniel Carmon, Company D -

Samuel Carnes, Company C, B - Private

Francis Carney, Company A -

Robert Carney, Company C -

William Carney, Company C, F -

Levi Carnrike, Company F -

One Carol, Company G -

James Carpenter, Company F -

John Carpenter, Company -

Samuel Carpenter, Company F, H - Corporal

Wm. Carpenter, Company E -

Allen Carr, Company C - Private

Cornelius Carr, Company H -

James Carr, Company G - Private

Joseph Carr, Company B -

Joseph Carr, Company B -

James Carrick, Company F - Private

John Carrigan, Company -

Thomas Carrigan, Company F -

Daniel Carrol, Company G -

George H. Carroll, Company F -

George H. Carroll, Company F -

John F. Carroll, Company A - Musician

Martin Carroll, Company B, D - Private

Michael Carroll, Company E -

Patrick Carroll, Company G - Private

Patrick Carroll, Company -

Peter Carroll, Company F - Private

Peter Carroll, Company C -

Thomas Carroll, Company -

Thomas Carroll, Company -

Wm. Carrow, Company H -

Charles W. Carson, Company - Unas. Rec't

William Carson, Company G, C - Private

David Carter, Company F, C -

Edward Carter, Company D1 -

Frank W. Carter, Company B - Private

Frederick Carter, Company B -

Frederick Carter, Company B -

Richard Carter, Company G -

William Carter, Company -

Patrick Carthy, Company A - Private

Peter Cartinous, Company E - Private

Samuel Cartwright, Company C -

George H. Carver, Company -

Benjamin Cary, Company B,C -

Moris Cary, Company C -

Arvis Case, Company -

Arvis Case, Company -

Benjamin R. Case, Company B -

Francis Case, Company F -

George Case, Company G -

John T. Case, Company E -

John T. Case, Company E -

Thomas Case, Company -

James Casey, Company E -

John Casey, Company B -

Martin Casey, Company B, G - Private

Martin Casey, Company B, G - Private

Thomas Casey, Company E -

Timothy Casey, Company B -

John Cashion, Company A - Private

Harrison Caskin, Company B, C - Private

James Cass, Company B -

Wm. Cassady, Company E, B -

Charles L. Cassar, Company E - Private

James Cassiday, Company -

James Cassidy, Company D -

John Cassidy, Company G, H - Corporal

Luke Cassidy, Company H - Private

Patrick Cassidy, Company E - Private

Wm. Cassidy, Company C - Captain

Patrick Castigan, Company A -

Andrew E. Castle, Company A -

Leonard C. Castle, Company E -

Leonard C. Castle, Company E -

... Caswell, Company F, C - Private

Samuel Cater, Company F - Private

Edward Caughlin, Company A, B - Private

William Caughlin, Company -

Minzo A. Caulkins, Company D -

Andrew Cavanagh, Company B -

Daniel Cavanagh, Company G, C - Corporal

Edward Cavanagh, Company -

Patrick Cavanagh, Company F - Private

Michael Cavanaugh, Company E - Private

Peter Cavnaugh, Company G -

David Cay, Company B - Private

Ovila Cayer, Company A - Sergeant

Ovile Cayer, Company A - Sergeant

James Cayle, Company K -

Andrew Cender, Company B -

Elsa Ceroco, Company H - Private

William C. Ceskdon, Company E - Private

James E. Chace, Company D -

George W. Chafa, Company B, A - Private

Elijah Chamberlain, Company H, B - Private

George Chamberlain, Company G, H - Private

Philo M. Chamberlain, Company H, F, B - Private

Wm. T. Chamberlain, Company A -

James Chambers, Company E -

James Chambers, Company E -

Patrick Chambers, Company G -

John Champion, Company D, D -

Chas. A. Chapman, Company H -

Ezariah Chapman, Company C, B - Corporal

Ezasiah Chapman, Company B - Corporal

Wm. O. Chapman, Company A, G -

James Charldon, Company C - Private

John Charnley, Company H - Private

Clayton H. Chase, Company F&S - Musician Third Class

Cyrus H. Chase, Company D - Corporal

Ebenezer Chase, Company A - Private

Joseph M. Chase, Company -

Stephen H. Chase, Company H - Private

A. Cheshire, Company C - Private

Thomas Chesley, Company A -

George Chester, Company H -

Napoleon Chevrett, Company C - Private

Reuben Chichester, Company F&S - Quartermaster Sergeant

Fred S. Chidsey, Company - Recruit

Samuel Childs, Company -

George L. Choisy, Company F - Sergeant

Edward Christain, Company H -

Julian Christensen, Company G -

John Christy, Company - Recruit

James E. Chubb, Company G - Private

Wm. J. Church, Company B -

Homer Churchill, Company -

Wilhelm Claassen, Company G - Private

Thos. Claflin, Company E, G -

Michael Clancy, Company A - Captain

Patrick Clancy, Company -

Thomas J. Clancy, Company F -

Wm. H. Clanning, Company A -

John A. Clapp, Company - Recruit

George W. Clapper, Company G - Private

Levi Clapper, Company -

George Clarence, Company G - Private

Addison Clark, Company B - Private

Addison K. Clark, Company B -

Anthony P. Clark, Company B - Private

Charles Clark, Company A -

Charles F. Clark, Company E -

Dennis Clark, Company E -

Edward Clark, Company E - Private

Erastus G. Clark, Company D -

Frank G. Clark, Company B - Private

Frank G. Clark, Company B - Private

George Clark, Company A -

George Clark, Company C -

George F. Clark, Company G - Private

James Clark, Company B -

James Clark, Company C - Private

James Clark, Company G -

James L. Clark, Company -

John Clark, Company E -

John Clark, Company E - Private

John Clark, Company -

Joseph Clark, Company E -

Joseph Clark, Company C -

Mason E. Clark, Company E, G - Sergeant

Philip Clark, Company B, C - Private

Preston Clark, Company B -

Samuel Clark, Company B - Private

Thomas Clark, Company A -

Thomas Clark, Company E -

Thomas Clark, Company F -

William Clark, Company E -

William Clark, Company G -

William Clark, Company B -

William Clark, Company -

Wm. Clark, Company H -

Wm. Clark, Company D - Private

Wm. Clark, Company G - Sergeant

Wm. Clark, Company G - Sergeant

Chas P. Clarke, Company H, C, G - Private

Chas. B. Clarke, Company H - Private

John H. Clarke, Company B -

Thomas Clarke, Company G -

Wm. Clarke, Company A - Sergeant

John Clarkin, Company - Recruit

Henry Clay, Company B -

James Clay, Company C -

John K. Clay, Company A - Sergeant

Tom Clayton, Company B, I - Musician

Hiram Clear, Company C -

Thomas Cleary, Company F - Corporal

Amasa B. Cleaveland, Company -

Dwight S. Cleaveland, Company D -

Orin E. Cleaveland, Company -

Stephen Cleaveland, Company D - Private

George E. Cleeton, Company G, H - Corporal

George E. Cleeton, Company G - Commissary Sergeant

John B. Cleeton, Company H, G - Musician

Hiram Clem, Company D - Artificer

John Clemence, Company F - Corporal

Stephen Clemence, Company -

Chas. Clements, Company D - Corporal

Joseph Clementz, Company A - Private

James Clenahan, Company D - Private

Patrick Clifford, Company F - Private

Wm. Clifford, Company H -

Wm. Clifford, Company H -

Charles J. Clifton, Company -

Andrew Clines, Company H -

Dennis Clohone, Company -

John Clune, Company F - Private

George H. Clute, Company -

Sylvester P. Clymer, Company - Recruit

Patrick Coakley, Company B -

Joseph Coamer, Company A - Musician

John Coartney, Company I -

Charles E. Cocke, Company - Recruit

Patrick Cody, Company -

John Coffery, Company G -

Daniel Coffey, Company B - Private

Daniel Coffey, Company B - Corporal

James Coffey, Company A,E - Private

Patrick Coffey, Company B - Private

Bartly Cogan, Company C -

Patrick Cogan, Company C -

Peter Cohrs, Company A - Private

Martin Colbert, Company H -

Joseph Colborn, Company -

Edward W. Colburn, Company G - Corporal

Chas. H. Cole, Company E -

Daniel Cole, Company A, B - Private

Hiram Cole, Company B - Private

Isaac G. Cole, Company F&S - Hospital Steward

James Cole, Company F -

Robert Cole, Company F, H - Private

Chas. C. Coleman, Company A -

Michael Coleman, Company -

Francis Colen, Company E - Private

Alexander Colins, Company G -

Parker C. Colladay, Company A - Private

Gibson H. Collier, Company B -

John Collier, Company A -

A.D. Collins, Company A - First Sergeant

Charles Collins, Company A -

Daniel Collins, Company D - Private

Edward Collins, Company H, G -

Edward Collins, Company H, C, G - Private

James M. Collins, Company -

John Collins, Company C - Sergeant

John Collins, Company C - Private

Micajah Collins, Company G, D, H - Musician

Patrick Collins, Company -

Peter Collins, Company F -

Stephen J. Collins, Company D -

Thos. E. Collins, Company F&S - Second Lieutenant

Timothy B. Collins, Company -

Washington Collins, Company B, G - Sergeant

William Collins, Company F, G - Musician

William Collins, Company G - Musician

John Collopy, Company G, H - Private

Edward Collot, Company B - Private

Lewis F. Colton, Company D - Corporal

John Colwell, Company A -

Chas. H. Comer, Company -

Joseph Comfort, Company A - Private

Joseph Comfort, Company A - Private

Braniard T. Compton, Company B, A - Private

George Compton, Company H -

George Compton, Company G, H - Private

Wm. J. Conaway, Company G -

Joseph Condon, Company -

Patrick Condon, Company F -

James Cone, Company D - Captain

John Cone, Company -

Marshall H. Cone, Company F, C - Private

Samuel Cone, Company -

Chas. Conerite, Company E -

Alfred Confer, Company F - Private

Aaron Conklin, Company H -

John Conkling, Company A, A -

Patrick Conley, Company C -

Peter Conlin, Company H -

Barney Connahan, Company H - Private

Peter Connally, Company C - Private

Chas. Connell, Company -

Christopher Connell, Company A - Sergeant

Dennis Connell, Company H -

Frank Connell, Company G, H -

James Connell, Company F, C -

James Connell, Company F -

John Connell, Company D - Private

John Connell, Company B - Private

John Connell, Company B - Private

Timothy R. Connell, Company E - Corporal

William Connell, Company B - Corporal

John Connelley, Company A -

Barnitt Connelly, Company -

Chas. Conner, Company H -

Frank Conner, Company D -

John Conner, Company - Musician Second Class

John Conner, Company B - Captain

John Conner, Company - Musician Second Class

John Conner, Company -

Michael Connolly, Company G - Private

Thomas Connolly, Company B - Private

James Connor, Company C - Sergeant

Jeremiah Connor, Company E - Private

John Connor, Company A - Private

John Connor, Company A - Private

William Connor, Company -

Daniel Connors, Company C -

John Connors, Company -

Michael Connors, Company F, B - Private

John Conover, Company -

Richard Conroy, Company G -

Conrad Cons, Company B - Private

Benjamin Constant, Company C, B, A - Private

Wm. Constantine, Company C - Private

James Convery, Company F&S - Musician

James Conway, Company G -

James H. Conway, Company E -

James H. Conway, Company E -

Patrick J. Conway, Company D - Sergeant

Thomas Conway, Company B - Private

Chas. Conwell, Company B - Private

Charles Cook, Company B - Private

Enos Cook, Company F - Private

Henry Cook, Company C -

Isaac Cook, Company D - Private

John Cook, Company C -

John Cook, Company H, B -

William Cook, Company C -

Edgar Cooley, Company F -

Robert W. Coombs, Company K - Private

Matthew Coon, Company H -

Patrick Coon, Company -

Samuel N. Coon, Company F, C - Private

Patrick Cooney, Company F, C - Private

Patrick Cooney, Company F - Private

Chas. Cooper, Company A -

George Cooper, Company C, B - Private

George H. Cooper, Company E -

Henry Cooper, Company G - Private

Jefferson J. Cooper, Company F - Private

Joseph P. Cooper, Company E - Private

Nathaniel H. Cooper, Company B - Private

William H. Cooper, Company A, D - Private

Wm. Cooper, Company G - Private

Wilford Copeland, Company - Recruit

Nathanial B. Copp, Company A - Private

Christian Coppelman, Company F - Private

Michael N. Coppinger, Company D, B - Private

Timothy Corbett, Company F - Private

Timothy Corbett, Company F - Private

James Corcoran, Company -

Patrick Corcoran, Company B -

Wm. Cordner, Company - Recruit

Thomas Corduck, Company D - Private

Wm. H. Corh, Company G, H - Private

John H. Corliss, Company B - Private

John H. Corliss, Company B -

Michael Corliss, Company E - Private

Michael Corliss, Company E - Private

W.H. Cornell, Company E -

John Coropey, Company A - Private

John Coropey, Company A - Private

James Corroin, Company - Recruit

John Cory, Company -

Nicholas H. Cory, Company H - Private

William Cory, Company G, H -

Arthur Cosgrove, Company H - Private

Joseph Cosgrove, Company B, H, G -

Timothy Cosgrove, Company H - Private

Timothy Cosgrove, Company H - Private

James Costello, Company G - Corporal

James Costello, Company G, B - Private

James Costello, Company G, B - Private

James Costello, Company G, H -

John David Costello, Company B - Sergeant

Wm. Costello, Company B -

James Costillo, Company E -

Edward Costta, Company A - Private

Thomas Cotton, Company F -

Frank M. Cottrell, Company A -

Patrick H. Couche, Company G - Private

Patrick H. Couche, Company G - Private

Frederick Couette, Company H -

John Coughran, Company F - Corporal

James Counter, Company C -

David S. Courtright, Company G, C - Private

Saml. M. Cowan, Company A -

James Cowen, Company H - Private

George A. Cowles, Company H - Private

George A. Cowles, Company H - Private

Charles Cox, Company C -

Edward Cox, Company C - Private

Thomas Cox, Company A - Private

Whittingham Cox, Company F&S - Sergeant Major

Wm. Cox, Company H - Private

James Coyle, Company B -

Patrick Coyle, Company E -

Robert Coyle, Company H, G -

Thomas Coyle, Company E -

Frank Coyne, Company A - Private

Chas. H.W. Cozine, Company B - Private

Chas. H. Craig, Company E -

James H. Craig, Company E - Sergeant

Henry C. Crall, Company F - Private

George B. Cram, Company B - Private

John Cram, Company - Private

Barnett A. Cramer, Company A, H - Private

George Cramer, Company -

Peter Cramer, Company D - Private

Henry P. Crandall, Company B, H, G - Private

Robert Crandall, Company -

Charles Crandell, Company C -

Chas. Crandell, Company D - Private

James Crandell, Company -

Geo. H. Craton, Company F - Private

John Craven, Company -

James Crawcran, Company G - Private

Chas. Crawford, Company C -

Delizon Crawford, Company B, G -

James Crawford, Company C -

James Crawford, Company - Recruit

Miner H. Crawford, Company -

John C. Crawley, Company A - Corporal

John C. Crawley, Company A - Corporal

Adam Crawshaw, Company H - Private

Henry Creaghan, Company C -

Henry Creaghan, Company C -

Michael Cregg, Company C - First Sergeant

Michael Creighton, Company -

Cornelius Creter, Company A - Private

James Crethers, Company -

Timothy Criman, Company H -

Samuel T. Crippen, Company E - Private

Christian Cristena, Company - Recruit

Charles Z. Crocker, Company -

John Crocker, Company H - Private

Robert E. Crocker, Company E -

Michael Crocket, Company A, H - Private

Chas. D. Croford, Company C - Corporal

Thomas Croker, Company H, G - Private

Moritz Cronegk, Company F -

Cornelius Cronin, Company H - Private

Cornelius Cronin, Company H - Private

Daniel Cronin, Company H -

Daniel Cronin, Company H, C, G - Private

Michael Cronin, Company B - Private

Michael Cronin, Company B - Wagoner

George Cronk, Company D, F - Private

George Cronk, Company D - Private

John Cronk, Company B - Sergeant

Wm. L. Cronk, Company F -

Albert W. B. Crooks, Company B - Private

Park Crosby, Company F, C - Private

Paske L. Crosby, Company F - Private

Thomas Crosby, Company A -

Thomas Crosby, Company A -

Samuel Croser, Company A -

Wm. Croson, Company A - Captain

George Cross, Company -

James M. Cross, Company -

John Cross, Company H - Private

... P, Crosson, Company C -

James Crowel, Company F - Private

Daniel Crowley, Company H - Private

Denis Crowley, Company A -

Denis Crowley, Company A -

Dennis Crowley, Company C -

James Crowley, Company A - Sergeant

James Crowley, Company A - Sergeant

Jeremiah Crowley, Company E - Private

Jeremiah Crowley, Company E - Private

Jerry Crowley, Company -

Michael Crowley, Company C - Private

Timothy Crowley, Company B, G -

Frederick Crows, Company G -

Edward Cuddy, Company G - Private

Wm. H. Cuff, Company F - Private

Junius Cugnette, Company F -

Matthew P. Culican, Company A -

Matthew P. Culican, Company A -

Thomas Cullen, Company -

Wesley Culley, Company -

David R. Cullin, Company H -

John Cullum, Company F -

James Cully, Company B -

Frank Cultin, Company D -

Albert Culver, Company F - Private

Nathan P. Culver, Company A -

Robert Cumberland, Company C, D - Private

Thomas H. Cumings, Company H -

David Cummings, Company C -

John Cummings, Company G -

Laurence Cummings, Company H, F - Private

Michael Cummings, Company B - Private

Wm. Cummings, Company G -

Wm. Cummins, Company C -

John Cuningham, Company -

Francis Cunlisk, Company B -

Dominick Cunnane, Company D - Private

Anthony Cunningham, Company E -

Chas. C. Cunningham, Company C, F -

Geo. W. Cunningham, Company H - Private

George Cunningham, Company F - Private

H. S. Cunningham, Company D - Private

John Cunningham, Company -

John Cunningham, Company G -

John Cunningham, Company A - Private

John Cunningham, Company A - Private

Thomas Cunningham, Company G, C - Private

Thomas Toby Cunningham, Company G -

Thomas Curby, Company B -

James Curran, Company F -

John Curran, Company H - Private

Thos. John Curran, Company F -

Thomas Currey, Company D -

Joseph Curry, Company H - Corporal

James Curtis, Company A -

John Cushenbury, Company -

Alburn S. Cushman, Company A -

James Cusick, Company F -

Wm. Cusick, Company G - Private

Wm. Cusick, Company G - Private

Wm. H. Cusick, Company I - Private

John Cusking, Company B - Private

Wm. Cutler, Company F -


Wm. F. D'Orsey, Company - Private

... D..., Company -

... D..., Company -

Andrew H. D..., Company H -

George D..., Company -

Louis D..., Company C -

Patrick W. D..., Company -

Leopold, Company A - Private

John D...on, Company B -

Ezra A. Dacosta, Company E - Private

Richard Daedy, Company G -

Michael Dailey, Company D - Private

Charles Dailler, Company E -

John M. Dallas, Company E - Private

Geo. M. Dalton, Company B - Private

John J. Dalton, Company D - Corporal

Denis B. Daly, Company F, C -

Edward Daly, Company D -

John Daly, Company F - Private

John Daly, Company F - Private

Joseph Daly, Company B - Private

Patrick Daly, Company A -

Patrick Daly, Company H -

Richard Daly, Company E - Private

Thomas Daly, Company B -

Benjamin Dame, Company G -

Louis Dana, Company F, I - Private

Adolph F. Danforth, Company -

Thomas M. Daniel, Company - Recruit

George Daniels, Company K - Private

Arthur Darcy, Company B - Corporal

Michael Darcy, Company H - Corporal

Lewis Darhomer, Company A - Recruit

Gurden B. Dark, Company D - Private

George Darling, Company A -

Frederick Darrah, Company -

Geo. S. Daughenbaugh, Company C, B - Private

William Davenny, Company C, B - Private

Thomas G. Davenport, Company F - Corporal

William Davern, Company D - Private

Daniel Davidson, Company D - Private

John Davidson, Company G - Private

Wm. A. Davidson, Company E -

Chas. H. Davies, Company D -

Benj. O. Davis, Company F, C - Sergeant

Daniel Davis, Company G, H - Private

Daniel Davis, Company -

David K. Davis, Company D - Private

Edgar Davis, Company -

Edward A. Davis, Company - Recruit

Edwin L. Davis, Company -

Franklin B. Davis, Company A -

Henry Davis, Company A -

Henry Davis, Company H -

Isaac H. Davis, Company D - Private

James Davis, Company F, H - Private

James Davis, Company - Recruit

James S. Davis, Company G, H -

John Davis, Company - Recruit

John Davis, Company A, C -

John Davis, Company C -

John F. Davis, Company - Recruit

John L. Davis, Company H -

John W. Davis, Company G -

Milton Davis, Company C, C - Corporal

Robert Davis, Company C - Sergeant

Samuel Davis, Company C -

Thomas Davis, Company -

Thomas Davis, Company C, K - Private

Wm. Hy Davis, Company A, F - Private

John Davison, Company H, G - Private

James Davy, Company B -

Chas. Day, Company F -

Martin Day, Company H, G - Private

William H. Dayton, Company C, B - Private

Manual DeArteage, Company -

Charley DeArville, Company G -

John DeBason, Company E -

Walter DeBurien, Company D -

Anton B. DeCreveiveur, Company H - Private

Harv. B. DeCreveiveur, Company H - Sergeant

Christopher J. DeGraw, Company B, A - Private

Charles H. DeMerritt, Company A - Private

Charles DeMilly, Company E -

Henry DeWitt, Company E - Sergeant

William DeWitt, Company B - Private

George Dean, Company -

James Dean, Company -

John F. Dean, Company C - Private

Wm. Dean, Company D - Private

James Dearest, Company C -

James Dearest, Company C -

Jean Debie, Company C -

Joseph Debler, Company H -

Lewis Debold, Company D -

Wm. Decater, Company G - Private

Alfred R. Decker, Company B - Private

Alpheus Decker, Company D -

Daniel Decker, Company F, C, B -

Jabus Decker, Company B -

Peter Decker, Company F - Private

Peter Decker, Company F -

Sanford Decker, Company D - Private

Joseph Deegan, Company D - Private

John Deen, Company A, D -

Benjamin Deerocheos, Company B - Private

Henry Defane, Company B - Musician

Chas. Degenhardt, Company G - Private

Patrick Degnan, Company H, G - Private

Daniel Degraw, Company -

Theodore Deibel, Company F - Private

Henry D. Deitz, Company A, G -

Thomas Delacy, Company - Recruit

Frederic Delamere, Company G - Private

Michael Delaney, Company D -

W.H. Delaney, Company H -

John Delany, Company C -

Martin Delany, Company E -

Patrick Delany, Company G - Private

Champlin S. Delone, Company - Recruit

Chas. Delong, Company - Sergeant

Constant Demalle, Company C -

Francis Demars, Company A, B - Private

Francis Demars, Company A - Private

James Demott, Company G - Private

Henry S. Dempsey, Company B - Private

John Dempsey, Company -

William Dempsey, Company - Commissary Sergeant

Chas. Dempster, Company C -

Cornelius Dempster, Company B - Wagoner

E.W. Demunn, Company B - Private

Matthew Denien, Company D -

John Denner, Company H -

Chas. H. Dennerrill, Company A - Sergeant

Abraham Dennis, Company E - Private

James Dennis, Company I - Private

Samuel Dennis, Company C - Private

Benj. Denniston, Company D, A - Private

Chas. Denny, Company C -

James Denny, Company H, G - Private

John Denny, Company A -

Peter Denville, Company C - Sergeant

Peter G. Depew, Company C - Private

George W. Depue, Company - Recruit

Daniel Dereich, Company H -

Morris Derosier, Company A, F - Corporal

Morris Derosier, Company A - Private

Philip Desmond, Company F -

Patrick Desmore, Company B -

William Devalin, Company -

John Devan, Company B -

James Develin, Company B -

Andrew Devenport, Company -

Hugh Dever, Company D -

James Devine, Company C - Private

James Devine, Company E - Private

John Devine, Company H -

John Devine, Company E - Sergeant

Edward Devire, Company F -

Bernard Devlin, Company E -

James H. Devoo, Company - Recruit

John Devoy, Company H -

Delainer Dewey, Company C -

George J. Dewey, Company - Recruit

Wm. Dewire, Company F -

Francis H. Dewitt, Company B - Private

James F. Dewitt, Company F - Private

James Dewolf, Company E -

Sebastian M. Dexter, Company H, G - Private

David L. Dey, Company D, B - Private

Thomas Diamon, Company H, G - Private

Phillip Dick, Company H -

John Dickerson, Company C -

Thomas Dickerson, Company F - Private

John Dickinson, Company F -

Warren Dickinson, Company B - Private

Arthur Dickson, Company D -

James Dignan, Company B, F -

Fred'k. Dillon, Company E - Private

Patrick Dillon, Company C -

Chas. Dilman, Company C, B -

Joseph Dingee, Company D - Private

James Dinkins, Company H -

Joseph Dinsmore, Company B - Corporal

Conwood Discor, Company C - Private

Robert Dittmann, Company E - Corporal

Henry Ditton, Company B - Private

Alexander H. Divine, Company B - Private

Henry Divine, Company -

Chas. E. Dixon, Company D - Private

Daniel Dixon, Company - Private

Francis J. Dixon, Company C - Private

Chas. Doane, Company F -

Chas. E. Dock, Company D -

Thomas S. Doebler, Company E - Private

Ed... Doerr, Company E, F -

Henry Doherty, Company E -

Patrick Dohety, Company E -

John Dolan, Company -

John Dolan, Company H -

John Dolan, Company B - Private

Michael F. Dolan, Company E -

Patrick Dolan, Company F -

Patrick Dolan, Company A - Private

Peter Dolan, Company A - Private

Henry Dona..., Company F -

James Donahue, Company -

James Donahue, Company D - Private

Patrick Donahue, Company - Recruit

James Donald, Company B -

Edward Donges, Company A - Private

John Donhartt, Company E, E -

John S. Donks, Company G - Private

Thomas Donlan, Company D - Sergeant

Wilson Donley, Company F - Private

Thomas Donlon, Company D, D - Private

Henry E. Donnelly, Company E - Private

James Donnelly, Company F -

James Donnelly, Company -

John Donnelly, Company - Recruit

Michael Donnelly, Company A, H -

Michael Donnelly, Company C -

Thomas Donnelly, Company B -

Wm. Donnelly, Company E, G -

Wm. J. Donoghue, Company B - Sergeant

Michael Donohue, Company D - Private

Jeremiah Donovan, Company F -

Martin Donovan, Company A -

Michael Donovan, Company A -

Patrick A. Donovan, Company C - Quartermaster Sergeant

Wm. Dooley, Company D - Private

Charles O. Doolittle, Company E - Private

Thomas Doonan, Company G -

Martin Doran, Company D -

Michael Doran, Company F, E - Private

Michael Doran, Company F - Quartermaster Sergeant

Daniel Dormady, Company A - Private

Charles Dorrington, Company -

John P. Dorsey, Company E -

Michael Dorsey, Company B - Private

Thomas Dorsey, Company F - Sergeant

Herman Dose, Company D -

Hobert R. Doud, Company B, A -

Lafayette F. Doud, Company G, H - Private

Elisha Doudna, Company - Recruit

Andrew J. Dougherty, Company B -

Benjamin Dougherty, Company A -

Daniel Dougherty, Company H - Private

Nicholas Dougherty, Company E -

Robert Dougherty, Company -

William Dougherty, Company A -

William Douglas, Company F - Sergeant

Jacob Douglass, Company - Recruit

Joseph Douglass, Company G -

Henry Dow, Company F -

Henry Dow, Company F -

Frank J. Dowd, Company B -

Joseph Dowling, Company C - Private

Charles W. Down, Company B, F - Sergeant

Hiram Downer, Company C, F - Private

Hiram Downer, Company F -

Michael Downey, Company H -

Wm. Downey, Company G -

Wm. P. Downey, Company E -

Stewart Downie, Company D -

Saml. W. Downing, Company -

Wm. Downing, Company B, G -

Patrick Downs, Company B -

Andrew Doyle, Company E -

Cornelius Doyle, Company C - Private

Daniel J. Doyle, Company B - Private

Edward Doyle, Company E -

Frank Doyle, Company -

John Doyle, Company F -

John Doyle, Company G - Sergeant

John Doyle, Company F -

John Doyle, Company H, G - Private

John Doyle, Company F - Private

John E. Doyle, Company F - Private

John E. Doyle, Company F - Private

Lawrence Doyle, Company G - Private

Abrain Drake, Company D, B - Private

John Drake, Company - Recruit

Samuel E. Draper, Company F - Private

John Dreannan, Company E -

William Dreisbach, Company D - Private

John Drennan, Company -

Walter Drescher, Company D, E - Private

Chas. C. Drew, Company A -

John Drew, Company C - Private

Thomas Drew, Company G - Private

Denis Driscoll, Company C, F - Private

Dennis Driscoll, Company D - Private

Wm. Driscoll, Company F - Private

Robert Driver, Company -

Gustavus F. Drollinger, Company C, B -

John Drugon, Company F - Private

William Drumdale, Company - Recruit

Edmond Dubois, Company H - Private

John Dudley, Company -

Albert Duerer, Company -

James Duffy, Company H -

James Duffy, Company C -

James Duffy, Company H -

James Duffy, Company H, G, H - Private

James Duffy, Company B - Private

John Duffy, Company A -

Michael Duffy, Company C -

Owen Duffy, Company E - Sergeant

Thomas Duffy, Company E -

Timothy Duffy, Company B - Private

John Dugan, Company D -

Wm. Dugan, Company C -

John Dugar, Company F - Sergeant

Chas. Dugin, Company D - Private

Julian T. Dugnett, Company - Recruit

Wm. Duguid, Company G, B - Sergeant

John Dull, Company B -

John Dumas, Company C -

Peter Dumas, Company H -

Walter Dunbar, Company A - Private

William Dunbar, Company C -

Henry Duncan, Company A - Musician

John J. Duncan, Company F -

John Duneho, Company A, G - Private

Marshal W. Dunham, Company F - Private

Peter Dunigan, Company D, B -

John Dunkel, Company A, C - Private

Benjamin Dunlap, Company E, B - Private

James Dunlap, Company - Recruit

Andrew Dunn, Company C, F - Private

Bartholomew Dunn, Company - Private

Daniel Dunn, Company D - Private

John H. Dunn, Company F -

John I. Dunn, Company - Recruit

Joseph H. Dunn, Company -

Patrick Dunn, Company A -

Patrick Dunn, Company E -

Thomas F. Dunn, Company C, B -

Wm. Dunn, Company B -

James Dunne, Company AEF - Musician

Wm. Dunphy, Company G -

James Dupius, Company I -

Edward Duprey, Company A - Private

James Duran, Company -

Henry L. Durbon, Company B - Private

James Durkin, Company A -

Pat Durkin, Company B -

Loren Dutcher, Company H - Private

Norman Duval, Company B - Corporal

Henry Duvall, Company G -

Ferdn. Duve, Company E - Private

John Dwyer, Company - Recruit

Patrick Dwyer, Company F, C -

Thomas Dwyer, Company - Recruit

William Dwyer, Company H, F, C - Private

Wm. Dwyer, Company H -

Michael Dwyre, Company B - Private

George L. Dyer, Company A -

Lewis Dyer, Company A -

John J. Dykes, Company H, G -


James, Company F -

Henry Eagers, Company G - Private

James Eagin, Company D - Private

Milton Eakly, Company - Recruit

Thomas Early, Company D -

John Earnshaw, Company D -

John M. Easly, Company G - Private

Robert W. Easter, Company F - Private

George B. Eastman, Company C - Private

James M. Eastman, Company F - Private

Richard Eaton, Company C -

William Eaton, Company A -

James Eaulds, Company F -

Johann Eck, Company C -

Ludwig Eckardt, Company B - Private

George Eckenfels, Company B - Sergeant

George Eckenfels, Company B - First Sergeant

Leopold Eckstein, Company A - Private

Lewis F. Eder, Company E -

George Edgar, Company C -

Joseph Edmon, Company E -

Horace S. Edmonds, Company C -

James Edwarads, Company C -

Chas. F. Edwards, Company - Recruit

Henry Edwards, Company B -

Henry G. Edwards, Company B - Private

James Egan, Company - Recruit

Michael Egan, Company D - Private

Georg Eggman, Company B -

Georg Ehalt, Company H - Private

Gottlob Ehley, Company G - Private

Max Ehrenstein, Company G -

Karl Ehrhart, Company F, H - Private

Frederick Eichenfeldt, Company B - Private

William Eickel, Company F, D - Musician Third Class

William Eickel, Company C, F - Musician

Philip Eighmy, Company - Recruit

Wilhelm Eilke, Company H, G - Private

William K. Elbert, Company -

Henry Elcock, Company G, C - Private

Thomas Elder, Company D - Private

John Ellard, Company -

Arthur A. Elliott, Company H, G -

Joseph M. Elliott, Company G - Private

Robert Elliott, Company G -

S. H. Elliott, Company B -

Hamilton K. Ellis, Company G - Sergeant

Richd. B. Ellis, Company F&S - Musician

William Elroy, Company H - Corporal

Abram I. Elston, Company F, C - Corporal

Hiram Elsworth, Company F - Private

Christian Elvert, Company H - Private

George Elwood, Company B -

John Elwood, Company C - Sergeant

Joseph H. Embler, Company D - Private

Alfred Emerson, Company - Private

Jonathan Emery, Company G - Private

Peter Emmekeppel, Company B -

Thomas E. Emmerson, Company F - Private

Franklin A. Engle, Company G, H - Sergeant

Thomas B. Engle, Company G, H - Private

John English, Company A - Corporal

John English, Company C - Private

Patrick English, Company H, G - Private

Patrick Ennis, Company A -

James Enright, Company B, A -

Emanuel Ensminger, Company A - Private

John B. Eppler, Company A, G - Private

Jacob Eppley, Company F&S -

George Erich, Company A, G - Private

Peter Erichsen, Company F - Private

John Ericsson, Company G -

Francis Ernest, Company - Recruit

Friedrick Ernst, Company H -

Stephen Ertz, Company H, F, C -

James Ervin, Company F -

Sandy Erwin, Company B - First Sergeant

Sandy Erwin, Company B - Private

Chas. E. Eschman, Company D - Private

Charles Essig, Company G, A -

Charles Essig, Company A, G - Musician

John Estead, Company G - Private

William Estle, Company C - First Sergeant

John Euler, Company G - Private

Daniel Eustice, Company B, C - Prv. 2 Cl.

Paul Eustice, Company A - Private

Antonio Euzman, Company C - Private

John Evans, Company C -

Philip Evans, Company C, B - Private

Thomas Evans, Company C, F - Private

W... Evans, Company B -

Wm. W. Evans, Company C - Private

Derrick Ever, Company C - Private

John Everett, Company C -

Artemus E. Ewers, Company A, B - Private


... F..., Company B -

... F..., Company -

... F..., Company -

... F..., Company - Private

... F..., Company C - Artificer

... F..., Company - Corporal

... F..., Company C - Private

... F..., Company -

... F..., Company -

... F..., Company -

... F..., Company -

Anthony D. F..., Company H, F -

Charles F..., Company C -

Dennis F..., Company -

Edward F..., Company C - Private

Emil F..., Company F -

John F..., Company G -

J. M. F...burger, Company -

John F...derik, Company B - Private

Lu... F...eny, Company - Private

Sam'l F. F...ert, Company -

Ed... F...ey, Company B -

Martin F...ey, Company C - Private

Stephen F...ey, Company -

Daniel F...gger, Company G - Sergeant

Thomas F...guson, Company -

James F...herty, Company E -

Patrick F...hy, Company F -

... F...intreu, Company F -

Charles F...ischer, Company D -

..., Company D -

Edward F...ley, Company -

John, Company G - Private

Albert S. F...ter, Company B - Private

David F...ton, Company C -

... F...usch, Company - Private

John Fabian, Company C, B -

Theodore Facer, Company H, G - Private

George Fader, Company - Private

James Fagan, Company F -

James Fagan, Company D - Private

James Fagan, Company D -

James G. Fagan, Company K - Private

Patrick Fagan, Company F -

Thomas Fagarty, Company D - Private

Patrick Fagurty, Company F&S -

H. H. Fairbank, Company - Recruit

Francis Fairfield, Company C -

James Fallon, Company F -

John Fallon, Company G -

James Falls, Company G - Private

James Falzinger, Company B -

Lewis Fanning, Company D -

Louis Fanning, Company D - First Sergeant

Wallace Fanning, Company G - Private

Hector Fanton, Company F, C - Private

Henry Fanton, Company F - Private

William Fargo, Company -

James Faris, Company C -

Martin Farley, Company F -

James Farr, Company -

James Farrell, Company F - Corporal

John Farrell, Company H - Private

John Farrell, Company E, G - Private

John Farrell, Company B - Private

John C. Farrell, Company -

Mathew Farrell, Company F, C - Private

Michael Farrell, Company C -

Patrick Farrell, Company A -

Patrick Farrell, Company - Private

T... Farrell, Company -

Thomas Farrell, Company F, B -

William Farrell, Company F - Ordnance Sergeant

Joseph Farrelly, Company -

James Farry, Company H - Private

Damon Fasett, Company B -

Samuel B. Faucher, Company I - Private

James Faulkner, Company -

John Faulkner, Company -

Joseph Fausett, Company B - Private

James Fay, Company - Private

Wm. A. Fay, Company F - Corporal

George W. Feather, Company D -

William Feather, Company D, A - Private

Terrence Feen, Company D - Private

Charles Fees, Company C, B - Private

Andrew Fegan, Company D - Private

Simon Feitler, Company -

John H. Felkins, Company A - Private

James A. Fellows, Company - Recruit

James H. Fellows, Company H, F, B - Private

Theodore Felt, Company B - Private

John Felter, Company D - Corporal

John B. Fenston, Company D -

Frank E. Fenton, Company B - Private

Robertson Fergus, Company AFB - Second Lieutenant

Andrew Ferguson, Company A - Private

Charles Ferguson, Company G -

Edward A. Ferguson, Company B, D - Private

George Ferguson, Company - Private

John Ferguson, Company - Private

Henry Feris, Company -

... Fernandes, Company B -

Wm. E. Ferrin, Company A -

John J. Ferris, Company - Substitute

Joseph Ferris, Company -

Allen Fetterman, Company B - Private

Jacob Fichler, Company A -

Arnold Fiegler, Company E, H - Private

William Fielding, Company -

... C. Fields, Company G -

George W. Fields, Company F - Private

Lorenzo Fields, Company C -

James Fiester, Company - Recruit

Mathew Fife, Company -

Andrew Filkins, Company I -

Anthony Filkins, Company E -

John Fineren, Company F - Private

Henry Finfrock, Company G -

George W. Fink, Company -

Francis Finn, Company E, A -

James Finn, Company G - Private

Michael Finn, Company C -

James Finnegan, Company C -

Patrick Finnegan, Company C -

Herman Fir, Company E -

... Fischer, Company C - Private

George Fish, Company A - Private

Joshua M. Fish, Company A, G - Musician

Benjamin Fisher, Company C -

Charles Fisher, Company -

John Fisher, Company C -

Robert L. Fisher, Company - Recruit

Valentine H. Fisher, Company H, B -

David Fisk, Company -

Jochim A. Fisk, Company B, G - Musician

Chas. W. Fitz ...llen, Company F -

Michael FitzGeorge, Company - Recruit

...ard Fitzgerald, Company G -

Darby Fitzgerald, Company A -

John Fitzgerald, Company D - Private

John Fitzgerald, Company H - Private

Thomas Fitzgerald, Company D - Private

Wm. Fitzgerald, Company C -

Dennis Fitzgerold, Company C -

John Fitzmaurice, Company -

John Fitzpatrick, Company E - Private

Patrick Fitzpatrick, Company H, G -

Wm. W. Fitzpatrick, Company H, G - First Sergeant

... Flagg, Company E -

Saml. H. Flagg, Company H, G - Private

Michael Flaherty, Company G - Sergeant

Edward Flanagan, Company A -

James Flanagan, Company E - Wagoner

James H. Flanagan, Company G - Private

David J. Flanders, Company A -

John Flanders, Company B -

Charles Flanelly, Company B -

Francis Flanigan, Company E -

Patrick Flannagan, Company B - Private

John Flansburg, Company D - Private

... Flemming, Company -

James Flemming, Company -

Thomas Flemming, Company -

Bryan Flennery, Company G - Corporal

William Flet, Company D -

E... Fletcher, Company B - Private

John B. Fletcher, Company A - Private

John Flinn, Company I -

David N. Flomerfelt, Company A -

James Flood, Company C - Private

Adam Floor, Company C - Private

Peter Florsch, Company -

James Flyn, Company -

John Flynn, Company - Recruit

John Flynn, Company F -

John Flynn, Company F - Sergeant

John Flynn, Company H - Private

John Flynn, Company - Private

John P. Flynn, Company C, B -

Thomas Flynn, Company G -

Benjamin Fobes, Company - Recruit

Henry Focht, Company -

John Fogarty, Company D - Private

Daniel Foley, Company A -

John Foley, Company A - Private

John C. Foley, Company B -

Michael Foley, Company C - Private

Morgan Foley, Company H - Private

Patrick W. Follis, Company C - First Sergeant

Bart Foly, Company A -

Gust. Fomm, Company E - Corporal

Edward L. Fonda, Company H, F, C - Corporal

John Foot, Company -

Louis G. Foote, Company H - Private

Josiah B. Forbes, Company C - Hospital Steward

Benjamin F. Ford, Company E, B - Corporal

David Ford, Company A -

George W. Ford, Company -

James Ford, Company F -

Michael Ford, Company B - Private

Patrick Ford, Company G -

Timothy Ford, Company F -

William Ford, Company C - Private

James Forsyth, Company B -

Peter Fortier, Company G, D - Private

Chas. C. Foster, Company C - Sergeant

David Foster, Company F -

Franklin Foster, Company -

George Foster, Company -

Henry Foster, Company -

Chas. W. Foust, Company G, B -

George Fox, Company - Recruit

James Fox, Company H, F, C - Sergeant

John Fox, Company A, G - Private

John Fox, Company G - Private

John Fox, Company B - Private

Joseph Fox, Company H, C - Sergeant

Michl. J. Foy, Company H, G -

Jacob Fraling, Company -

Chas. Henry Francis, Company B - Private

Henry Francis, Company H, F - Private

John Francis, Company G - Private

Joseph Francis, Company F&S - Corporal

Paul Francis, Company B - Private

Ernest Francois, Company -

Christian Franelson, Company - Private

Robert Franey, Company C - Private

Louis Franklin, Company C - Musician

John Franson, Company G -

James Fraser, Company G -

Robert Fraser, Company F - Private

James T. Frayn, Company A - Corporal

John Frazer, Company -

Christian Frazier, Company B -

John A. Frazier, Company A - Private

John A. Frazier, Company A - Private

James Frear, Company B - Private

George H. Free, Company C -

Bradley Freeman, Company -

Wilber J. Freeman, Company E -

Christian Freese, Company E -

Edwd. S. Freid, Company G, H - Sergeant

James French, Company G - Corporal

Joseph F. French, Company D -

Peter French, Company -

Seymour French, Company - Recruit

Thomas French, Company D -

Edward Fretinghou..., Company E - Private

Alonzo Freydecker, Company G - Private

Abram Frezon, Company C - Private

Charles Fricher, Company -

George Friench, Company - Private

Thos. H. Frink, Company H -

August Fritz, Company E -

Owen Fritzpatrick, Company F - Private

Christian Froshle, Company A - Private

Otto Frost, Company E -

Wm. H. Frost, Company -

Thomas H. Fry, Company G - Private

Wm. N. Fry, Company F - Private

Algernon Fuller, Company D -

Charles Fuller, Company B - Private

Chas. W. Fuller, Company B - Private

David Fuller, Company F - Private

Edward Fuller, Company -

James K. Fuller, Company C -

Johnson Fuller, Company -

William Fuller, Company D -

Nelson B. Fulmer, Company H, G -

Albert Funke, Company E - Sergeant

Edward Furman, Company D - Private

William Fwkes, Company E -


... G..., Company D -

... D. G..., Company C -

George G..., Company -

George F. G..., Company -

Henry G..., Company F -

John H. G..., Company D - Private

Joseph G..., Company F -

P... G..., Company C -

Timothy G..., Company C -

... G...dans, Company H -

Henry G...den, Company D -

Wm. N. G...een, Company H - Private

John G...eeson, Company H, G - Private

James G...en, Company E, C -

John G...en, Company D -

Daniel G...erson, Company G -

James G...ey, Company F -

John G...illispie, Company F -

Joseph G...melli, Company H -

George G...nell, Company -

Anthony C. G...ner, Company - Recruit

James G...nnon, Company -

Alexander G...pard, Company H, E -

Frederick G...uer, Company H - Private

Edward G...ulls, Company B -

George G...ver, Company D -

John G..ligan, Company A -

Henry Gabel, Company -

George Gadrock, Company H -

Wm. H. Gadston, Company -

Alexander Gadwood, Company H, F -

Charles Gaffield, Company -

Daniel Gaffney, Company D, B - Private

Jacob Gage, Company -

William Gage, Company E -

... Gailey, Company F - Private

Henry Gaille, Company E - Private

John Gairy, Company A -

Benjamin Gaither, Company A - Private

Horatio Gale, Company E -

William Gallager, Company A - Private

Bernard Gallagher, Company -

Charles Gallagher, Company -

Hiram Gallagher, Company E - Private

James Gallagher, Company H -

John Gallagher, Company E - First Sergeant

Michael Gallagher, Company C - Private

William Gallagher, Company F -

William Gallagher, Company F, C -

Robert S. Gallup, Company G - Private

Adolf Gallwitz, Company C -

James H. Gamble, Company -

Christian Garbers, Company F - Private

Henry Garbett, Company H -

John Gardener, Company C - Private

Just... Garderman, Company C - Private

Frederick F. Gardiner, Company -

Washington S. Gardner, Company D -

Willington L. Gardner, Company D, B -

Willington S. Gardner, Company D, B -

Heinrich Garms, Company D - Private

Robert H. Garnes, Company -

James Garrey, Company H -

John F. Garvin, Company -

Saml. C. Garwood, Company A - Private

John Gary Jr., Company F - Private

Jacob Gashor, Company F, H - Private

James Gast, Company D -

George Gates, Company G - Private

Cornelius Gearin, Company E -

John Geary, Company A, G - Private

August Gebauer, Company B, A -

John Gebaught, Company D -

Benjamin Gee, Company G - Private

Joseph Geganetel, Company I, C, G - Corporal

Wilhelm Geiger, Company F - Private

Joseph Geisinger, Company -

Fredrick Gentner, Company D - Private

Abraham George, Company G, F - Sergeant

Edgar D. George, Company A -

Abraham George Jr., Company A, G - Corporal

Wm. F. Gerald, Company H, G -

... Gerard, Company D -

Antonio German, Company - Private

Wm. H. Gerow, Company H -

Edward Gibbins, Company K -

William Gibbins, Company D -

W. I. H. Gibbons, Company G - Private

Alfred Gibson, Company NCS -

Charles Gibson, Company F -

David Gibson, Company F, H -

John Gibson, Company -

William Gibson, Company A - Private

Frederick Giggus, Company B -

David Gilbert, Company E - Private

George A. Gilbert, Company F -

James Gilbert, Company - Musician First Class

James Gilbert, Company C - Private

John Gilbert, Company -

John Gilbride, Company D -

Jacob L. Giles, Company E - Private

John Giles, Company A - Private

Henry T. Gill, Company H, G -

William Gill, Company -

John Gillan, Company E -

Thomas Gillan, Company G - Corporal

Michael Gillany, Company D - Private

John Gillesby, Company C, F - Private

Thomas Gillespey, Company A, B - Corporal

Michael Gillin, Company B, G - Private

James Gillman, Company C -

William Gilmen, Company - Private

James Gilson, Company A -

Willard Gilson, Company -

Gilbert Gipson, Company -

James Gipson, Company H -

... Glancey, Company G - Private

John A. Glantz, Company G -

Andrew Glaser, Company H, G - Sergeant

Andrew Glass, Company A -

George Gleason, Company A -

Thomas Gleason, Company -

Wm. Gleason, Company E -

Michael Glenn, Company B -

Henry Glenshaw, Company -

H... Gobat, Company - Private

James Goble, Company -

John Godell, Company D -

Danl. W. Godfrey, Company A - Private

Trueman Goit, Company C -

George ... Golden, Company -

Harrison Goldsmith, Company - Recruit

Ira Goldsmith, Company H, G - Private

George Golsong, Company D -

Henry A. Gonan, Company H, G - Private

Saml. W. Goodall, Company C, F - Private

William Gooden, Company D -

Uri Goodenough, Company -

Charles Goodfellow, Company F - Private

Alfred B. Goodrich, Company F -

Alfred B. Goodrich, Company C, F - Private

William Goodrich, Company - Recruit

Francis Goodwen, Company NCS -

Albert Goooden, Company D -

Michael Gordan, Company -

Dudley Gorden, Company F - Private

Francis Gordon, Company E -

Francis G. Gordon, Company B -

James Gordon, Company F - Private

James Gordon, Company C -

James R. Gordon, Company C -

John Gordon, Company F - Private

Richard Gordon, Company G -

William Gordon, Company G - Private

Wm. H. Gordon, Company D - Private

... Gorman, Company E - Private

Patrick Gorman, Company A -

William Gorman, Company F - Private

William Gorman, Company F -

James Gormlay, Company C - Private

Prescott R. Gormon, Company G, H - Private

Wm. H. Gornee, Company F - Private

Frank Gorner, Company E - Private

Wm. H. Gorr, Company A, G - Private

Henry Gorse, Company H - Private

Thomas Gorton, Company B -

Ludwig Gotz, Company H, F - Sergeant

Samuel Gould, Company -

W.L. Gourley, Company D, B -

Samuel Graber, Company B -

Edward Grader, Company E - Private

...el Grady, Company E -

Michael Grady, Company G -

Daniel S. Graeff, Company E - Private

George Graham, Company E - Private

James Graham, Company C - Sergeant Major

James E. Graham, Company -

John Graham, Company - Private

Wm. T. Graham, Company F -

Michel Grahem, Company D -

Johann Graman, Company C -

Oscar F. Grandy, Company -

Martin Graney, Company E, G - Private

James H. Grant, Company C, B - Private

James J. Grant, Company C -

John Grant, Company G -

John Grant, Company C -

John K. Grant, Company A -

William Grant, Company B - Private

William Grant, Company D - Private

Frederick Grasper, Company F - Private

Charles A. Graves, Company B, C - Private

Robert Graves, Company B -

Louis Gravil, Company F - Private

... Gray, Company G - Private

John Gray, Company F - Private

Thomas Gready, Company F -

Jameson Greeley, Company C - Private

Allen Green, Company - Sergeant

Anson Green, Company -

Chas. H. Green, Company D -

Henry Green, Company B -

James Green, Company D - Corporal

James Green, Company -

John Green, Company D - Private

Joseph Green, Company G - Private

Levi A. Green, Company C - Private

Mark Green, Company -

Martin L. Green, Company - Recruit

Merrideth Green, Company C - Private

Wallace Green, Company C -

William Green, Company F -

Wm. A. Green, Company - Private

Elias Greenawald, Company E - Private

Joseph Greenawald, Company E - Private

Henry S. Greene, Company C -

James Greene, Company D - Private

Samuel Greene, Company D -

William Greene, Company E -

Isaac Greer, Company -

James Greer, Company B - Corporal

Wm. P. Gregg, Company -

Chas. W. Gregory, Company A -

James A. Gregory, Company H, G -

William Greives, Company B -

Robert Grembiel, Company I, F, L - Private

James Gremore, Company B - Private

Ernst Grenwell, Company I, D, L -

Charles Griffin, Company C -

John Griffin, Company E -

Michael Griffin, Company C - Private

Richard Griffin, Company H, A -

James Griffiths, Company B -

John C. Griger, Company - Corporal

Elias Griggs, Company F - Private

Dwight S. Griswold, Company B - Corporal

George L. Griswold, Company C, F - Private

John Groendycke, Company A -

Charles Grogan, Company E -

George Groom, Company F&S -

Theodor Grope, Company - Private

John Gross, Company -

Joseph A. Gross, Company C -

Lorenzo Gross, Company I, D - First Sergeant

Edward Grove, Company -

Benjamin Grover, Company E - Private

Lucius H. Grover, Company F, H - Private

Amos Guard, Company -

Patrick Gugin, Company -

Timothy Guiney, Company C -

Edward Guinnel, Company -

F. Gulich, Company E -

Louis Gullaux, Company C -

William Gulley, Company F&S - Musician

John Gully, Company F -

Robert Gumbiel, Company A -

Heinrich Gunther, Company E - Private

Theodor Gurens, Company G - Private

George W. Gurnell, Company H - Musician

William Gustavus, Company F -

Jacob Guthly, Company D, B - Private


Thomas H..., Company -

William H..., Company -

Charles H...ery, Company B - Musician

Daniel H...ey, Company I - Private

Reuben S. H...llen, Company -

Lony Habecker, Company F, B, C - Private

James Hackett, Company B -

Leroy S. Hackett, Company F, B - Private

Michael Hackett, Company - Recruit

Michael Hackett, Company D - Corporal

Peter G. Hackett, Company F -

Peter G. Hackett, Company C, F - Corporal

John Haddex, Company C -

Henry Hadford, Company E -

Allen Hadley, Company H, G - Private

Thomas Hafford, Company D -

Patrick Hagan, Company C -

Edward Hagen, Company E -

Henry Hager, Company G - Private

John Hagerty, Company C - Private

Peter Haggerty, Company A, H -

James Hagherty, Company E -

William Hagman, Company F - Private

Ludwig G. Haiges, Company C -

Henry C. Haight, Company C -

Jean Hain, Company E - Private

Daniel Haine, Company A, G -

William Haker, Company -

Thomas Haley, Company A, D - Private

William Halge, Company E - Private

Andrew Hall, Company G - Private

Anson Hall, Company A - Private

George Hall, Company C -

James Hall, Company H -

Jesse Hall, Company E -

Peter Hall, Company A - Private

Robert Hall, Company -

Seth Hall, Company G -

William Hall, Company F&S -

Thomas Hallaran, Company -

George G. Hallenbeck, Company F -

Ferdinand Hallick, Company D -

Daniel Halliing, Company D - Private

Jakob Halloweh, Company E - Private

John Halpin, Company G -

Michael Halpin, Company C -

Hiram Halwick, Company - Recruit

Thos. Halyburton, Company H - Corporal

John Hamburg, Company A -

George W. Hamell, Company -

John Hamey, Company - Recruit

Conrad Hamilton, Company -

Fredrick Hamilton, Company C -

Hugh P. Hamilton, Company B - Private

James Hamilton, Company -

Louis M. Hamilton, Company - Recruit

Patrick Hamilton, Company A -

Robert Hamilton, Company D -

Thos. H. Hamlin, Company D -

John Hammell, Company C - Private

Arthur M. Hammond, Company - Recruit

George H. Hammond, Company D - Private

Hamilton A. Hammond, Company D - Private

Wm. D. Hammond, Company H, F, C - Private

John A. Hamon, Company -

Thomas Hamon, Company A -

Henry Hamond, Company -

William Hampson, Company F -

Thomas Hance, Company F -

Denis Haneene, Company C, B - Private

Daniel Hanes, Company F -

William Haney, Company H, F - Private

Michael Hanfien, Company B - Private

Patrick Hanlen, Company C -

Michael Hanley, Company -

Michael Hanlin, Company A -

James Hanlon, Company F - Wagoner

Egbert B. Hanmer, Company B - Private

Thomas Hannah, Company H -

Patrick M. Hannan, Company - Recruit

Martin Hanning, Company D - Private

Michael Hanrahan, Company C -

Joseph Hanry, Company E -

Thomas Hansard, Company - Recruit

Christian Hansen, Company A - Private

Dennis Hansen, Company B - Private

Hans Hansen, Company -

Joseph Hansen, Company E - Sergeant

M...s Hansen, Company - Corporal

Niels Hansen, Company A -

Tho's. D. Hanvey, Company C -

George W. Haradon, Company F, G - Private

Charles Harber, Company A, G -

James Hardee, Company E, F -

William Harder, Company E -

Edward Hardin, Company B -

William Hardwick, Company C - Private

Wm. J. Hardy, Company C -

Henry Harkin, Company I -

Thomas Harlen, Company F - Private

John Harman, Company C - Sergeant

Charles Harney, Company G,G - Corporal

James Harold, Company D -

Edward Harper, Company E - Private

James Harper, Company F -

John Harper, Company C - Private

Harvey Harrington, Company F, B - Private

James Harrington, Company B - Corporal

James Harrington, Company D, D - Private

Norman Harrington, Company G - Musician

Patrick Harrington, Company C - Private

Timothy Harrington, Company E -

Wm. Harrington, Company D -

Alonzo Harris, Company C - Private

John D. Harris, Company - Recruit

John H. Harris, Company -

John H. Harris, Company C - Private

Thomas Harris, Company G -

William Harris, Company F, C - Private

Wm. H. Harris, Company C -

George Harrison, Company B - Private

George Harrison, Company A - Private

Ja's. H. Harrison, Company B, I -

James L. Harrison, Company F, C -

John Harrison, Company A - Private

Morris Harrison, Company -

Peter L. Harrison, Company H - Private

Thomas Harrison, Company -

Thos. K. Harrison, Company F -

W.H. Harrison, Company F -

Henry I. Hart, Company -

James Hart, Company C -

James Hart, Company D -

James Hart, Company E - Private

Patrick Hart, Company H, G - Private

Samuel Hart, Company -

Wm. F. Hart, Company A - Private

Washington M. Harter, Company - Recruit

Simon Hartinger, Company H -

John W. Hartley, Company K - Private

Charles Hartman, Company B -

Frank Hartmann, Company H -

George Hartmann, Company C -

Patrick Hartney, Company B, G - Sergeant

James Harty, Company -

Peter Hartz, Company F - Sergeant

Eli Harvey, Company - Private

Mark C. Harvey, Company - Recruit

Martin V.B. Harvey, Company G, H, B -

Robinson Harvey, Company G -

Samuel J. Harvey, Company H, F, C -

Thomas Harvey, Company -

Daniel Hasen, Company D - Private

Roger Haskell, Company H - Private

Michael Haskett, Company C -

Alfred F. Haskin, Company B - Private

Leonard W. Haskin, Company F - Private

Alvin E. Haskins, Company F - Private

Charles Haskins, Company H, G -

Charles Haskins, Company G - Sergeant

John Hassatt, Company F -

Roswell Hatch, Company H - Private

John Hatley, Company E -

I... Hau, Company E -

Henry W. Hauhine, Company C - Private

Anton Hauser, Company E - Private

Washington I. Havens, Company D -

Albert A. Haver, Company G - Private

Andrew Havineth, Company E -

John Havlin, Company C - Private

James H. Hawkins, Company D - Private

Johnathan Hawkins, Company F, C - Private

Lawrence P. Hawkins, Company -

Alonzo Hawley, Company B -

James Hawley, Company -

Joseph W. Hawley, Company B -

Cornelius Hayes, Company A -

Henry C. Hayes, Company H, F, C - Corporal

John Hayes, Company G -

Thomas Hayes, Company -

Thomas Hayes, Company E -

Thomas Hayes, Company -

George E. Hayner, Company - Recruit

Hiram F. Haynes, Company E - Private

Sylvenes Haynes, Company H, G - Private

Andrew Hays, Company -

John Hays, Company C -

Michael Hays, Company - Recruit

Richard Hays, Company -

Samuel D. Hays, Company B - Quartermaster Sergeant

Thomas Hays, Company B -

David Hayton, Company F -

John Hayward, Company H - Private

Robert Hayzell, Company E -

Michael Heagarty, Company A -

Abraham S. Healey, Company A - Private

John Healey, Company H, G, K -

Patrick Healey, Company A - Corporal

Abram S. Healy, Company A -

John Healy, Company -

Thomas Healy, Company F - Sergeant

John C. Heart, Company E - Private

John C. Heath, Company F - Private

Orion G. Heath, Company H, G - Private

John Heckey, Company -

Michael Hedrian, Company E -

Timothy Heely, Company E - Private

Heinrich Heer, Company C - Private

Michael J. Heffernan, Company D - Sergeant

Patrick Heffernan, Company H, F, C - Private

Patrick Heffrin, Company G -

Patrick Hefron, Company D -

Henry A. Heggie, Company F -

Michael Heggins, Company D -

John M. Heileman, Company C -

E.B. Heimstreet, Company F - Private

William Heinecky, Company E - Corporal

Charles Heisner, Company B, E - Private

Joseph Helm, Company G -

James G. Helmes, Company A - Private

James Helton, Company -

Martin Helwig, Company - Recruit

George Hemmerly, Company E - Private

Franklin Hempelke, Company I - Private

Thomas Henan, Company C, F - Private

Charles Henderson, Company -

Geo. W. Henderson, Company C - Private

Wm. H. Henderson, Company F -

George Hendrick, Company - Recruit

James T. Hendrick, Company H, B -

Patrick Heney, Company H, G - Private

William Heney, Company H, G - Private

Jackson Henion, Company F - Private

Jacob W. Henion, Company C -

Wm. H. Henion, Company C, F - Private

Louis Henley, Company B -

Emanuel Henriques, Company C - Private

Charles Henry, Company F -

Edward Henry, Company F -

Edward Henry, Company C, F - Private

Harrison Henry, Company D - Private

James McM. Henry, Company D, F - Private

John Henry, Company D -

Morris Henry, Company -

James Henton, Company A - Sergeant

Emil Henze, Company E -

Charles Hepner, Company - Private

John H. Herdman, Company F - Private

Daniel Herlihy, Company F -

Albert Hermanson, Company H - Private

Patrick A. Hern, Company F -

Patrick A. Hern, Company F - Corporal

John Herold, Company C -

Nicolaus Herold, Company B - Sergeant

James Heron, Company B - Private

Edwin Herrington, Company A -

Isaac W. Hersey, Company F - Private

Alfred Hertchell, Company B -

John Hervel, Company G, H - Private

John K.W. Hespe, Company F&S - Musician First Class

Jeremiah Hess, Company H -

John Hetzel, Company H, K - Private

Isaac S. Hewett, Company I -

Benjamin Hewit, Company F -

Wm.S. Hewit, Company C -

George M. Hews, Company A, B -

Edward Heyett, Company -

Charles Heynich, Company G -

John L. Hibberd, Company A - Private

Edmund Hibler, Company F -

Westley Hibler, Company F -

John Hickey, Company D - Private

Michael Hickey, Company C - Private

William Hickey, Company -

Toms. O. Hickman, Company H - Private

Albert G. Hickok, Company E, E - Private

James A. Hickok, Company F - Private

James A. Hickok, Company F - Private

John Hicks, Company F - Private

William Hicks, Company B -

John Hidalgo, Company F - Private

Justin Higbee, Company -

Andrew Higgins, Company F -

James Higgins, Company C -

James Higgins, Company C - Corporal

John Higgins, Company D - Private

John Higgins, Company - Recruit

Patrick Higgins, Company F -

Patrick Higgins, Company A -

Patrick Higgins, Company A -

Robert M. Higgins, Company - Recruit

Thomas Higgins, Company E - Private

Thos. J. Higgins, Company D - Private

William Higgins, Company F -

William Higgins, Company B -

Adolph Hildemann, Company A -

Adolf Hildenbrand, Company G, B - Private

Chas. H. Hilfert, Company D - Private

Abram Hill, Company - Recruit

Charles Hill, Company C -

George B. Hill, Company -

Henry Hill, Company C -

Henry Hill, Company -

James Hill, Company C -

John O. Hill, Company A - Private

Joseph Hill, Company F -

Nathan Hill, Company - Recruit

William Hill, Company - Recruit

Willis H. Hill, Company -

Wm. T. Hill, Company D - Private

Johan Hillman, Company E - Private

Johann J. Hillmann, Company E - Private

James Hilon, Company G, C - Private

Patrick Hilshey, Company C -

Louis Himer, Company B -

Joseph Hindley, Company B -

William Hine, Company D -

John Hines, Company H - Private

Joseph Hines, Company -

Alfred W. Hinkson, Company A - Private

Franklin Hipp, Company - Recruit

Hezekiah Hipple, Company A - Private

Jacob Hirsh, Company E - Sergeant

Daniel Hirtehy, Company F - First Sergeant

Joseph Hisgen, Company H -

Joseph Hissman, Company G - Private

... Hitchcock, Company - Private

Alexander Hitchcock, Company G - Private

Joseph H. Hitchins, Company -

Levi Hoag, Company -

George D. Hoake, Company G, H -

James Hobbs, Company -

William Hober, Company G - Private

Joseph Hodnett, Company D, E - Corporal

Julius Hoephner, Company E - Private

Thomas Hoey, Company G -

Frederick Hoff, Company H, A - Artificer

Charles Hoffman, Company D - Private

Christian Hoffman, Company - Private

Daniel Hoffman, Company F -

Ferdinand Hoffman, Company F - Private

Henry Hoffman, Company B - Private

Henry Hoffman, Company C -

Mark Hoffman, Company E - Quartermaster Sergeant

Martin Hoffman, Company G - Private

Friederich Hoffmann, Company B - Private

Gustave Hoffmann, Company G - Sergeant

John Hoffmann, Company H -

Heinrich Hoffsimmer, Company - Recruit

Francis Hogan, Company H -

James Hogan, Company D -

John Hogan, Company F -

John Hogan, Company F -

John Hogan, Company C -

Martin Hogan, Company - Recruit

Albert S. Hogancamp, Company F -

Theodore A. Hoggins, Company A, B - Private

Daniel Hogle, Company H, G - Private

Gottfried Hohn, Company B - Private

Lenard Holden, Company - Undercook

William Holden, Company -

James Holder, Company G -

Andrew Holland, Company B - Private

Mark Holland, Company E - Private

Patrick Holland, Company G, D, A - Private

Wm. F. Holley, Company C, B -

George Hollister, Company F - Sergeant

James Holloway, Company -

John Holly, Company E - Musician

Rufus G.E. Holmes, Company H, F -

Edw'd. Holtzlheimer, Company C -

Henry Hon, Company D, B - Private

James Honchinson, Company A - Private

Edward Hones, Company -

Henry Hood, Company E - Private

Henry J. Hook, Company A -

Christopher Hooner, Company C -

John Hooper, Company A -

Samuel Hooper, Company E - Private

Anthony Hopfenbech, Company G -

Robert B. Hopkins, Company F&S -

Rufus H. Hopkins, Company F&S - Private

Chas. L. Hopper, Company G -

Barney Horan, Company D -

Thomas Horan, Company B -

Michael Horen, Company D - Private

Michl. J. Horgan, Company B - Corporal

Cha's. P. Horly, Company F - Private

James Hormel, Company C - Private

John Horn, Company H, A -

John Horn, Company F - Private

Dewitt C. Horton, Company - Recruit

John Horton, Company A - Corporal

John L. Horton, Company H, F, C - Private

Leander Hotchkiss, Jr., Company C, B -

Marshall Hough, Company D - Private

James Houlden, Company C -

John House, Company G - Private

Albert Houston, Company B - Private

Charles Houston, Company H, G - Private

John Houston, Company B, F -

John Houston, Company C - Private

John Houston, Company G - Sergeant

Patrick Houston, Company C - Private

Henry Houts, Company E -

Wm. H. Hover, Company A -

Charles Howard, Company C, B, F - Private

Charles Howard, Company -

Edmund W. Howard, Company H, G -

Frank Howard, Company C -

Henry K. Howard, Company - Recruit

James Howard, Company -

John Howard, Company B - Private

John Howard, Company C -

John Howard, Company - Recruit

Joseph S. Howard, Company B -

Horace P. Howd, Company H - Private

Calvin Howe, Company H -

James Howe, Company E - Private

Francis Howell, Company D - Private

George Howland, Company C, A - Private

John C. Hoy, Company C -

Henry Hoyett, Company D -

Israel Hozan, Company F -

Hiram W. Hubbard, Company F&S - Musician Second Class

Edward Huber, Company - Recruit

Franz Huber, Company F - Private

Charles Hubert, Company C -

Chas. T. Hudson, Company D - Sergeant

Leonard G. Huffman, Company H, F, C - Private

William Huffman, Company K - Private

... Hug, Company H - Private

James Hughes, Company A -

John Hughes, Company F - Private

John Hughes, Company D - Private

John Hughes, Company -

John Hughes, Company - Recruit

Jonathan Hughes, Company D - Private

Michael Hughes, Company B -

Andrew J. Hughs, Company B - Private

James Hugins, Company H, G - Private

Isaac Huling, Company H - Private

Daniel Hulley, Company I -

Alexander Humes, Company F - Private

Edward Humes, Company F - Private

Edward Hummel, Company -

Jaret Hummel, Company B, A - Private

John G. Hummel, Company D -

... Humphrey, Company - Sergeant

Richard Humphreys, Company F -

Jeremiah Hunsinger, Company G - Private

Edward Hunt, Company E -

George B. Hunt, Company C -

Mich,l. J. Hunt, Company -

Michael Hunt, Company C -

Edward Hunter, Company B -

Frank Hunter, Company -

James Hunter, Company A - Quartermaster Sergeant

Clinton C. Huntley, Company - Recruit

Edward L. Hurlbert, Company D -

Charles Hurlburt, Company - Recruit

James Hurley, Company C - Private

William Hurry, Company H, F, C - Private

John Hurtshim, Company - Private

Thomas Hussy, Company D - Private

Houghlin H. Hutchinson, Company A -

Wm. J. Hutchinson, Company B - Private

Wm. E. Hutchison, Company B, A - First Sergeant

Harvey Hyde, Company - Recruit

Joseph H. Hyde, Company A - Corporal

Patrick Hyland, Company E -

Richd. D. Hyland, Company F&S - Musician Third Class

William Hyland, Company -

George Hynes, Company H -

Michael Hynes, Company D -


John Imhof, Company - Recruit

Burg M. Ingersoll, Company F&S - First Sergeant

Jesse A. Ingersoll, Company E - Sergeant

Joseph Ipner, Company -

Joshua Ishmael, Company - Recruit

George R. Ives, Company C, F - Private


Alexander Jackson, Company C, D - Sergeant

Edward Jackson, Company H - Private

Egbert G. Jackson, Company D -

George Jackson, Company -

George Jackson, Company -

John Jackson, Company -

John Jackson, Company B -

John Jackson, Company B -

Owen Jackson, Company A - Private

Richard J. Jackson, Company G, H - Private

Robert Jackson, Company F,F - Private

Stephen C. Jackson, Company -

Thomas Jackson, Company -

William Jackson, Company -

William Jackson, Company A -

William Jackson, Company D - Private

William H. Jackson, Company B, A, F - Private

Jacob Jacobs, Company -

M. Jacobs, Company F, F - Private

William H. Jacobs, Company H, G - Private

N.A. Jacobson, Company H, H - Private

Henry Jacoby, Company F, I - Private

Elwood P. Jacquett, Company H -

Henry Jager, Company A, A - Corporal

Joseph Jager, Company B - Private

Wm. T. Jamerson, Company -

Edward James, Company B, B - Private

Eugene T. James, Company B -

Frank A. James, Company G, G - Private

Joseph James, Company B - Private

Prior L. James, Company C, G - Private

Robert James, Company C -

Thomas James, Company G - Hospital Steward

William James, Company D -

Milles Jameson, Company G, H - Corporal

Samuel Jamison, Company H, G -

Metz Janatz, Company G -

Victor Jardin, Company F, F - Corporal

Wm. A. Jarman, Company C -

Frederick A.H. Jarren, Company A -

John Jefferies, Company F - Private

William Jefferson, Company A -

Lewis Jehrling, Company A -

John Jellers, Company B -

George A. Jenerson, Company D -

Allen Jenkins, Company D, E, A - Hospital Steward

Jabez Jenkins, Company D -

King B. Jenkins, Company -

William Jenner, Company G - Private

Dan'l. S. Jennings, Company G -

Hans Jensen, Company H, H - Private

Horvold Jensen, Company H, H - Sergeant

Julius Jensen, Company H, H - Sergeant

N. Jensen, Company H, L - Private

James Jent, Company D, D - Private

Wm. C. Jerdon, Company - Recruit

John H. Jerome, Company -

Benj. F. Jerrells, Company A - Private

Jefferson Jerson, Company B -

Robt. R. Jewell, Company -

Wm. S. Jewell, Company G -

James J. Jewett, Company F -

Charles Johns, Company -

John Johns, Company -

Oliver Johns, Company F - Private

Albert H. Johnson, Company H, G -

Alexander Johnson, Company A, A - Private

Belina C. Johnson, Company -

Charles Johnson, Company A - Private

Charles Johnson, Company B, E -

Chauncy F. Johnson, Company E -

Edwin Johnson, Company G -

Frank Johnson, Company -

Frank M. Johnson, Company H, G - Private

Frederick Johnson, Company E -

George Johnson, Company G, G - Private

George Johnson, Company D, D - Private

George A. Johnson, Company B - Private

George W. Johnson, Company B - Private

James Johnson, Company G -

Louis Johnson, Company -

Thomas Johnson, Company -

Thomas Johnson, Company F, F - Private

William Johnson, Company -

William Johnson, Company G -

William Johnson, Company F -

William Johnson, Company -

William Johnson, Company F -

William Johnson, Company E -

William Johnson, Company M -

William H. Johnson, Company - Private

Wm. H. Johnson, Company A, A - Wagoner

Albert Johnston, Company D -

James Johnston, Company F, F - Private

John Johnston, Company -

Thomas Johnston, Company C - Private

William Johnston, Company -

Edward Joice, Company A -

Charles Jonderian, Company D -

Alfred L. Jones, Company D -

Benjamin Jones, Company A, A -

Charles Jones, Company A -

Charles Jones, Company A, A - Private

Charles Jones, Company H -

Charles A. Jones, Company A - Private

Charles W. Jones, Company -

Evan W. Jones, Company A -

Fredrick Jones, Company D -

George Jones, Company -

George A. Jones, Company -

Henry Jones, Company B -

John Jones, Company B -

John Jones, Company B -

John M. Jones, Company -

John W. Jones, Company E -

Lander Jones, Company D -

Levi H. Jones, Company C - Private

Milton D. Jones, Company D - Sergeant

Mortimer Jones, Company F -

Moses Jones, Company C, F - Private

Moses Jones, Company F - Private

Patrick Jones, Company G -

Perry Jones, Company D - Corporal

Robert Jones, Company F -

Robert B. Jones, Company F -

Rubin Jones, Company G, G - First Sergeant

Stephen Jones, Company B -

Thomas Jones, Company A - Sergeant

Thomas Jones, Company C -

Thomas Jones, Company -

Thomas Jones, Company E -

William Jones, Company G - Private

William Jones, Company -

William Jones, Company -

William Jones, Company E -

William Jones, Company C, C - Private

Zachariah Jones, Company C, C - Corporal

Jones, Company A -

Joseph Jonson, Company G -

Samuel Jopling, Company E, H - Sergeant

Francis L. Joralemon, Company - Recruit

Charles Jordan, Company B, B - Corporal

Michael Jordan, Company H -

William Jordan, Company H -

Fredrick Jost, Company D - Private

Martin Jost, Company A, A - Private

Joseph Jreland, Company A - Private

James Jrwin, Company F -

Amos Juard, Company - Recruit

Henry W. Judd, Company B - Private

James Judge, Company G -

Oscar Jurk, Company E -

John Justice, Company A - Private

Wm. E.B. Justin, Company - Recruit

John Jvory, Company -


Michael Kadarer, Company -

Simon Kahn, Company E - Private

William Kahoe, Company E -

Georg Kaiser, Company - Private

Charles Kallenbrun, Company F -

John Kaloosky, Company B -

Christian Kambach, Company E, E - Private

William Kandy, Company - Private

Edward Kane, Company D, D -

John Kane, Company I -

John Kane, Company F -

John O. Kane, Company E -

William Kane, Company H - Private

William Karey, Company E -

Elijah Karns, Company -

Peter Karr, Company D, B - Corporal

August Kaschel, Company C, E - Private

Christian Kassel, Company E -

August Kaufelt, Company C -

Henry Kautz, Company C -

John Kavanagh, Company H, A - Sergeant

James Kealey, Company F -

Thomas Kealing, Company C -

James Kean, Company C, E - Private

Henry Keane, Company C, C - Private

Arthur Kearney, Company A, A - Private

Thomas Kearney, Company -

Michael Kearns, Company B -

Michael Keasey, Company D, B - Private

Henry Keast, Company D - Private

Nathaniel Keast, Company - Recruit

William Keating, Company D - Private

Harrison B. Keck, Company B, A - Private

Maurice Keefe, Company H - Private

Val. G. Keeferr, Company B, B - Private

Edward Keeffe, Company C, B -

John J. Keegan, Company B - Private

Joseph Keegan, Company E -

Henry W. Keeler, Company C -

Patrick Keeler, Company D -

Charles Keenan, Company A -

Edward Keenan, Company H -

Hugh Keenan, Company F -

James Keeney, Company E -

John Kefer, Company A, G - Private

Chas. W. Kehoe, Company B -

Joseph Kehoe, Company D -

Lawrence Kehoe, Company E -

John Keif, Company E -

James Keilty, Company -

William Keith, Company A - Private

Daniel Keleher, Company F -

John Kell, Company E, E - Private

Joseph Kell, Company -

James Kellen, Company E -

Friedrich Keller, Company E - Corporal

G... Keller, Company C - Private

John Keller, Company F&S - Musician First Class

John F. Keller, Company B - Musician

William Keller, Company E -

Wm. H.H. Keller, Company -

Edward Kelley, Company D -

James Kelley, Company A -

James Kelley, Company C -

James Kelley, Company C -

John Kelley, Company A -

John Kelley, Company E - Private

Martin Kelley, Company -

Martin Kelley, Company F -

Martin F. Kelley, Company G - Sergeant

Michael Kelley, Company -

Patrick Kelley, Company -

Peter Kelley, Company B -

Peter Kelley, Company A -

Richard Kelley, Company -

Stephen Kelley, Company G -

Thomas Kelley, Company -

Thomas Kelley, Company C -

Thomas F. Kelley, Company -

William Kelley, Company H - Corporal

William Kelley, Company -

William Kelley, Company G, G - Private

Tracy A. Kellogg, Company B, A - Private

Aaron Kelly, Company E -

Bernard Kelly, Company E -

Bernard Kelly, Company F - Private

Charles Kelly, Company B -

Francis Kelly, Company H, H - Private

Frank Kelly, Company B -

Gerret Kelly, Company C -

Gregory Kelly, Company D, D - Private

Henry Kelly, Company F, F - Private

James Kelly, Company -

James Kelly, Company -

James A. Kelly, Company -

James V. Kelly, Company D, D - Private

John Kelly, Company E -

John Kelly, Company E - Sergeant

John Kelly, Company - Recruit

John W. Kelly, Company H - Private

Luke Kelly, Company -

Luke Kelly, Company A -

Martin F. Kelly, Company H, G - Sergeant

Maurice Kelly, Company C, C - Private

Michael Kelly, Company H -

Michael Kelly, Company F -

Michael Kelly, Company A, B -

Patrick Kelly, Company A -

Patrick Kelly, Company D, D - Corporal

Patrick Kelly, Company F, C -

Peter Kelly, Company A, B - Corporal

Richard Kelly, Company D -

Robert Kelly, Company D, D - Private

William Kelly, Company -

William Kelly, Company F, G -

William Kelly, Company G -

William Kelly, Company C -

William Kelly, Company H, G - Private

William H. Kelly, Company F -

Franz Kempf, Company E - Corporal

Wm. Kemrey, Company D, B - Private

Johan R. Kenberg, Company A -

Albert Kendall, Company A - Private

Martin Keneary, Company E -

John H. Kenig, Company -

Henry C. Keniston, Company G -

Thomas Kenknight, Company E -

Edward Kennady, Company E, G - Private

John Kennaly, Company A -

Andrew Kenneally, Company F - Private

Bernard Kennedy, Company G -

Edward Kennedy, Company A - Private

Edward Kennedy, Company -

Henry Kennedy, Company -

James Kennedy, Company -

James Kennedy, Company D -

John Kennedy, Company E -

John Kennedy, Company F - Private

Martin Kennedy, Company F, F - Sergeant

Martin Kennedy, Company F, F - Sergeant

Patrick Kennedy, Company E -

Thomas Kennedy, Company D -

Thomas Kennedy, Company E -

Thomas H. Kennedy, Company B - Private

Thomas H. Kennedy, Company F&S - Musician Third Class

William Kennedy, Company -

James Kennelly, Company D, G, I - Corporal

John Kennelly, Company B, A, A - First Sergeant

John Kennelly, Company -

Martin Kennerty, Company -

Chester Kenney, Company D - Private

James Kenney, Company -

James Kenney, Company C -

John Kenney, Company D -

John Kenney, Company F, D - Private

John E. Kenney, Company C, C - Private

Timothy Kenney, Company D, D - Private

William Kenney, Company D - Private

James Kenning, Company -

Charles A. Kennon, Company A - Private

Charles Kenny, Company F - Private

Jeremiah Kenny, Company B - Sergeant

John Kenny, Company - Recruit

Amos Kent, Company -

John Kenter, Company E -

Clinton Kentner, Company B -

Homer Kenyon, Company H, G -

James Kenyon, Company H, G - Private

Gustave Kepelring, Company G, G - Private

Philip Keppler, Company G, I -

James W. Kerby, Company D, D - Private

Richard Kerey, Company E -

Morely Kern, Company E -

Hugh Kerr, Company D, B -

Patrick Kerran, Company A - Corporal

Andrew Kestner, Company F, F - Private

John S. Ketchum, Company -

Peter Keysler, Company H, G -

George W. Kibbe, Company D, D - Private

Henry Kiefsner, Company D -

Edmund Kiel, Company F, I - Corporal

Albert Kiesel, Company E -

John Kiff, Company G -

John Kiker, Company - Private

Martin Kilborn, Company F - Private

George W. Kilburn, Company - Recruit

James Kilbye, Company F, F - Private

John Killey, Company D -

Jacob Kilmarten, Company I, H - Corporal

Edward J. Kilmer, Company G - Private

Thomas Kimage, Company F - Private

William Kindel, Company C, C - Private

Alfred King, Company B -

Charles King, Company A -

Frederick King, Company H -

George King, Company F, G -

George King, Company A, A -

Henry B. King, Company -

Henry O. King, Company H - Private

James King, Company G - Undercook

James King, Company D -

John King, Company -

John B. King, Company B - Private

John W. King, Company B -

Mike H. King, Company -

Peter C. King, Company - Recruit

Robert King, Company D, D - Private

Robert King, Company -

William King, Company -

William King, Company F - Sergeant

Thomas Kingsberry, Company G -

Frank Kingsley, Company H -

Norman S. Kingsley, Company F -

William E. Kingsley, Company C - Private

James Kingston, Company D, D - Private

George W. Kinney, Company B -

James Kinnz, Company F, F - Private

George H. Kinyon, Company F - Private

Oren O. Kinyon, Company H - Private

Amos Kipp, Company C -

Davis Kirby, Company A -

Henry Kirby, Company -

Curt Kirchberg, Company C -

Edward Kirk, Company D -

J. Friedrick Kirshenbuhler, Company -

James Kissof, Company G, G -

Andrus C. Kistler, Company G - First Sergeant

George T. Kite, Company G, G -

Michael F. Kitlinger, Company H -

W. Kjorbiklling, Company F, I - Commissary Sergeant

Edmund Klapper, Company H -

August Klein, Company B - Private

Charles Klein, Company -

Peter Klein, Company C, F - Musician

Andrew Kleinkoff, Company D - Private

Edward Klemme, Company A, A - Private

Cristian Klenk, Company F -

John Klippinger, Company A - Private

William Klopfer, Company C -

Hammand Klose, Company D -

Henry Klupping, Company A - Musician

Frederick Klusmann, Company C - Private

Ernst Kluter, Company C, C - Corporal

Francis M. Knapp, Company F, C - Corporal

John K. Kneffen, Company A - Private

James C. Knight, Company C - Private

Oren B. Knight, Company -

Henry Knoll, Company B - Private

John Knoll, Company G -

Peter Knollenburg, Company F -

Charles Knott, Company -

George Knowles, Company D, D - Private

Knud Knudsen, Company A, H - Private

Luis Knusel, Company E, E - Private

William Knutzon, Company H, A -

John Koch, Company F -

Kohlerer, Company H, F - Private

Edward Kohn, Company C -

Aaron Konklin, Company H -

John Koob, Company C, C - Private

Henry Kotter, Company G - Private

George Kramer, Company F -

David Kratzer, Company A - Private

Charles Kraus, Company D, D - Private

Hiram Kraus, Company B -

Henri Krauss, Company E -

Samuel Krausx, Company - Hospital Steward

Charles Kretschmar, Company - Recruit

Henry C. Kreucher, Company F&S - Musician

Franklin Krick, Company C - Private

John Krowl, Company -

Cha's. Kuhlmann, Company G -

Frederick Kuhn, Company H -

Francis Kuhne, Company D, D - Quartermaster Sergeant

Heinrich Kunzle, Company H - Private


Jackson L..., Company B -

John B. L..., Company E -

Henry L...mann, Company B -

Elizer C. L...non, Company -

Ed... L.Garris, Company D - Private

William La Mar, Company F - Private

Charles La Monte, Company C - Private

William A. La Petra, Company D - Private

Albert LaCoy, Company -

W. Laage, Company -

George Labar, Company -

James M. Labar, Company G, E - Private

James M. Labar, Company B -

James M. Labar, Company B -

James M. Labar, Company B - Quartermaster Sergeant

Gabriel Labelle, Company H, G - Corporal

William Lackey, Company H - Private

William Lackey, Company A, F, H -

Zotique Lacleire, Company -

James P. Lacy, Company - Private

Abraham S. Laden, Company H - Private

Jacob Ladoue, Company F -

Abraham Ladue, Company A - Private

Abraham Ladue, Company A -

Casper Lafepart, Company E - Private

John Laffin, Company A - Corporal

Rufus Lafontain, Company B -

Rufus Lafountain, Company B -

Thomas Lagdon, Company G, B -

Chas. P. Lake, Company G -

Henry Lake, Company D -

Henry Lake, Company D -

Stephen Lake, Company D -

Wm. A. Lakin, Company D - Private

Chas. P. Laman, Company - Recruit

William Lamb, Company G -

James A. Lambaugh, Company -

Patrick Lamberd, Company D, D - Private

Andrew Lamica, Company - Unas. Rec't.

Irving Lamphere, Company B - Private

Luke Lanagan, Company E -

Henry Landray, Company G -

David H. Lane, Company B - Private

Michael Lane, Company A - Private

Hugo Lang, Company H -

Hugo Lang, Company H -

Samuel Lang, Company D -

Patrick Langan, Company D - Private

Wm. Langdell, Company - Sergeant

August Lange, Company C - Sergeant

Henry Lange, Company -

Anthony Langin, Company A, G, B - Private

Duncan Langmuir, Company A, G - Private

Mathew Langton, Company G, B - Private

J.L. Langworthy, Company F -

John Langworthy, Company I -

Thomas Lanin, Company C - Private

Robert Lannon, Company D - Private

George S. Lant, Company F&S - Musician

Richard A. Lapham, Jr., Company G - Private

Henry Lapman, Company C, B - Private

Jos. S. Lapperi, Company E -

James Larkin, Company D -

John Larkin, Company G -

John Larkin, Company H -

Jordan Larkin, Company D -

Patrick Larkin, Company K, G - Private

Richard Larkin, Company D -

Richard Larkin, Company D -

James Larmon, Company -

Charles Larouche, Company -

Charles Larouche, Company -

William H. Larrobee, Company G - Sergeant

Owen Larvan, Company D -

Martenis B. Larway, Company D, D -

Juan Lasanta, Company D - Private

Frederick Lasole, Company F - Private

George Lassoir, Company H, F - Private

Alfonso Lataberty, Company B -

Fredrick O. Lathrop, Company G, B -

Friedrich O. Lathrop, Company G, B -

Joseph Latour, Company D -

Joseph Latour, Company D -

Louis Latour, Company A -

Joseph Latta, Company I -

Joseph Latta, Company I - Private

Christian Laub, Company C -

Christian Laub, Company C -

W. Lauge, Company - Recruit

James Laughlin, Company D - Private

John Laughlin, Company A - Private

Patrick Laughlin, Company C - Corporal

George Laurence, Company F&S -

George Laurence, Company E -

Nicholas Laval, Company A -

Nicholas Laval, Company A -

Thomas Laven, Company E -

Thomas Laven, Company E -

John Lavin, Company H, E -

George Law, Company -

Benjamin B. Lawina, Company G -

Frederick Lawlar, Company D - Corporal

David A. Lawless, Company -

Benjamin G. Lawrence, Company G -

Byron Wm. Lawrence, Company -

Wm. Henry Lawrence, Company F - Private

John Lawson, Company E -

John Lawson, Company E -

Alexander Lawton, Company J -

Alexander Lawton, Company I -

William A. Lawyer, Company H -

Nathaniel Laycock, Company F - Sergeant

John Layhe, Company C - Private

John Layton, Company G - First Sergeant

John Le Roy, Company -

John LeRoy, Company -

Allen Leach, Company E - Sergeant

Allen S. Leach, Company E -

William Leach, Company G -

George Leary, Company B - Private

Edwin A. Lebaron, Company -

Clemens Lebherz, Company - Recruit

John Leconte, Company D -

Joseph Lecroix, Company E, D -

James Leddy, Company G -

James Leddy, Company G -

Philip Lederle, Company E -

Philip Lederle, Company E - Musician

Frank Ledman, Company B - Private

Michael Ledwitch, Company C -

Charles H. Lee, Company H - Private

Charles H. Lee, Company E - Private

Charles W. Lee, Company E -

James Lee, Company G -

John Lee, Company - Private

John H. Lee, Company G -

John H. Lee, Company H, G -

Lery Lee, Company C - Private

Levi Lee, Company C -

Mathew Lee, Company E -

Mathew Lee, Company E -

William Lee, Company H -

William Lee, Company H -

Michael Leffers, Company D - Private

Philip Lehla, Company B, A - Private

David Lehman, Company G - Private

Henry Lehmann, Company B - Private

John Lehnert, Company F, A - Private

George Lehr, Company F -

Peter Leick, Company C -

John H. Leighton, Company C - Sergeant

Chas. L. Lemire, Company G -

William F. Lemon, Company G -

William I. Lemon, Company G - Private

Robert Lennon, Company B - Private

John Lenon, Company E -

John Lenon, Company E -

Edward E. Leonard, Company G -

Edward E. Leonard, Company G -

John Leonard, Company D -

Patrick Leonard, Company A -

Patrick Leonard, Company A -

Patrick Leonard, Company A - Private

Saul Leonard, Company B - Private

Saul Leonard, Company B -

Victor Leopold, Company F -

Caspar Leppart, Company E -

Joseph Leppers, Company E -

Edward Leslen, Company G -

William Leuchs, Company A -

... Lever, Company -

Andy Lever, Company -

William Levey, Company B -

William E.B. Levey, Company E - Private

Lewis A. Levon, Company B -

Luois A. Levon, Company B - Sergeant

Philip Lewderlee, Company C - Musician

William Lewellyn, Company C -

William Lewellyn, Company C -

Mandel Lewinzohn, Company A -

Albert Lewis, Company B - Private

Alfred C. Lewis, Company E - Private

Charles Lewis, Company B -

George S. Lewis, Company B -

George S. Lewis, Company B -

James Lewis, Company E -

John Lewis, Company -

John Lewis, Company D - Private

John Lewis, Company -

Mark Lewis, Company F - Private

Markland Lewis, Company G -

Porter A. Lewis, Company E - Private

Richard Lewis, Company -

Richard Lewis, Company -

William L. Lewis, Company D - Private

William L. Lewis, Company D -

Felix Lexoiv, Company C - Private

Razekin Leyda, Company A - Private

Roukin Leyda, Company A -

John Leythner, Company B, A - Private

Carlos Lilienstein, Company G -

Carlo Lilienstien, Company G - Private

John Lilliss, Company E -

Ch. S. Lilly, Company - Private

Henry Lilly, Company F&S - Quartermaster Sergeant

James A. Lilly, Company G - Private

Perfectas A. J. Lilly, Company D - Private

Emil August Lindberg, Company E - Private

Marty Lindenheim, Company E, F, C - Private

Moritz Linderheim, Company E, B -

Ernest Lindsay, Company -

Israel Lindsay, Company H -

Soraeb Lindsay, Company H -

John Linett, Company - Private

Joseph Linloerk, Company A - Private

Frederick Linne, Company E -

Fredrick Linne, Company E - Sergeant

John Linny, Company F - Private

Benj. M. Linsley, Company A - Private

John S. Linsley, Jr., Company F&S - Hospital Steward

Levi Linton, Company D -

Robt. Henry Linton, Company D - Private

James Lippincott, Company D -

Max Liscowitz, Company A, B, E - Sergeant

Max Lissowitz, Company A, B, E -

Joseph List, Company E - Private

John Little, Company -

Henry Livingston, Company H -

Charles Loch, Company G - Corporal

William Locke, Company H -

Wm. Lockhart, Company G - Private

Frederick Lockwood, Company C -

Frederick Lockwood, Company C -

Christian Loeffler, Company D -

Christian Loeffler, Company D -

Anthony Loftus, Company -

Anthony Loftus, Company F -

Anthony Loftus, Company F -

Thomas Loftus, Company C, B -

Charles Logan, Company F -

Charles Logan, Company I -

John F. Logan, Company B - Private

Albert Lohmeyer, Company H -

Joseph Lonagan, Company -

Joseph Lonegan, Company -

Alfred Long, Company H, B -

Alfred Long, Company H, B -

Charles Long, Company C -

Charles Long, Company C -

James Long, Company G -

James Long, Company G - Private

John Long, Company G -

John Long, Company G -

John Long, Company G -

Robert Long, Company D -

Robert Long, Company D -

Robert Long, Company E -

Samuel Long, Company D -

... Longschmidt, Company G -

Herbert C. Lonhienne, Company - Unas. Rec't.

John Looby, Company F -

Abner Loomis, Company - Rejected

Byron Loomis, Company K, E - Private

Charles D. Loomis, Company D - Private

James Loomis, Company -

Wm. H. Looney, Company - Recruit

William Loose, Company C -

William Loose, Company C - Private

Daniel Loosley, Company H - First Sergeant

Charles E. Lord, Company - Private

Thomas Lord, Company F - Private

Max Lorenz, Company E, F -

Solomon Loria, Company A -

John Lotterle, Company - Recruit

Albert Lotus, Company -

Albert Lotus, Company - Unas. Rec't.

John Louis, Company C - Musician

John Louis, Company C -

John Louis, Company F, E - Musician

Pierre Louis, Company -

Pierre Louis, Company - Recruit

John D. Lounsbery, Company H - Private

Andrew Love, Company F - Private

John Love, Company G -

Alinson Lovejoy, Company G - Private

Silas Howard Lovell, Company C - Private

Edward Lovey, Company A - Private

Charles Low, Company B -

Charles Low, Company B -

Henry Lowe, Company -

Henry Lowe, Company -

James R. Lowe, Company - Private

John Lowe, Company D -

John Lowe, Company D -

Oliver Lower, Company A, G - Private

Oliver L. Lower, Company A, G -

John Lowry, Company F - Private

Leonard Lowstitler, Company - Unas. Rec't.

David Loyall, Company - Private

Fynis C. Loyd, Company D - Private

Edward Lucas, Company H - Musician

Edwin Lucas, Company - Recruit

Martiso L. Lucas, Company F - Corporal

Martus L. Lucas, Company I -

Richmond Lucas, Company F, C - Private

John Luchs, Company F - Private

Otto Luder, Company G -

Ernst Ludwig, Company E -

Gardner Ludwig, Company -

Gardner Ludwig, Company - Musician First Class

John Henry Ludwig, Company B, C - Recruit

Peter Ludwig, Company A - Private

Albert M. Luhr, Company E -

John Luke, Company B -

Michael Luke, Company C -

Frederick Lutze, Company D, E - Private

Paul Lycous, Company C, B -

John Lynan, Company G -

John Lynan, Company G -

... Lynch, Company -

Barney Lynch, Company - Recruit

Charles M. Lynch, Company D - Private

Edward Lynch, Company A - Captain

Edward Lynch, Company B -

James Lynch, Company F -

James Lynch, Company F -

John Lynch, Company -

John Lynch, Company F -

John Lynch, Company E -

John Lynch, Company G -

John Lynch, Company -

John Lynch, Company -

John Lynch, Company - Private

John Lynch, Company G -

John Lynch, Company E -

Martin Lynch, Company D - Private

Patrick Lynch, Company -

Patrick Lynch, Company H -

Patrick Lynch, Company H - Private

Patrick Lynch, Company - Recruit

Peter Lynch, Company C, B - Private

Peter Lynch, Company B, A - Corporal

Peter Lynch, Company B -

Thomas Lynch, Company -

Thomas Lynch, Company E -

Thomas Lynch, Company -

Thomas Lynch, Company E -

Jonas Lynn, Company B, A - Private

Robert Lynn, Company A -

Wm. J. Lynn, Company -

Edward Lyon, Company D - Private

Bernard Lyons, Company H, E -

George Lyons, Company I -

George Lyons, Company E - Private

George Lyons, Company F -

Homer Lyons, Company F -

Thomas Lyons, Company G -

Thomas Lyons, Company F -

Thomas Lyons, Company G -

William Lyons, Company H - Private

William H. Lyons, Company B, G -

William H. Lyons, Company B, G -

Carl Lyunberg, Company F -


... M..., Company C, C - Private

... M..., Company E -

... M..., Company ... -

... H. M..., Company -

Alfred M..., Company B - Private

James M..., Company ... -

L... M..., Company -

Patrick M..., Company E -

Joseph M...ach, Company - Musician

Daniel M...ic, Company ... -

Michael M...onn, Company H -

Charles Maahan, Company D - Private

Charles Mabie, Company F -

Jeremiah Macarty, Company B -

John Mack, Company E, D - Private

John Mack, Company C - Private

John Mack, Company -

Joseph Mackay, Company H - Private

Charles Mackel, Company B - Private

Robert Madary, Company A -

James Madden, Company D - Private

John Madden, Company C - Private

Lawrence Madden, Company -

Michael Madden, Company D -

Peter T. Madden, Company G - Private

George Maddocks, Company A -

James Madell, Company E -

James Mages, Company H -

Thos. Weldon Magill, Company D - Corporal

William Magrath, Company D - Private

William Magruder, Company A - Private

James Maher, Company A -

Michael Maher, Company F - Private

Nicholas Maher, Company G - Sergeant

Thomas Maher, Company C -

Francis Mahl, Company H - Private

Michael Mahon, Company C, G -

Timothy Mahoney, Company A, F - Private

Christian Maier, Company C - Private

Jacob Maier, Company G - Private

John Maiher, Company F -

John Maines, Company F -

Charles E. Mairs, Company E -

Edward Major, Company B -

John Mak, Company -

John E. Mallon, Company F - Private

Bernard Mallory, Company B - Musician

F.A. Mallory, Company A -

David Malloy, Company - Private

Edward James Malloy, Company B - Private

J.F. Malloy, Company A -

Timothy Malloy, Company F -

William Malloy, Company B -

Malloy, Company D -

William Mally, Company D -

Andrew Malone, Company F - Sergeant

James Malone, Company F -

John Malone, Company D -

James S. Maloney, Company B - Private

John Maloney, Company G - Private

Mast Maloney, Company D - Private

Peter Maloney, Company A - Private

William Maloney, Company -

James Maloy, Company C -

James Maloy, Company E -

Ferdinand Maltzhon, Company G -

William E. Manan, Company -

Stephen A. Manary, Company D - Private

R.C. Manchester, Company B - Sergeant

Jacob Mandel, Company F -

Wm. F. Mandeville, Company B - Private

Patrick Mangan, Company E - Corporal

John Manion, Company A -

Joseph Manners, Company A - Corporal

Joseph Manners, Company A, A - Corporal

George F. Manning, Company E -

Patrick Manning, Company E - Private

G.W.A. Manns, Company E -

Frederick A. Mansfield, Company H - Private

Axiel J. Manter, Company F&S - Private

Richard Manual, Company -

William Mar, Company D -

Wm. Benj. Marble, Company B, A - Private

Frank Marden, Company F -

William Marden, Company B -

Wm. H. Marden, Company A, B -

Adolph Marer, Company C - Private

Franklin W. Marker, Company A, C - Private

George Markham, Company D - Private

Joseph Marks, Company G -

Wm. H. Marlett, Company C, B - Sergeant

George F. Marley, Company A -

John Marley, Company G -

Thomas Marley, Company -

William H. Marlott, Company B -

Thomas Maroney, Company F -

Adolph Marquardt, Company -

Stephen Marrer, Company - Private

Thomas Marsh, Company H -

Charles Marshall, Company B -

George H. Marshall, Company - Recruit

James W. Marshall, Company B -

John Marshall, Company H -

Michael Marshall, Company B, B - Private

Harrison Marstin, Company -

Frederick Marten, Company -

Alfred Martin, Company -

Charles Martin, Company E -

Christian Martin, Company G - Private

David Martin, Company E -

Dennis Martin, Company B - Private

Dennis Martin, Company B - Private

Ferdinand Martin, Company G -

George Martin, Company B - Private

Henry Martin, Company E - Private

James Martin, Company -

James Martin, Company H -

John Martin, Company C - Private

John Martin, Company E - Private

John Martin, Company E, E -

Lewis Martin, Company D -

Phillip Martin, Company G -

Robert Martin, Company B - Private

Samuel Martin, Company B - Corporal

Thomas Martin, Company -

Timothy Martin, Company D - Private

William Martin, Company H, B -

William Martin, Company - Private

Wm. Martin, Company G, B - Private

John B. Martins, Company F, E - First Sergeant

... Mason, Company -

George W. Mason, Company D - Private

Henry H. Mason, Company G - Private

Peter H. Mason, Company E -

Wm. Mason, Company C, H -

Bernard Masterson, Company E - Private

James Masterson, Company C -

M. Masterson, Company G -

Michael Masterson, Company - Recruit

William R. Mather, Company B -

Peter Mathes, Company D - Corporal

William Mathew, Company A -

Charles Mathews, Company A - Private

John Mathews, Company H - Sergeant

John Mathews, Company C, B - Private

M.L. Mathews, Company E - Private

Honore Mathieu, Company A -

John Mathis, Company A - Private

Herman Matias, Company H -

George Matson, Company A -

William Matson, Company H - Private

Samuel Matt, Company H - Private

Henry C. Matteson, Company H, G - Private

Ira L. Matthews, Company BEG - Sergeant

John Mawdsley, Company E -

... Maxon, Company B -

Charles May, Company A -

Charles Mayer, Company D -

Henry Mayer, Company D - Private

Max Mayer, Company E - Corporal

Thomas Mayhen, Company E - Private

Thomas Mayhew, Company H, I - Corporal

Alford Mayo, Company C -

... Mc..., Company A -

... Mc..., Company - Private

... Mc..., Company -

... Mc..., Company F, C -

Andrew J. Mc..., Company H, G, E -

James Mc..., Company A, A - Corporal

John Mc..., Company ... - Private

John Mc..., Company F -

John McAllister, Company A -

Thomas A. McAlpin, Company -

John McAlpine, Company K, G - Private

James McAnabby, Company F - Private

Patrick McAnelly, Company D - Private

Alexander McAnsland, Company H -

Wm. H. McArthur, Company C - Private

John McAtee, Company G - Private

Cornelius S. McAuff, Company B - Private

Jeremiah McAuliff, Company D -

Francis McAvoy, Company F -

James McAvoy, Company F -

Thos. M. McBean, Company G - Private

John A. McBlain, Company B - Private

Arthur McBride, Company C -

Henry McBride, Company -

Henry McBride, Company C - Private

John McBride, Company -

Michael McBride, Company G -

Peter McBride, Company D, A - Private

John McCabe, Company B -

John McCabe, Company E -

John McCabe, Company E -

Joseph McCabe, Company H -

Patrick McCabe, Company D -

Hugh McCaffrey, Company F -

William McCairn, Company B - Private

Robert McCambell, Company F - Private

James McCandless, Company -

Wm. McCandy, Company E -

John McCann, Company E -

Michael McCann, Company G - Private

Owen McCann, Company H, G -

Patrick McCann, Company D - Private

John McCarroll, Company C, F - Private

Charles McCarthy, Company G - Corporal

Daniel McCarthy, Company C -

David McCarthy, Company D - Corporal

Denis McCarthy, Company H -

Dennis McCarthy, Company - Recruit

Jerimiah McCarthy, Company B - Private

Michael McCarthy, Company - Private

Michael McCarthy, Company C -

Patrick McCarthy, Company A - Private

John McCarty, Company G -

John McCarty, Company A - Private

John McCarty, Company D - Private

John McCarty, Company B -

John McCarty, Company D, D - Private

Patrick McCarty, Company -

Thomas McCarty, Company C -

William McCarty, Company C -

John McCay, Company C - Private

Olson McClair, Company G -

John McClane, Company F - Private

Samuel McClay, Company F - Private

Daniel McCleary, Company D, H - Sergeant

John McClone, Company - Unas. Rec't.

Daniel McClosky, Company E -

John H. McClure, Company F, F - Private

George McColley, Company D - Private

Jacob McCollum, Company - Recruit

John McCombs, Company I, B - Private

Nelson McConer, Company D - Private

John McConway, Company H -

George H. McCord, Company C - Private

Daniel P. McCormick, Company C, K, A - Private

James McCormick, Company -

James McCormick, Company F -

Peter McCormick, Company D - Private

William McCormick, Company E - Corporal

Wm. F. McCormick, Company E - Private

John McCovey, Company F - Private

Charles B. McCoy, Company H - Private

Alexander McCue, Company E - Private

Patrick McCue, Company D - Private

Terence McCue, Company A - Private

Michael McCullagh, Company B - Sergeant

Hugh McCullough, Company G - Private

John McCullouh, Company H - Private

Andrew B. McCurdy, Company D - Private

Sharp McCurdy, Company H -

Daniel McCurry, Company F - Private

James McCusker, Company D -

Michael McDermot, Company -

James McDermott, Company G -

Tim McDermott, Company G - Corporal

Charles McDonald, Company C - Private

George McDonald, Company - Recruit

James McDonald, Company -

James McDonald, Company -

John McDonald, Company A - Private

John McDonald, Company B -

John McDonald, Company H - Private

John McDonald, Company E -

John K. McDonald, Company A - Private

Michael McDonald, Company C - Private

Patrick McDonald, Company -

Peter McDonald, Company G, K - Private

Robert McDonald, Company G -

Timothy McDonald, Company E -

James McDonnald, Company E - Private

Thomas McDonnald, Company H, G - Private

Wm. A. McDonnald, Company A - Private

Wm. R. McDonnald, Company B - Sergeant

Daniel McDowell, Company A, E - Private

Samuel McDowell, Company C -

Michael McDugan, Company H -

Charles McElroy, Company I, D - Private

Henry McElroy, Company H, G - Private

Chas. McElroy, Jr., Company K, G - Private

Robert McElwain, Company A - Private

Peter McEvoy, Company C, B - Private

John McFadden, Company B -

Edward McFarland, Company F -

Alexander McGail, Company I - Private

Hugh McGarey, Company D -

John C. McGarry, Company K - Private

Arthur McGee, Company -

Peter McGee, Company E -

John McGiloray, Company A -

Patrick McGinghan, Company B -

James McGinnis, Company -

James McGlaflin, Company I, C, B - Private

John McGlenn, Company A - Private

James McGorney, Company H, G -

Thomas McGovern, Company D - Private

Andrew McGowan, Company -

Cormack McGowan, Company F - Private

Dennis McGowan, Company D -

John McGowan, Company G -

Martin McGowan, Company C -

Patrick McGowen, Company - Recruit

James McGrady, Company E -

Daniel McGrath, Company F&S - Principal Musician

George McGrath, Company G -

James McGrath, Company D - Musician

John McGrath, Company D -

John McGrath, Company B -

Michael McGrath, Company E - Private

Michael McGrath, Company H, G - Private

Peter McGrath, Company C, F - Private

John McGregor, Company C - Private

Edward D. McGrevy, Company B -

John McGroup, Company K, F - Private

William McGruder, Company A - Private

James McGuckian, Company B - Private

Frank McGuire, Company D - First Sergeant

James McGuire, Company -

James McGuire, Company D -

James McGuire, Company F - Private

James McGuire, Company B, A - Musician

John McGuire, Company H, G, H - Private

John McGuire, Company G - Private

John McGuire, Company H -

John McGuire, Company H -

Joseph K. McGuire, Company G - Private

Michael A. McGuire, Company C -

Patrick McGuire, Company B - Private

Patrick McGuire, Company D - Private

Thomas McGuire, Company C, B - Private

William McGuire, Company F -

John McGunn, Company H -

William McHally, Company C -

Patrick McHarty, Company -

Michael McHern, Company B -

William McHerrer, Company B - Private

Daniel McHugh, Company B - Private

John McHugh, Company B - Private

William McIlravy, Company -

James McIntosh, Company - Private

James McIntyre, Company G - Private

John McIntyre, Company F - Private

Samuel McIntyre, Company B - Sergeant

Malichia McIodyen, Company H -

John H.D. McIrvin, Company F&S -

John McKay, Company -

William McKay, Company D - Private

John McKean, Company K - Private

Patrick McKearnan, Company E -

John McKearney, Company E -

Owen McKearny, Company E - Private

Joseph McKee, Company G - Private

John McKeever, Company - Musician

Peter McKenna, Company D -

Alexander McKenzie, Company C -

William McKenzie, Company C -

Arthur McKewen, Company H - Private

James McKiernan, Company H, G - Private

Thomas McKinzie, Company C, E - Private

Robert McLane, Company G, H - Private

Christin McLaughlin, Company F - Corporal

Felix McLaughlin, Company C, C -

Henry McLaughlin, Company C - Private

Jacob McLaughlin, Company A - Sergeant

John McLaughlin, Company B - Private

Martin McLaughlin, Company F -

Martin McLaughlin, Company C, F - Private

Patrick McLaughlin, Company H -

Patrick McLaughlin, Company F, F -

Wm. McLaughlin, Company -

Herman McLean, Company H - First Sergeant

John McLean, Company A -

William McLeod, Company B, G - Private

Peter McLoughran, Company E - Private

Charles McLude, Company A -

Thomas McMahan, Company F, F - Private

Michael McMahon, Company D - Sergeant

Thomas McMahon, Company A -

Thomas McMahon, Company F -

Daniel McManamy, Company E - Private

Andrew McManus, Company B - Private

Edward McManus, Company -

James McManus, Company C, F - Private

Richard McManus, Company -

Daniel McMeill, Company G - Hospital Steward

Alexr. McMillon, Company G - Private

James T. McMullen, Company -

Samuel McMullen, Company D - Private

Thomas McMullen, Company G -

James McNally, Company B -

Thomas McNally, Company G - Corporal

Thomas S. McNamara, Company D - Private

Charles McNanamy, Company H - Private

Robert McNarah, Company E -

John McNerney, Company A - Sergeant

John McPherson, Company E -

John McQuaid, Company H - Private

James McQueen, Company B - Private

James K.P. McQueen, Company - Private

Edward McRobert, Company D -

Neil McShane, Company B -

John McSorley, Company F - Private

James McToon, Company G - Private

John McToon, Company D - Private

James McTorigan, Company H - Private

Robert McTorigan, Company H - Private

William McVeigh, Company C - Private

James McVicker, Company -

Chas. R. Mead, Company H -

William Mead, Company C -

Martin Meagher, Company F&S -

John Meclellan, Company F -

Francis Meehan, Company F - Sergeant

Frank Meehan, Company - Private

Louis Meeser, Company -

Michael Mehan, Company A -

Patrick Mehan, Company C - Private

Henry Meier, Company F - Sergeant

John Meier, Company - Private

Herman Meikels, Company F, A - Corporal

Albert Meir, Company F -

John Meldon, Company E -

Michael Melia, Company D - Artificer

Albert J. Mellross, Company H -

David Meln, Company A -

Charles W. Melville, Company E -

James Melvin, Company D -

James Menzies, Company E -

James Mercer, Company A - Private

Fred Meres, Company C - Private

John Merkle, Company E - Sergeant

Francis H. Merriam, Company A, B, G - Sergeant

Francis H. Merriam, Company L - Private

John Merrill, Company C - Private

Ignastz Metz, Company G -

Jacob Metz, Company F -

George A. Metzel, Company C - Sergeant

Ludwig Mevoz, Company E -

Anton Meyer, Company E - First Sergeant

John Meyer, Company C -

Julius Meyer, Company B -

Louis Meyer, Company F&S - Musician

George Meyers, Company B - Corporal

John Meyers, Company A -

John Meyers, Company F -

Joseph W. Michael, Company B - Private

Charles Miers, Company B - Private

George Miers, Company C - Private

Charles Mihlstein, Company F&S - Musician

Herman Mihlstein, Company F&S -

Oliver Mikesell, Company D -

Gerome Milar, Company H -

Thomas Miles, Company H -

Peter S. Milions, Company F - Recruit

William Millar, Company -

William Millar, Company -

George H. Millard, Company B - Corporal

Alex Miller, Company G - Private

Amos Miller, Company -

Andrew H. Miller, Company -

Charles Miller, Company - Private

Charles Miller, Company A -

Charles Miller, Company B, E - Private

Charles W. Miller, Company C, B - Private

Dallas Miller, Company - Recruit

Daniel Miller, Company E - Sergeant

Edward Miller, Company - Private

George Miller, Company - Private

Henry Miller, Company A -

James Miller, Company B -

John Miller, Company A - Private

Joseph Miller, Company H -

Louis Miller, Company F -

Samuel Miller, Company -

Washington Miller, Company E - Private

William Miller, Company F - Private

William A. Miller, Company - Recruit

Wm. H. Miller, Company -

Charles Millions, Company C, F -

H.W. Millis, Company H, G - Private

Peter Millmore, Company - Private

Peter Millot, Company - Private

Abraham Mills, Company B - Private

Hugh Mills, Company D - Private

James B. Mills, Company G -

Samuel Mills, Company D - Private

Thomas Minahan, Company E - Private

Alfred Minar, Company B - Private

Frederick Minich, Company K - Private

John Mink, Company A -

John Minn, Company -

John P. Minor, Company B, B - Private

Clinton J. Minzey, Company H, G - Private

James Mitchel, Company B -

Clement Mitchell, Company F -

Francis Mitchell, Company F -

George Mitchell, Company A -

George W.A. Mitchell, Company D - Private

M. Mitchell, Company E - Sergeant

Walter Mitchell, Company A -

John Mitshel, Company B -

James Mitum, Company - Recruit

Joseph Modis, Company - Recruit

Paul Moire, Company H -

Cornelius Molcahy, Company B - Private

Walter Moll, Company A - Private

George Moller, Company G -

William J. Molony, Company A - Private

John Monaghan, Company B - Private

John Monaghan, Company G -

John Monahan, Company -

Elias Mondon, Company F -

Patrick Monehan, Company -

Philip Money, Company -

Patrick Mongan, Company C -

James Monogue, Company A, G - Private

Nelson Monor, Company A, D -

Alexander Monroe, Company A -

James Monroe, Company H -

Manley Monroe, Company - Private

George L. Montague, Company A -

M. Montgomery, Company - Private

Albert Moon, Company D -

William Moon, Company D -

Francis Mooney, Company B - Private

Jacob C. Mooney, Company G, B, C - Private

Patrick Mooney, Company B - Private

Thomas Mooney, Company E - Private

Thomas R. Mooney, Company G - Corporal

Charles Moor, Company H -

George Moor, Company D -

Robert Moor, Company E - Private

Albert M. Moore, Company B - Private

Charles Moore, Company C -

Clark W. Moore, Company F&S - Corporal

Clark W. Moore, Company F&S - Commissary Sergeant

David Moore, Company G -

Fenton Moore, Company -

George Moore, Company -

George B. Moore, Company E, F - Corporal

Harrison J. Moore, Company E, F - Private

Harrison J. Moore, Company F - Corporal

Henry Moore, Company C - Private

James Moore, Company C -

James R. Moore, Company F&S - Sergeant Major

John Moore, Company E -

John Moore, Company B - Hospital Steward

John Moore, Company A - Private

John Moore, Company H - Sergeant

Mulford G. Moore, Company G -

Samuel Moore, Company G -

William Moore, Company H -

William Moore, Company D - Private

William R. Moore, Company E - Private

William S. Moore, Company H -

Denis Moran, Company F -

James Moran, Company C -

James Moran, Company A -

John Moran, Company A, B, F -

Joseph Moran, Company D -

Patrick Moran, Company H, G - Private

William Moran, Company -

Peter Moras, Company E - Private

James More, Company -

John More, Company E -

Jules Moreau, Company -

William F. Moreland, Company E, B - Sergeant

Ward F. Moreton, Company C -

Harvey E. Morey, Company C -

Michael Morg..., Company -

Charles C. Morgan, Company - Recruit

Frank Morgan, Company G -

George Morgan, Company G -

James Morgan, Company C -

James Morgan, Company A, H -

John B. Morgan, Company - Corporal

John C. Morgan, Company H - Wagoner

John K. Morgan, Company B -

John T. Morgan, Company H - Private

Robert Morgan, Company -

Simon H. Morgan, Company C - Musician

Ernst Morgenroth, Company C -

John Morgrity, Company F -

Henry Moriaty, Company E - Private

William Morisey, Company F - Private

August Moritz, Company C -

Emil Moritz, Company -

Lawrence Moritz, Company G - Sergeant

Michael Moroney, Company E - Private

Patrick H. Moronoy, Company F - First Sergeant

John Morralty, Company F -

John R. Morrill, Company C - Private

Charles Morris, Company D -

Edward Morris, Company B - Private

George Morris, Company -

James Morris, Company H - Private

John Morris, Company -

John Morris, Company -

John R. Morris, Company G, H - Private

Levi Morris, Company D -

Michael Morris, Company E - Private

Nelson Morris, Company H -

Patrick Morris, Company A, E - Private

Philip Morris, Company -

Thomas Morris, Company B -

Thomas Morris, Company - Private

William Morris, Company E, C - Private

Alexander Morrison, Company -

George L. Morrison, Company A - Private

James Morrison, Company - Private

John A.A. Morrison, Company H -

Patrick Morrison, Company F - Private

James Morrissey, Company F&S - Principal Musician

James Morrissey, Company F - Corporal

James Morrissey, Company F&S - Principal Musician

William Morrissey, Company G -

... Morse, Company G -

Charles E. Morse, Company F&S - Quartermaster Sergeant

J.B. Morse, Company B, D - Sergeant

Henry Morton, Company A, F - Quartermaster Sergeant

Horace J. Morton, Company -

John Morton, Company D - Private

Thomas Morton, Company B -

Charles Moser, Company -

John Moser, Company -

William Moser, Company F -

George W. Mosher, Company - Private

John Mosk, Company -

Charles Mossey, Company A, I, C - Private

George A. Mott, Company H - Corporal

John Mott, Company G -

Joseph Mouran, Company D -

Joseph Movile, Company -

Jeremiah Moyer, Company B - Private

John H. Moyer, Company - Recruit

Mathias Moyer, Company A - Private

Mathew Mugan, Company H - Private

Edward Mulcahy, Company D - Private

John Mulcahy, Company H -

... Muldoo..., Company ... -

Thomas Mulhall, Company K, G, H - Private

William Mulhall, Company K -

Patrick Mulhern, Company A - Private

John Mulhill, Company H - Private

Daniel Mulholand, Company B - Private

Martin Mulholland, Company D - Private

Thomas Mulhull, Company H - Corporal

James Muligan, Company -

Edward Mullen, Company D -

Hugh Mullen, Company A -

Joseph Mullen, Company G - Private

Joseph Mullen, Company G - Private

Adolph Muller, Company C -

August Muller, Company C -

Ernest Muller, Company B, E - Private

Fred'k. August Muller, Company E, E -

George Muller, Company E -

Gottlieb Muller, Company C -

Gustav Muller, Company B -

Jacob Muller, Company D -

John Muller, Company D - Private

John Mulligan, Company H - Private

Thos. H. Mulligan, Company A - Private

James Mullin, Company H -

John Mullin, Company H - Private

Francis Mullins, Company -

John Mullins, Company F&S - Musician Second Class

William Muloney, Company A -

James Mulvy, Company F - Private

James Mulvy, Company C, F - Private

Gustione Mundt, Company A - Sergeant

Willis W. Munson, Company K - Private

Winston B. Munson, Company K, M - Private

John Murdock, Company -

Charles Murphy, Company H -

David Murphy, Company E -

David Murphy, Company A - Private

Felix Murphy, Company A - Private

James Murphy, Company F -

James Murphy, Company D -

James Murphy, Company D - Private

James Murphy, Company A -

Jerimiah Murphy, Company D -

John Murphy, Company -

John Murphy, Company D -

John Murphy, Company H -

John Murphy, Company F - Private

John Murphy, Company - Sergeant

John Murphy, Company B -

John Murphy, Company B - Private

John G. Murphy, Company -

John J. Murphy, Company - Private

John J. Murphy, Company E - Private

Mathew Murphy, Company - Private

Michael Murphy, Company -

Michael Murphy, Company D - Private

Michael Murphy, Company B, G -

Michael Murphy, Company D - Private

Michael F. Murphy, Company C - Private

Patrick Murphy, Company -

Patrick Murphy, Company G - Private

Patrick Murphy, Company A - Corporal

Peter F. Murphy, Company H - Private

Richard Murphy, Company -

Richard Murphy, Company H -

Samuel Murphy, Company C - Private

Thomas Murphy, Company H -

Thomas J. Murphy, Company A, B -

Allen Murray, Company - Private

Daniel Murray, Company A -

Henry Murray, Company B - Private

James Murray, Company F -

John Murray, Company F -

John Murray, Company C - Private

John Murray, Company A -

John Murray, Company H -

Patrick Murray, Company -

Thomas Murray, Company E -

Thomas Murray, Company E, F - Private

W. Murray, Company E -

Warren B. Murray, Company F&S - Musician

Henry Murry, Company A, F - Private

James Murry, Company B -

John Murry, Company G - Private

John Murry, Company E - Private

Michael Murry, Company H - Private

Jaiy Murtagh, Company -

Edward Murtaugh, Company D - Private

Anthony Mury, Company D -

C. Muschaweekin, Company B - Quartermaster Sergeant

Henry Myer, Company -

George Myers, Company C, B - Private

Gideon W. Myers, Company C - Sergeant

Isaac Myers, Company - Private

James W. Myers, Company H -

John Myers, Company D -

Samuel A. Myers, Company H - Private

Stephen Myers, Company B -

Wm. H. Myers, Company G, H - Private


John Nabholz, Company E - Private

Edward Nagle, Company -

Thomas Nagle, Company -

... Nall..., Company K, F, A - Private

Issac Nall..., Company -

Martin Narey, Company C, B - Private

Sedgnick Nash, Company A -

Joseph W. Naylor, Company H -

Samuel Nearim, Company - Recruit

Alonzo C. Neff, Company F&S - Musician First Class

Alonzo C. Neff, Company - Musician Second Class

Frederick Neggle, Company E -

Henry C. Neil, Company B - Private

James Neil, Company D -

John R. Neill, Company - Recruit

Henry Neiman, Company D - Private

James Nelson, Company -

John Nelson, Company D - Private

John Nelson, Company C, F -

Peter Nelson, Company B -

Robert Nelson, Company F - Wagoner

William Nelson, Company H - Private

William Nelson, Company B - Corporal

Adam Nestell, Company A - Musician

Otto Nestler, Company D - Private

John Nestor, Company D, D -

Frederick Netenstine, Company A -

William Netzke, Company C - Private

John Neubold, Company G -

Leopold Neusattz, Company E, C - Private

Henry Nevens, Company A -

Frederick Newburgh, Company C - Private

James Newell, Company H - Private

George Newhall, Company -

William Newhart, Company D, A - Private

James Newkirk, Company D - Private

Saml. B. Newkirk, Company E - Private

James Newlan, Company E -

Andrew J. Newland, Company D - Private

Francis Newman, Company F - Private

Hiram Newman, Company D - Private

John Newman, Company H, G, B - Private

Scott Newman, Company C - Private

Erastus Newton, Company G, C - Private

Isaac W. Newton, Company G, H - Private

William Newton, Company F - Private

John P. Nice..., Company - Recruit

Simeon Nichel, Company -

Robert Nicholls, Company C -

George W. Nichols, Company H -

Michael Nichols, Company D - Private

Paul Nichols, Company D - First Sergeant

Rollin C. Nichols, Company C, B -

Russell Nichols, Company H, G -

Samuel Nichols, Company F&S - First Sergeant

Joseph Nicholson, Company F -

Oliver M. Nichuals, Company D - Sergeant

David Nickels, Company E - Private

... C. Nickerson, Company D, D - Corporal

Hish Nickerson, Company F -

Alexander Nickle, Company D, K - First Sergeant

Alexander Nickle, Company D, D - Sergeant

Peter Niebuhr, Company H -

Robert Niehaus, Company E, E - Private

Lionel F. Nightingale, Company A -

John Nilan, Company D -

John Nile, Company -

John Nist, Company G -

Albert Nixon, Company F -

George Nixon, Company F -

James W. Nixon, Company -

Robert C. Nixon, Company B -

Eli H. Noble, Company C, C - Private

Lambert Noel, Company -

Edward Nolan, Company -

George B. Nolan, Company - Private

Thomas Nolan, Company -

Peter Nolbach, Company E -

David Noll, Company E - Private

David Noonan, Company - Recruit

Dennis Noonan, Company A - Corporal

John Noonan, Company H, G - Sergeant

Michael Noonan, Company K -

Thomas Noonen, Company H, G - Private

Frederick Norman, Company F -

Henry Norman, Company D -

John Norris, Company C - Private

Joseph Norris, Company E -

Charles H. North, Company -

Edgar Northrup, Company -

Michael Norton, Company A - Private

Patrick Norton, Company E -

John H. Norwood, Company A -

Geo. W. Nostrand, Company H - Sergeant

Joseph C. Notz, Company H -

Paul Novels, Company B -

Thomas Nugen, Company D - Private

Henry Nugent, Company -

James Nugent, Company G -

Nathan Nulan, Company C -

Edward C. Nussear, Company H - Private


Harry O'Brady, Company H -

Edward O'Brien, Company D - Private

Edward A. O'Brien, Company G -

Frank O'Brien, Company E - Private

Henry O'Brien, Company H - Private

James O'Brien, Company D - Private

James O'Brien, Company B - Private

Jeremiah C. O'Brien, Company C -

John O'Brien, Company H - Corporal

John O'Brien, Company G -

John O'Brien, Company G -

John O'Brien, Company H, E - Corporal

Michael O'Brien, Company A -

Michael O'Brien, Company E -

Michael O'Brien, Company F -

Michael O'Brien, Company A - Private

Michael O'Brien, Company G -

Richard O'Brien, Company H - Private

Terence O'Brien, Company A - Private

Terrance O'Brien, Company B -

Thomas O'Brien, Company E -

William O'Brien, Company G, C, F - Corporal

Wm. O'Brien, Company C -

John O'Bryan, Company H, F, C - Private

John O'Bryen, Company B - Corporal

Michael O'Coner, Company F - Private

Edward O'Connell, Company -

John O'Connell, Company -

John O'Connell, Company F -

John O'Connell, Company D - Private

John O'Connell, Company C - Private

Patrick O'Connell, Company B, D -

John O'Conner, Company E -

Michael O'Conner, Company B - Corporal

Simon O'Conner, Company B - Private

Charles O'Connor, Company C - Private

Daniel O'Connor, Company E -

J. O'Connor, Company A -

John O'Connor, Company H -

Lawrence Y. O'Connor, Company B - Private

Patrick O'Connor, Company C -

Patrick O'Connor, Company -

Timothy O'Connor, Company D - Private

Timothy O'Connor, Company I, F - Corporal

William O'Connor, Company A - Private

Benjamin O'Dell, Company G -

James O'Donnell, Company G -

John O'Donnell, Company B -

Michael O'Donnell, Company E - Private

Michael O'Donnell, Company - Recruit

Patrick O'Donnell, Company D - Private

Tom C. O'Donnell, Company D - Private

William O'Donnell, Company C -

Patrick O'Donohue, Company F -

Warren O'Dowle, Company E - Musician

Daniel O'Driscoll, Company E, B - Private

Michael O'Flaherty, Company C, B -

Edward O'Gready, Company B - Corporal

Thomas O'Harra, Company -

Michael O'Heran, Company B - Private

Edward O'Leary, Company H, I - Private

Thomas O'Maley, Company H -

Arthur O'Malley, Company - Recruit

Charles O'Malley, Company -

Thos. O'Mally, Company E - Private

Patrick O'Mara, Company -

David O'Moore, Company G -

Patrick O'Neal, Company F - Private

James O'Neil, Company A -

Jeremiah O'Neil, Company B - Private

Leonard J. O'Neil, Company C, B - Musician

H. Francis O'Neill, Company K -

John O'Neill, Company E - Private

Leonard J. O'Neill, Company F, C - Musician

Michael O'Neill, Company G - Private

Patrick O'Neill, Company F -

Richard O'Neill, Company B - Private

James O'Niel, Company -

John O'Niel, Company E -

Hugh O'Reilly, Company G - Private

John O'Reilly, Company A -

Patrick O'Reilly, Company B - Corporal

William O'Riley, Company E - Sergeant

Jeremiah O'Riordan, Company G -

William O'Shannessy, Company D -

John O'Sullivan, Company A - Private

PPeter M. Oakes, Company A -

Peter Oakes, Company C - Corporal

Simon Oates, Company E -

John Oats, Company D, B - Private

Lawrence Obrun, Company A - Corporal

John Ochs, Company E, E - Quartermaster Sergeant

Francis Odin, Company F - Private

Lewis Odom, Company A -

Robert Oehler, Company -

Frederick Ogden, Company F -

Julius Olberg, Company E -

Fritz Oldenburg, Company B - Private

Henry Oliver, Company D - Private

James W. Oliver, Company - Recruit

Thomas Oliver, Company B - Private

Charles Olivier, Company E -

Richard Ollert, Company I -

Richard Olmstead, Company F, C - Private

James H. Olmsted, Company H -

Albot N. Olney, Company H - Private

Valdemar Olsen, Company E - Private

Mathew Olsenn, Company A -

Jacob Omler, Company F, C - Private

Joseph Omlor, Company -

George Onrod, Company K - Private

Terence Oooo'Brien, Company F -

William Opl, Company B. A - Private

Frank Oplinger, Company B. A - Private

Henry Orain, Company F -

Thomas Orderly, Company A -

Edward Ormond, Company -

George Osborn, Company -

George Osborne, Company C, F -

James Osborne, Company F -

Lyman S. Osborne, Company D - Corporal

Edwin G. Osgood, Company C, B - Private

Geo. Osuall, Company C - Private

Wm. Henry Oswald, Company D -

William A. Otis, Company F -

Barthalomew Ott, Company A, F - Private

Charles Otterson, Company B -

Niels Frederick Outzen, Company A -

Clarence E. Owen, Company E -

Henry Owen, Company -

Daniel Owens, Company A -

Edward Owens, Company -

James Owens, Company F -

James Owens, Company B - Private

John P. Owens, Company C - Private

Wm. D. Owens, Company C, I - Private

Carl Oxi, Company A - Private


... P..., Company L, D - Private

... P..., Company D -

Wallace Pace, Company I -

Livingston Packard, Company D -

Edwin Packer, Company - Private

James Page, Company G -

Walter J. Page, Company B - Private

William Page, Company C, F - Private

William Page, Company -

Eliott D. Paige, Company - Recruit

Thomas Paine, Company C - Private

Newman I. Pallen, Company F - Corporal

Frank L. Palmer, Company E - Sergeant

John H. Palmer, Company A - Private

John R. Palmer, Company E - Private

Thomas Palmer, Company E -

Joseph Papa, Company A -

Chas.L. Parker, Company E, A, B - Recruit

David K. Parker, Company G -

Francis L. Parker, Company B - Private

Russell Parker, Company H, G - Private

Sylvester Parker, Company C -

Victor Parker, Company A -

Francis Parkhill, Company H -

David Parkin, Company B - Private

Chas. H. Parkinson, Company B - Private

William Parks, Company H -

Wm. H. Parks, Company C -

Wm. Parrin, Company C - Private

George Parry, Company -

Herman Parslow, Company C - Private

David B. Parsons, Company K - Private

Haratia Partridge, Company G -

Horatis Partridge, Company H, I - Private

John Paton, Company B -

Geo. E. Patten, Company B - Private

John Patten, Company D -

Samuel H. Patten, Company C - Private

Henry Patterson, Company B -

John Patterson, Company F -

John Patterson, Company E -

John Patterson, Company A - Musician

John W. Patterson, Company -

Thomas Patton, Company D -

James I. Paul, Company - Recruit

John Paul, Company H - Artificer

John Paulson, Company H -

Patrick Payne, Company D -

Guiseppe Pazali, Company G -

Thomas E. Peabody, Company A, E -

Antoine Peach, Company -

Isaac Peacock, Company G, B - Private

Edmund Peale, Company C - Private

John Pearce, Company A -

William Pearrin, Company C, B - Corporal

John Pearson, Company -

George S. Pease, Company - Recruit

Ira A. Pease, Company -

Robert Pease, Company C -

Charles T. Peck, Company B, F, I -

Henry C. Peck, Company H, G - First Sergeant

Joshua Peck, Company D - Private

William Peck, Company - Recruit

Nicholas Peel, Company A - Private

Andrew Peihen, Company H - Private

Edmond Pelkey, Company A -

William Pendegrast, Company A -

Augustus A. Penettelon, Company E -

Thomas Penny, Company H - Corporal

Thomas Percival, Company G -

William Perie, Company D - Private

John Perkins Jr., Company A - Private

Francois Peronneau, Company A -

Binglure Perras, Company D -

Richard Perrott, Company G, F - Private

Edmin A. Perry, Company D - Sergeant

Edwin A. Perry, Company F&S - Private

Frank W. Perry, Company F&S - Sergeant Major

Griffith Perry, Company -

Henry H. Perry, Company A -

Henry H. Perry, Company B, A - Private

Ira Perry, Company FCD -

Joseph Perry, Company -

Lewis P. Perry, Company K - Private

William Perry, Company C -

William Perry, Company - Recruit

William L. Perry, Company - Recruit

... Pet.., Company B -

Preston Peternell, Company A - Private

David Peters, Company - Recruit

George E. Peters, Company D - Private

Henry C. Peters, Company B, A - Private

Nicholas Peters, Company H -

William Peters, Company C -

Peter H. Petersen, Company C -

Beverly H. Peterson, Company G -

George Peterson, Company A -

Henry Pettinger, Company B -

Richard Pettit, Company C - Corporal

John Peyton, Company F - Private

Charles Pfahler, Company C - Corporal

Robert Pfeffer, Company C -

Edward Phalon, Company C - Private

Maurice Phelan, Company B - Private

William Pheland, Company F -

Benjamin F. Phelps, Company A, G, B - Private

Chas.L. Phelps, Company B -

Frederick S. Phelps, Company F - Private

John H. Phelps, Company H, C, B - First Sergeant

Cirise C. Pheps, Company - Recruit

John Pheron, Company E, D -

David Phettaplace, Company - Recruit

Charles A. Phillips, Company A - Private

Charles N. Phillips, Company G - Private

George Phillips, Company I - Wagoner

George W. Phillips, Company G - Private

John Phillips, Company F - Private

John Phillips, Company F - Private

Wm.E. Phillips, Company H, G - Private

Wm.H. Phillps, Company F - Private

Peter B. Phines, Company B, A - Private

Peter Picard, Company C - Private

Samuel Piddington, Company C -

Frederick Pierce, Company D - Private

H.R. Pierce, Company - Recruit

Norman S. Pierce, Company B, G - Private

Norman S. Pierce, Company G, F - First Sergeant

Pollestis Pierce, Company F - Private

William Pierce, Company B - Private

William Pierce, Company H -

Henry Pierson, Company K -

Charles F. Piffer, Company - Recruit

George W. Pike, Company E - Private

Ezra Pillmen, Company G -

Antonis Pionbini, Company - Recruit

Benjamin Piper, Company C - Private

Joseph W. Piscley, Company F&S - Commissary Sergeant

Wm.C. Pitcher, Company - Recruit

Peter Pitroff, Company E, B, H - Corporal

Jean L. Pittiet, Company E, C -

Eyous S. Pitts, Company ... - Recruit

Jonas Place, Company - Recruit

Oliver Pladget, Company H -

Lewis Plantier, Company E -

Mathis T. Plate, Company A -

Chauncey L. Platt, Company D - Private

James W. Platt, Company L - Private

Wm.B. Platt, Company F&S - Musician

Fredrick Platto, Company C, F - Private

David D. Playfoot, Company - Recruit

John Plunkett, Company G -

Francis Pocat, Company B -

Frederick Pohl, Company B -

Peter Pohlen, Company - Recruit

Lewis Pohlmann, Company H -

Cornelius Poland, Company E, F, C - Private

Cornelius Poland, Company H - Private

Alford Pollard, Company D -

Charles K. Pollard, Company H -

William Pollard, Company K - Private

M. Pollatschick, Company C -

Elbert O. Polley, Company A - Private

David W. Pollock, Company A -

Jckson L. Pollock, Company F -

Nichalas Pomas, Company E -

Andrew J. Pomeroy, Company - Sergeant

Theodore Poock, Company -

Chas. Porter, Company O - Private

David P. Porter, Company - Recruit

Edgar E. Porter, Company C -

Frederick Porter, Company F - Private

Henry Porter, Company D - Private

Islim R. Porter, Company D - Private

James Porter, Company -

John Porter, Company -

Nathan Porter, Company E, I - Private

Patrick Porter, Company G -

Thomas H. Porter, Company D - Private

Chester Possom, Company -

David Post, Company C - Private

Henry F. Potter, Company F - Corporal

Herbert M. Potter, Company G, I, B - Private

Henry Powell, Company B - Private

John Powell, Company F - Private

Johny Power, Company G, B - Private

Michael Power, Company C - Sergeant

Richard Power, Company E -

Albert Powers, Company A -

Edward Powers, Company E, I - Private

James Powers, Company F&S - Musician

James Powers, Company E -

John Powers, Company K - Private

John W. Powers, Company H -

Oren Powers, Company - Musician Third Class

Robert Powers, Company H - Musician

William Pratt, Company B -

John Preman, Company A - Private

Peter Prescott, Company E -

William Prescott, Company A - Private

John Preston, Company E - Private

William Preston, Company E - Private

Charles H. Prew, Company H - Private

Edward I. Price, Company G -

J.M. Price, Company F&S - Musician

James Price, Company - Corporal

James W. Price, Company B -

James W. Price, Company F&S - Musician

John C. Price, Company E - Hospital Steward

Joseph H. Price, Company F&S - Musician

Joseph H. Price, Company F&S - Musician

Thomas Price, Company -

William Price, Company A -

Charles Primsel, Company A -

Jackson Prince, Company C -

Joseph H. Prince, Company B - Private

Albert M. Prindel, Company E -

Ezra Prindle, Company H - Private

John Prindle, Company -

John Print, Company G -

John Prioe, Company H -

John Probasco, Company E -

A.H. Procter, Company E - Private

George Proctor, Company F&S - Musician

Henry Proctor, Company D - Private

Orvill Prouty, Company D -

Benjamin Provost, Company G - Private

John Provost, Company G -

William H. Pryme, Company H -

John Pryor, Company E, B - Sergeant

David B. Pullis, Company A - Private

W.H. Pulver, Company I -

Wm.H. Pulver, Company C, F - Private

Wm. H. Pulver, Company A -

Esac Pumroy, Company A - Private

Frances Purce, Company I -

James H. Purdey, Company D -

Thomas Purtille, Company F -

Abram L. Putnam, Company - Recruit

Ephriam Pyle, Company F -

John Pyne, Company B - Recruit


Abraham Quackenbush, Company D, B - Corporal

John E. Quackenbush, Company -

Henry Quail, Company E -

Louis Qualmann, Company A - Private

John Quay, Company G - Private

Daniel W. Quick, Company D - Private

Francis P. Quigley, Company C -

Francis P. Quigley, Company C -

Timothy Quill, Company A -

James Quinn, Company I -

John Quinn, Company -

Michael Quinn, Company -

Michael Quinn, Company E - Private

Patrick Quinn, Company H - First Sergeant

Thomas Quinn, Company H, G, B - Private

William J. Quinn, Company -

Charles Quinnan, Company D -


Nevinrow R., Company H, F, C -

James ... R..., Company F -

William R..., Company -

Chad R...ggs, Company F -

Adam Raab, Company C -

Adam Raab, Company C -

Lase Radcliffe, Company A - Private

Frank Rader, Company -

William Rae, Company D -

Joseph Rafferty, Company D -

Edward Ragan, Company A -

Edward Ragan, Company A -

Patrick Ragan, Company A - Corporal

Thomas Ragen, Company -

Thomas Ragen, Company -

Charles Raidline, Company A, G - Private

William Rallston, Company G, H - Private

Charles Ramsay, Company -

Russell Ramsay, Company A - Private

Ludwig Ranch, Company E - Private

John Randolph, Company -

Cabriel Range, Company -

Jas. Ranisford, Company F -

James Rankin, Company H - Private

John Rankin, Company C -

Adolph Rapp, Company F, A -

Henry Rapp, Company -

Felton Rappert, Company G -

John Rarden, Company D -

John Rardon, Company D, D - Private

Aaron Raser, Company -

Nathan Rash, Company F - Private

John Rau, Company C - Private

Thomas Rau, Company E - Private

Ludwig Rauch, Company E -

Conrad Raupach, Company F&S - Commissary Sergeant

Richard Ray, Company - Recruit

Chas. H. Raymond, Company E -

William Raymond, Company B - Private

Emmett Raynor, Company H, F, C - Private

William Read, Company E -

Witham Read, Company E -

Dennis Readding, Company A - Corporal

Richard H. Reading, Company H, G - Sergeant

James Ready, Company G, B -

Thomas F. Reames, Company B -

Bernard Reardon, Company A -

Bernard Reardon, Company A -

John Reardon, Company B -

John Reardon, Company F - Private

Peter Rebennak, Company G - Corporal

John Rebstick, Company A - Sergeant

Orville Rechter, Company D -

Thomas Reddington, Company K -

Thomas Reddington, Company K -

Hamilton L. Redfield, Company B -

Thomas Redman, Company F - Private

Benjamin Reed, Company F -

Charles G. Reed, Company -

George Reed, Company -

George Reed, Company -

George Reed, Company E -

Gustaves S. Reed, Company F - Private

John Reed, Company -

Morris Reed, Company A, B - Private

Morris Reed, Company A - Sergeant

Myron Reed, Company F, B - Sergeant

William Reed, Company E, C -

Mathew Reedy, Company -

Matthew Reedy, Company -

Peter Reel, Company D - Private

William T. Reeny, Company D - Recruit

Henry Reeves, Company E -

Aaron Regan, Company -

David Regan, Company E, F, C - Private

John Regan, Company E - Private

Joseph H. Regans, Company H, B - Private

Rudolf Reichner, Company - Recruit

Henry Reid, Company B - Corporal

William H. Reid, Company D - Corporal

Washington Reider, Company C, B - Private

James Reiley, Company -

John Reiley, Company F -

William Reiley, Company G - Private

William Reilly, Company C, C - Private

John Reimolt, Company E - Private

Bernard Rein, Company D, D - Private

John Reinhart, Company B - Private

Christoph Reith, Company B -

Christoph Reith, Company B -

Thaddeus S. Remer, Company B - Private

George E. Rempler, Company A -

Glyn L. Renard, Company - Rejected

Chas. Reney, Company B -

Terrence Reney, Company E -

Ferdinand Renz, Company - Private

Theodore Rephold, Company C - Wagoner

Henry Rerrick, Company C -

Alexander Reumont, Company -

Jean Reuter, Company E - Private

John B. Reuter, Company E -

Abijah S. Reynolds, Company B, A - Corporal

James Reynolds, Company D - Private

John W. Reynolds, Company E - Private

Thomas Reynolds, Company E - Private

Thos. J. Reynolds, Company E, A - Musician

Thos. J. Reynolds, Company E -

Thos. J. Reynolds, Company E -

William Reynolds, Company B, D -

Alexander Rhinehart, Company - Recruit

Chas. Rhinlander, Company C -

Christian Rhods, Company D - Private

William Rhods, Company A -

Jeremiah Riardon, Company B -

Claximer Ribley, Company F -

Benjamin Rice, Company -

Charles D. Rice, Company D, F -

Erastus W. Rice, Company -

George Rice, Company A - Private

George Rice, Company F, B - Private

Henry Rice, Company G, H - Private

Hosea B. Rice, Company B, A - Private

John Rice, Company F -

Joseph Rice, Company -

Joseph Rice, Company -

George Rich, Company E - Private

Wm. H. Rich, Company K -

Charles Jno. Richards, Company F -

Chas. Richards, Company C - Private

Ferdinand Richards, Company -

Wolfgang Richards, Company C -

John Richardson, Company C -

John Richardson, Company F -

John Richardson, Company C -

John W. Richardson, Company C -

William Richardson, Company F - Private

William Richardson, Company B -

James Richey, Company -

Henry Richter, Company C -

Henry Richter, Company C -

Henry Richter, Company C - Private

Henry Richter, Company C -

David Rickard, Company E -

George Rickey, Company F -

George Rickey, Company F - Private

John Riddle, Company B - Private

Henry H. Ridgeway, Company F - Private

Frederick Rieger, Company C -

Frederick Rieger, Company C -

John G. Riehle, Company -

John Riely, Company C -

John Riely, Company E - Corporal

William Riely, Company -

Paul Riemann, Company E, H - Sergeant

George Riendel, Company E -

John Rieser, Company E - Private

Charles E. Riggins, Company H -

John Righter, Company A - Private

John Riker, Company - Recruit

George Riler, Company B -

Dennis Riley, Company B -

Dennis Riley, Company I -

Edward Riley, Company A -

Edward Riley, Company A -

Edward Riley, Company F - Private

James Riley, Company C -

James Riley, Company F, C -

John Riley, Company -

John Riley, Company C -

John Riley, Company A -

John Riley, Company F -

John Riley, Company F - Sergeant

John Riley, Company A -

John Riley, Company C -

John Riley, Company E - Corporal

John G. Riley, Company C - First Sergeant

Miles Riley, Company C -

Miles Riley, Company C -

Patrick Riley, Company A -

Patrick Riley, Company A - Private

Patrick Riley, Company C, B - Private

Richard Riley, Company D -

Thomas Riley, Company -

J. Louis Rilliet, Company E - Private

Charles Ring, Company D - Private

William Ring, Company I -

John Rinz, Company D - Private

Henry Rioggerkemp, Company B -

John Riorden, Company F -

Homer J. Ripley, Company F, B - Commissary Sergeant

Ripley, Company F - Private

Charles W. Risley, Company H, G - Private

Abraham Rissmiller, Company A - Private

Aloys Rist, Company F - Private

John Riter, Company F -

Frank Ritz, Company E - Private

James Roach, Company -

James Roach, Company -

John Roach, Company B - Private

Patrick Roach, Company A, G - Private

John M. Roar, Company F - Corporal

Stephen Robbin, Company - Recruit

Oliver Robbins, Company H, F - Private

Charles Robenson, Company F -

Chas. Robenson, Company F -

Joseph Robers, Company H -

Aenujiah Roberts, Company F - Private

Chas. Roberts, Company -

Chas. Roberts, Company -

David Roberts, Company E -

Ellis Roberts, Company C, F -

John Roberts, Company A - Corporal

Leon Roberts, Company A - Private

Thomas Roberts, Company C - Private

William Robertson, Company C - First Sergeant

John Robery, Company G -

Alfred Robins, Company G -

Myron M. Robinsen, Company E -

Ryan H. Robinsen, Company D, H, K - Private

Alanson Robinson, Company H - Private

Anthony Robinson, Company C -

Dennis O. Robinson, Company H, C -

Eurotas H. Robinson, Company H - Private

George Robinson, Company F -

George Robinson, Company B - Private

George W. Robinson, Company E -

Henry Robinson, Company - Recruit

Hiram B. Robinson, Company D - Private

Hugh Robinson, Company C - Private

Hyrum H. Robinson, Company D - Private

John Robinson, Company -

John Robinson, Company -

John Robinson, Company D - Private

John Robinson, Company A - Private

John F. Robinson, Company - Hospital Steward

Lyman Robinson, Company B - Private

Martin Robinson, Company - Recruit

Richard Robinson, Company I - Private

Sylvester Robinson, Company H -

Thomas S. Robinson, Company E - Private

Timothy W. Robinson, Company H - Private

William Robinson, Company B -

William Robinson, Company - Recruit

William Robinson, Company C -

William Robinson, Company H - Sergeant

William Robinson, Company -

Claus Robison, Company A -

James Roby, Company E -

Chas. Roche, Company -

John Roche, Company F -

John Roche, Company -

Harry Rochester, Company -

Harry Rochester, Company -

Chas. Rock, Company E -

Daniel Rock, Company D - Private

George W. Roden, Company D - First Sergeant

John Rodger, Company F -

Edwin Rodgers, Company K -

James Rodgers, Company B -

John Rodgers, Company H -

John W. Rodgers, Company E - Private

Peter Rodman, Company B - Private

John Roe, Company G -

William Roeder, Company C -

Edmond Roger, Company O -

George Rogers, Company C - Private

John Rogers, Company A, G - Private

Matthew Rogers, Company H -

Matthew Rogers, Company H -

Willard Rogers, Company F -

William Rogers, Company -

William Rogers, Company -

Henry Roggenkamp, Company B -

Henry Rohde, Company E -

Frederick Rohle, Company B -

Francis Rohrberg, Company A - Private

Thomas Roland, Company H, G, H - Private

Samuel Rolin, Company -

Jacob Roll, Company C - Private

Charles D. Rollin, Company E - Private

Warren S. Rollins, Company A - Private

Herman Rols, Company E - Private

Herman Rols, Company D - Corporal

Samuel Rondepierre, Company B - Private

Martin Roney, Company F - Private

James Ronnan, Company -

Chas. Ronnbery, Company F - Private

Ira Rooker, Company E -

James Roonan, Company E - Private

Daniel Rooney, Company D - Private

Daniel J. Rooney, Company E - Sergeant

John Rooney, Company C -

John Rooney, Company C -

John Rooney, Company B -

Edward C. Root, Company F -

Joseph Root, Company -

George W. Rorapaugh, Company D - Private

Henry Rose, Company E -

Jacob Rose, Company E -

Daniel Rosencrans, Company - Recruit

Alexander Ross, Company -

Chas. R. Ross, Company C -

Chas. R. Ross, Company C - Private

John Ross, Company D - Private

John Ross, Company -

John T. Ross, Company A - Private

Martin Ross, Company D -

Robert R. Ross, Company H -

Robert R. Ross, Company K - Private

Wm. Jos. Ross, Company D - Private

Gilbert Roth, Company A -

James H. Roth, Company H -

Tilghman Roth, Company G - Private

John Rouch, Company B - Private

Alexander Rourke, Company D - Private

Henry Row, Company K - Recruit

David Rowe, Company F - Private

George A. Rowe, Company A - Private

John Rowe, Company E -

Page Rowell, Company C -

John Rowland, Company -

Arthur Roxby, Company I -

Arthur Roxby, Company G -

Jacob Roy, Company G, B - Private

John Roy, Company I -

James Rozell, Company C - Private

Samuel Rubrecht, Company F - Private

Solomon R. Ruch, Company A, G - Private

John Ruddick, Company -

Caspar Ruff, Company A - Private

John Rugo, Company C - Corporal

Jeremiah Rumsey, Company - Recruit

Joseph B. Rumsey, Company D - Hospital Steward

Melville Rumsey, Company B -

Metville Rumsey, Company B -

William H. Rumsey, Company G, H - Sergeant

Michael Rush, Company A -

Patrick Rush, Company H - Private

David Rusler, Company D - Corporal

Benjamin Russell, Company B - Private

Chas. Russell, Company G -

Elisha Russell, Company -

George Russell, Company H -

John Russell, Company C -

John W. Russell, Company E -

Loran J. Russell, Company G -

Robert Russell, Company -

Theodore Russell, Company B -

Thomas Russell, Company F - Private

William Russell, Company F -

Wm. A. Russell, Company F -

Emanuel Rust, Company - Recruit

William H. Rutherford, Company -

Jacob Rutter, Company F - Private

Augustus I. Ryan, Company C - Private

Daniel Ryan, Company H -

Daniel Ryan, Company H -

Edward Ryan, Company B - Private

Edward Ryan, Company F -

Edward Ryan, Company - Recruit

Henry Ryan, Company F -

Henry Ryan, Company I -

James Ryan, Company B -

James Ryan, Company E -

James Ryan, Company A, C - Private

James Ryan, Company H -

James Ryan, Company B -

James Ryan, Company F, B, C - Musician

John Ryan, Company -

John Ryan, Company E - Sergeant

John Ryan, Company D - Private

John Ryan, Company G -

John Ryan, Company E - Private

John Ryan, Company H -

John Ryan, Company D -

John Ryan, Company H -

John Ryan, Company D -

John Ryan, Company G -

John Ryan, Company -

Michael Ryan, Company A - Private

Patrick Ryan, Company A -

Patrick Ryan, Company A -

Richard Ryan, Company G - Private

Richard Ryan, Company -

Thomas Ryan, Company C -

Thomas Ryan, Company C -

Timothy Ryan, Company H -

William Ryan, Company D, B - Private

William Ryan, Company B - Private

William Ryan, Company B, F -

William Ryan, Company F - Private

John W. Ryder, Company C -

John W. Ryder, Company C -

Joseph Ryder, Company E - Private

David W. Ryno, Company B - Musician

S S..., Company -

James W. S..., Company E -

Norton S..., Company E - Private

James S...., Company - Private

Henry S..ton, Company -

Henry Sabell, Company -

Francis Sabina, Company H -

Joseph Saccky, Company F, G -

Francis Sahn, Company G, H - Private

John Salathi, Company D, C, F - Private

Simeon Salisch, Company B -

James A. Salsbury, Company H - Private

Moses Sameck, Company -

Samuel Sampsall, Company - Recruit

Christian Samson, Company - Musician Second Class

Hippolyte Samson, Company E -

Pedro Sanchez, Company F -

James Sandbome, Company F - Private

Chas. J. Sander, Company B, F -

Charles Sanders, Company -

George Sanders, Company E - Private

John W. Sanders, Company D - Private

William Sanderson, Company F -

Henry Sandford, Company A -

James Sanfford, Company -

John Sargent, Company A - Private

Wm. Sarsfield, Company E -

Leonard J. Sartins, Company A -

Wallace Sartwill, Company F -

John Sauerbeck, Company G - Private

Almon Saul, Company A -

James Saunders, Company D -

Sam'l. Saunders, Company D -

Samuel Saunderson, Company D -

John Savage, Company F -

John Savage, Company D - Private

William Savage, Company F&S - Corporal

John Savory, Company B - Private

Henry Sawyer, Company A - Private

John E. Sayers, Company G, B - Private

Patrick Scanlon, Company D -

... Sch..., Company E -

John Sch..., Company B -

Michael Schall, Company E - Private

John A. Schatcher, Company A -

Werner Schatty, Company F -

William F. Schauch, Company A, G - Private

Andrew Scheible, Company D -

John Schenbren, Company D - Private

Louis Schevilla, Company H - Private

Gustave Schickler, Company D -

George Schieffman, Company - Private

Francis Schiller, Company E - Private

Martin Schilling, Company E - Private

Benedict Schinbucker, Company E -

Charles Schirmer, Company E - Private

Carl Aus. Schlegel, Company D - Private

Gasdon Schm..., Company E -

Joseph Schmidler, Company D -

August Schmidt, Company A - Private

Gustave Schmidt, Company D -

Hans Schmidt, Company C -

Henri Schmidt, Company C - Private

Henry Schmidt, Company B, E -

Joseph Schmidt, Company E - Private

Julius Schmidt, Company - Recruit

Paul Schmidt, Company F -

Samuel Schmidt, Company H, F -

Joseph Schmoker, Company C - Private

Frank Schneider, Company -

Henry Schneider, Company A, E - Private

Peter Schneider, Company H -

George Schnider, Company B -

Henry Schoenewald, Company E, B - Private

Nathan Schonfeder, Company E - Private

Frederick Schoning, Company B -

Henry Schoules, Company D - Musician

Carl Schraber, Company A - Private

Carl Schraber, Company A - Private

Paul Schrader, Company G -

Charles Schreiner, Company E - Private

William Schriewer, Company B - Private

Jacob Schriver, Company -

Robert Schroebel, Company D - Private

Jno. Nicol Schubert, Company F&S - Musician Second Class

Frederic Schultz, Company C, E - Private

Frederick Schultz, Company -

John S. Schultz, Company B - Private

Ferdinand Schulze, Company D - Private

Wehleham Schumacher, Company C -

John Schuster, Company -

Johanes Schut, Company -

Ferd. Schwan, Company -

Albert Schwangenberg, Company B - Musician First Class

Adolph Schwendemann, Company A - Corporal

Chas. R. Schwerhorn, Company -

Kiney Schwitzer, Company - Recruit

Ferdinand Scidler, Company F - Private

George Henry Scisson, Company C, B - Private

John Scmitt, Company - Recruit

Daniel Scolley, Company G -

Andrew Scott, Company A -

David Scott, Company H -

David I. Scott, Company G - Sergeant

George Scott, Company -

Henry Scott, Company -

James Scott, Company G -

John Scott, Company H, G - Private

John Scott, Company A - Private

Robert Scott, Company E -

Thomas Scott, Company G - Private

William Scott, Company H - Private

William Scott, Company F, C - Private

Wm. John Scott, Company A, D - Corporal

James Scragg, Company E -

William H. Scribner, Company B - Corporal

Henry Scrobel, Company B, C, E - Private

William Scull, Company -

John Scully, Company C - Private

Jas. Robt. Searfe, Company - Sergeant

Charles B. Sears, Company D - Quartermaster Sergeant

Chas. B. Sears, Company ACS - Quartermaster Sergeant

Christian Seebert, Company B, E, C - Private

Chas. Seely, Company E - Corporal

George Seemann, Company E - Private

John Seer, Company E - Sergeant

Andrew Seery, Company E -

Philip Sees, Company G, F -

George H. Seibert, Company A, G - Private

Corry Seigle, Company -

George W. Seip, Company A, G -

Tilghman H. Seip, Company B - Private

William Seipe, Company A, G - Private

Alexander Semskowski, Company -

Charles Seniskey, Company B - Private

Chas. S. Seniskey, Company B - Private

Eli Seron, Company F - Corporal

Eli Serow, Company H - Private

William Sersfield, Company E - Private

Louis Sessler, Company G - Private

Jesse Seters, Company A, G - Sergeant

Chas. A. Severance, Company K -

Andrew Severs, Company F -

William Seville, Company C, A -

Henry Sevilles, Company - Musician

William L. Seweard, Company B - Sergeant

Edward Seymore, Company B -

Frank Seymore, Company -

Chas. Seymour, Company - Recruit

John Seymour, Company -

John E. Seyton, Company D - Quartermaster Sergeant

George A. Shafer, Company B - Quartermaster Sergeant

Elijah Shaffer, Company G - Private

Henry Shaffey, Company A - Private

Ozias Shank, Company D - Private

William O. Shannessy, Company D - Musician

John E. Shannon, Company E - Private

Myron Shannon, Company E, B - Sergeant

Thomas J. Shannon, Company H, D, C - Musician

John Sharkey, Company B, F - Private

George Sharp, Company G -

George W. Sharp, Company G -

Hugh J. Sharp, Company D - Private

Thomas H. Sharp, Company B - Private

Thomas H. Sharpe, Company B -

Fredrick Shaueberger, Company A -

David K. Shaw, Company I, A - Private

George H. Shaw, Company F - Private

Joseph D. Shaw, Company E - Private

Organ Shaw, Company H -

Orrin G. Shaw, Company A - Musician Second Class

Edward Shea, Company A - Private

James Shean, Company F - Private

Patrick J. Sheehan, Company H - Private

Thomas E. Sheets, Company G - Private

William Sheffield, Company F - Musician

Jacob Sheffle, Company E - Private

Patrick Shehen, Company -

Alonzo C. Shekell, Company H - Private

George Sheldon, Company E -

William Shell, Company E -

Robert Shelly, Company B, C - Sergeant

Robert Shelly, Company H, F, C - Sergeant

Samuel Sheperd, Company -

William Sheppard, Company B, E - Private

Fred Sheridan, Company D -

James Sheridan, Company -

John Sheridan, Company F -

Nicholas Sheridan, Company E -

Patrick Sheridan, Company G -

George Sherlock, Company -

Patrick Sherlock, Company C -

Edgar K. Sherman, Company K -

Erastus Sherman, Company C -

George W. Sherman, Company F - Private

George E. Sherwood, Company D, F - Private

Charles W. Sherzer, Company F - Private

Michael Shevilm, Company G -

Willilam Shmitt, Company E -

John H. Shoemaker, Company C, B - Private

August Sholzman, Company B -

James Shore, Company A - First Sergeant

Michael Short, Company D -

William Shriner, Company G H - Private

... Shrod..., Company E -

Jacob H. Shuck, Company E - Private

Herman Shuman, Company E -

Christian Shwinkafer, Company B -

Christian Shwinkafer, Company B - Private

James Sickels, Company B - Artificer

Geo. W. Sickler, Company C - Private

Andrew Silbermann, Company E - Private

Barney Silverman, Company F -

Frank Silvie, Company G -

Robert H. Silvis, Company H -

Frederick Simester, Company B, H, K - First Sergeant

Cornelius Simmons, Company H, G -

John F. Simmons, Company D - Sergeant

Joseph Simmons, Company A -

Samuel Simmons, Company A - Sergeant

Thomas Simmons, Company G -

Benson Simms, Company H -

Joseph Simms, Company - Recruit

John Simon, Company F -

Lowell K. Simonds, Company A - Private

Richard Simpkins, Company A - Private

Richard Simpkins, Company A - Private

James M. Simpson, Company D - Private

Nelson Simpson, Company -

Stephen Simpson, Company G, K -

William Simpson, Company B - Private

William Simpson, Company G - Private

Clemens Since, Company E - Private

Harry Sines, Company - Recruit

John Singer, Company B - Private

Bunn Singerling, Company E, F - Private

William H. Singleton, Company F, H - Private

William Siser, Company D -

Wilson Sisley, Company D, F - Corporal

Wilson Sisley, Company B, B - Corporal

Tally W. Sisson, Company K - Private

John Sivers, Company -

Michael Skelly, Company G, F - Private

Samuel Skelton, Company B - Sergeant

Frank Skinion, Company H -

Charles H. Skinner, Company F - Private

George Slack, Company - Recruit

George Slade, Company C, B - Private

Harvey Slade, Company C -

Thomas Slatter, Company A - Sergeant

James W. Slattery, Company -

Patrick Slattery, Company G, H -

John Slaughter, Company B -

Jacob Sleepher, Company F - Private

Andrew Slocum, Company F -

Daniel D. Slocum, Company F, C, B - Private

Henry H. Smallbrook, Company -

Francis J. Smallman, Company E -

Charles G. Smedberg, Company H - Sergeant

Adelbert Smith, Company D, F - Private

Alexander Smith, Company B -

Charles Smith, Company F - Private

Charles Smith, Company C -

Chas. Smith, Company H -

Chas. Smith, Company -

Chas. Smith, Company D -

Chas. Smith, Company F - Corporal

Chas. Smith, Company A - Private

Chas. A. Smith, Company E, C - Private

Chas. H. Smith, Company F -

Chauncey H. Smith, Company F&S - Musician

Cornelius H. Smith, Company B - Private

Edward Smith, Company A -

Eli W. Smith, Company F - Private

Francis Smith, Company C -

Frank Smith, Company G -

Frank Smith, Company B - Private

Frank Smith, Company E, C - Private

Frank Smith, Company F -

Franklin Smith, Company E - Private

Geo. H. Smith, Company B -

George Smith, Company -

George Smith, Company - Private

George Smith, Company C -

George Smith, Company G, H - Private

George Smith, Company C -

George Smith, Company A -

George Smith, Company A -

George A. Smith, Company D, F -

Georoge Smith, Company -

Green M. Smith, Company B - First Sergeant

Gustave Smith, Company H - Hospital Steward

Gustavus Smith, Company K - Private

Harry Smith, Company F -

Henry Smith, Company G -

Henry Smith, Company G - Private

Henry Smith, Company C -

Henry Smith, Company C, F -

Henry C. Smith, Company -

Henry I. Smith, Company E -

Henry J. Smith, Company - Recruit

Henry J. Smith, Company B -

Isaac Smith, Company G - Musician

Isaac G. Smith, Company B, A - Private

Jacob Smith, Company A -

Jacob Smith, Company A, G -

James Smith, Company K -

James Smith, Company F -

James Smith, Company F -

James Smith, Company F -

James Smith, Company E -

James Smith, Company G -

James Smith, Company -

James Smith, Company F -

James Smith, Company C -

James Smith, Company C -

James Smith, Company -

James Smith, Company H, G -

James E. Smith, Company A - Private

James H. Smith, Company H -

James R. Smith, Company E -

James W. Smith, Company H -

Jason T. Smith, Company G - Private

John Smith, Company -

John Smith, Company F - Corporal

John Smith, Company -

John Smith, Company G -

John Smith, Company A -

John Smith, Company F - Private

John Smith, Company A -

John Smith, Company E - Private

John Smith, Company D -

John Smith, Company E -

John Smith, Company G -

John Smith, Company C - Quartermaster Sergeant

John Smith, Company E - Private

John Smith, Company E, G, F - Private

John Smith, Company -

John Smith, Company G - Private

John Smith, Company -

John Smith, Company -

John F. Smith, Company F, C - Recruit

John F. Smith, Company C -

John W. Smith, Company G -

Joseph Smith, Company E - Private

Joseph Smith, Company D -

Joseph Smith, Company C -

Joseph H. Smith, Company B - Private

Joseph M. Smith, Company - Recruit

Lawrence Smith, Company H, G - Private

Lawrence Smith, Company B - Private

Lewis Smith, Company A, B - Private

Mathew Smith, Company G - Private

Nathan S. Smith, Company - Recruit

Patrick Smith, Company -

Peter Smith, Company F -

Peter Smith, Company E - Private

Peter Smith, Company C -

Peter Smith, Company - Recruit

Phillip Smith, Company E -

Philo E. Smith, Company D -

Richard Smith, Company C -

Robert Smith, Company D - Private

Robt. Smith, Company B -

Samuel Smith, Company A - Private

Seneca R. Smith, Company A, G - Private

Stephen Smith, Company C, F - Private

Stephen Smith, Company F - Private

Thomas Smith, Company C -

Thomas Smith, Company F - Private

Thomas Smith, Company G -

Thos. Smith, Company H - Sergeant

Walter Smith, Company B -

William Smith, Company E -

William Smith, Company -

William Smith, Company G - Private

William Smith, Company G - Private

William Smith, Company F -

William Smith, Company C -

William Smith, Company A -

William Smith, Company G, B -

William Smith, Company E -

William Smith, Company - Recruit

William H. Smith, Company - Recruit

William James Smith, Company D, B - Sergeant

William P. Smith, Company - Recruit

William T. Smith, Company -

William W. Smith, Company G, B, H - Private

Edward Smyth, Company E -

Walter A. Snead, Company H, F, C - Private

George Sneder, Company -

Fred Snider, Company F&S -

Henry Snider, Company B, E - Private

James Snider, Company H - Wagoner

Franklin Snow, Company D - Private

Andrew Snowden, Company B - Private

Charles J. Snyder, Company H - Private

Geo. W. Snyder, Company A -

Harrison Snyder, Company D, A - Corporal

Henry Snyder, Company E -

Henry Snyder, Company E -

John Snyder, Company F -

John H. Snyder, Company E - Private

W. H. Snyder, Company G - Corporal

William Snyder, Company -

Alfred A. Solomon, Company B -

John A. Somersett, Company B - Private

Elijah Soper, Company -

Christian Sorenson, Company A -

William B. Sorry, Company A - Private

Jacob Souders, Company B - Private

Charles Sourwine, Company A, G - Private

John Spalasy, Company F - Private

John Spane, Company G -

Samuel Spangler, Company K - Recruit

Orton A. Spaulding, Company - Recruit

Robert E. Spaulding, Company -

William B. Spaulding, Company G -

Peter Speeyer, Company F&S - Musician First Class

Thomas Spence, Company F, H - Private

Alonzo B. Spencer, Company A, B - Private

Chas. Spencer, Company -

George A. Spencer, Company - Recruit

Randall W. Spencer, Company G - Private

John Speney, Company E -

Ferdinand Spirgel, Company C - Musician

James Spleen, Company F - Sergeant

Rudolph Sporry, Company B -

Henry Spotswood, Company B -

John Spring, Company E - First Sergeant

Vanniah P. Springer, Company - Recruit

Samuel Spruce, Company E -

George Spurr, Company -

Franklin St. Clair, Company A -

Louis St. Clair, Company - Recruit

Wm. Henry St.Clair, Company G - Private

James St.Dennis, Company C - Private

Camelle StGordans, Company H -

Isaac Stage, Company A -

Andrew Stagg, Company B - Private

Andrew Stagg, Company A, C - Private

Adolph Stahl, Company D - Private

Henry Stahl, Company C -

Urias J. Stahr, Company A, G -

Wm. Stainton, Company H, A -

Chas. A. Stanky, Company C -

Frank Stanley, Company G -

James R. Stanley, Company -

Charles Stanton, Company C, F - Private

James Stanton, Company G - Private

John Stanton, Company D, B - Private

Oliver Stanton, Company C - Private

Rufus J. Stanton, Company G, H - Private

George H. Stanwood, Company E -

Jonathan Stark, Company B, F - Private

Edgar Starkey, Company -

Eli Starks, Company H -

James Starling, Company A - Private

William Stauff, Company B -

Bernard Stavin, Company F -

Hiram L. Ste..., Company F - Private

Lansing L. Steere, Company G, H - Private

Silas A. Steere, Company - Recruit

Carl Ernst Steffens, Company E -

Joseph Stegmiller, Company B -

Henry Stein, Company F&S - Private First Class

Warren W. Stele, Company F -

Henry Stenernagel, Company H -

Edmond Stenersen, Company G - Private

Ferdinand Stephens, Company C -

Paul Stephens, Company A -

Wayne Stephens, Company - Recruit

John Stephenson, Company F -

Jonathan H. Stephenson, Company A, E - Private

Henry Sterling, Company B -

Harrison H. Sterns, Company A -

Harrison H. Sterns, Company A - Private

Joseph Steugele, Company E - First Sergeant

Edson Stevens, Company B - Private

Elwin Stevens, Company C -

Frederick Stevens, Company G - Private

Geo. W. Stevens, Company E, D - Private

George Stevens, Company H - Sergeant

George Stevens, Company E - Musician

John Stevens, Company -

John Stevens, Company -

Ruben Stevens, Company C, F, B - Private

William Stevens, Company C -

William C. Stevens, Company B - Private

George A. Stevensd, Company F - Private

Chas. Stevenson, Company K -

John Stevenson, Company D -

John B. Stevenson, Company H, A, B - Private

Benjamin Stewart, Company A - Sergeant

Chas. Stewart, Company B, G -

George Stewart, Company A -

John Stewart, Company F&S - Musician

Julius C. Stewart, Company H -

Robt. Stewart, Company B -

Stephen W. Stewart, Company -

Thomas Stewart, Company E - Private

Thos. Stewart, Company A -

William Stewart, Company A, I - Private

John B. Stignall, Company H - Wagoner

George C. Stillwell, Company C -

William Stinson, Company F -

David Stitt, Company A -

John Stitt, Company -

William Stockbridge, Company B -

Samuel A. Stoddard, Company E - Private

George Stoeben, Company H, D -

John L. Stoenae, Company C -

Jacob Stolzl, Company E - Private

Frederick Stone, Company B - Private

Henry Stone, Company H, F -

John Stone, Company G - Private

Nelson Stone, Company G -

Thomas Stone, Company F - Private

William Stone, Company -

Charles Stopp, Company A -

Suvius Storing, Company E -

Louis Storm, Company C - Private

Jeremiah Storrs, Company C -

John Stover, Company D -

William E. Stover, Company E - Private

Daniel W. Stowell, Company - Recruit

Batist Stoypan, Company -

Perry Strait, Company B -

Chas. Straske, Company F -

George A.L. Stratton, Company B - Private

John D. Stratton, Company C -

William Stratton, Company A -

William H. Stratton, Company C -

Henry Straup, Company G - Private

Peter Streiff, Company A -

Joseph Streile, Company -

August Strickeodt, Company -

Henry C. Stripher, Company A, B -

Edward Stroemer, Company G - Private

Frederick Strohmayer, Company B - Private

Chas. T. Strong, Company A -

George Stuart, Company K - Corporal

John Stuart, Company D -

Wm. Ed. Stuart, Company - Recruit

Chas. Stumpf, Company F&S - Musician

William Sturgis, Company F, C - Private

Chas. Louis Stuttimieir, Company F - Private

William Su..., Company -

John Sulivan, Company E - Private

John H. Sulivan, Company C - Private

John Sullins, Company E -

Ambrose Sullivan, Company C, F - Private

Charles Sullivan, Company -

Denis Sullivan, Company -

Dennis Sullivan, Company B -

Elijah Sullivan, Company A - Private

Eugene Sullivan, Company -

Francis Sullivan, Company A -

Frank Sullivan, Company D -

James Sullivan, Company C -

James Sullivan, Company E - Private

James Sullivan, Company F -

James Sullivan, Company F - Private

James T. Sullivan, Company C -

Jerry Sullivan, Company C, A -

John Sullivan, Company E -

John Sullivan, Company G - Private

John Sullivan, Company H - Private

John Sullivan, Company G - Private

John Sullivan, Company -

Lawrence Sullivan, Company E - Private

Lorenz Sullivan, Company -

Maurice Sullivan, Company A -

Michael Sullivan, Company H -

Michael Sullivan, Company K - Private

Patrick Sullivan, Company G -

Patrick Sullivan, Company B -

Richard Sullivan, Company K - Musician

Richard Sullivan, Company A -

Timothy Sullivan, Company C -

Timothy Sullivan, Company B - Private

Arthur Sulvenis, Company E - Private

Randdolph Sumkey, Company H, G - Private

John Summers, Company -

John Suprise, Company D - Private

Michael Surean, Company D -

Washington Sutherland, Company E - Private

Francis Sutton, Company -

James L. Sutton, Company - Recruit

Thomas Sutton, Company G -

James Swain, Company B -

George Swan, Company -

William H. Swartz, Company G, H - Private

Anthony Sweeney, Company B -

Daniel Sweeney, Company A - Sergeant

Edward Sweeney, Company B - Private

George W. Sweeney, Company E, C - Quartermaster Sergeant

James Sweeney, Company - Recruit

James Sweeney, Company E -

John Sweeney, Company -

John F. Sweeney, Company H -

Martin Sweeney, Company F - Sergeant

James Sweeny, Company C -

John Sweeny, Company G -

Michael Sweeny, Company -

Patrick Sweeny, Company C - Private

Mark Sweet, Company D -

Alfred J. Sweetapple, Company -

Virgil W. Swett, Company A - Private

Harry Swift, Company -

Robert Swindells, Company H - Private

Andrew J. Swingle, Company G, H -

Artemus C. Swingle, Company G - Private

John Symons, Company -

Martin Synott, Company - Recruit


... T..., Company A1 -

Oliver Perry Tabor, Company B - Private

Solomon Taft, Company A -

Patrick Tage, Company -

William Tailor, Company A -

Charles F. Talcott, Company A -

Daniel H. Tarbell, Company A - Private

Alexander Taylor, Company -

C. Taylor, Company C -

Daniel Taylor, Company G - Private

David M. Taylor, Company D - Private

George W. Taylor, Company A - Private

Henry Taylor, Company G - Private

Henry S. Taylor, Company E - Corporal

James Taylor, Company B - Private

James A. Taylor, Company C - Sergeant

John Taylor, Company A - Private

John F. Taylor, Company H -

Joseph H. Taylor, Company E - Private

Truelon Taylor, Company F -

W.F. Taylor, Company F&S - Sergeant Major

W.F. Taylor, Company F&S - Sergeant Major

William Taylor, Company D,C - Sergeant

William C. Taylor, Company K, E, L -

Wm Taylor, Company G -

John Tearny, Company E - Private

August Tegge, Company -

Daniel Tehan, Company G - Private

George Tempkins, Company B - Private

Nelson Temple, Company A - Private

John Tennyson, Company E - Corporal

Michael Terney, Company G -

Daniel H. Terrill, Company - Recruit

Edward C. Tew, Company -

George S. Thayer, Company - Private

Napoleon Thebeault, Company -

Napoleon Thebeault, Company -

Francis L. Theremin, Company G, H - Sergeant

Edward Thomas, Company D - Private

George Thomas, Company - Private

Henry Thomas, Company B -

John Thomas, Company C -

John S. Thomas, Company -

Mark Thomas, Company I - Corporal

Mark Thomas, Company H, G - Private

Samuel Thomas, Company F -

Thomas Thomas, Company A -

Thomas Thomas, Company A - Private

Wesley Thomas, Company F, B - Private

William Thomas, Company -

William C. Thomas, Company G -

Julius Thompsen, Company K - Corporal

Charles W. Thompson, Company H, G -

Chas. Thompson, Company A -

Edward Thompson, Company F - Private

George H. Thompson, Company B - Private

George W. Thompson, Company E - Corporal

Henry Thompson, Company E -

James Thompson, Company K - Private

James L. Thompson, Company E - Private

John Thompson, Company E -

John Thompson, Company -

John Thompson, Company I, A - Private

John Thompson, Company A -

John Thompson, Company -

John P. Thompson, Company D - Private

Joseph Thompson, Company F -

Joseph Thompson, Company F -

Robert Thompson, Company D - Private

Robert J. Thompson, Company C -

William Thompson, Company E -

William Thompson, Company F -

Wm. Thompson, Company -

Thomas Thomson, Company H -

Wm. H. Thomson, Company - Recruit

George Thorn, Company -

William Thornton, Company - Recruit

William Thornton, Company G -

James S. Thorp, Company - Musician First Class

John Thorpy, Company C - Sergeant

William H. Tice, Company K - Private

Farrell Tiernan, Company D, G - Private

John Tiernan, Company - Private

Patrick Tiernay, Company B -

William Tierney, Company A -

Herman Tietze, Company B - Private

Herman Tietze, Company B - Private

Francis H. Tiffany, Company H -

Mates Tiffin, Company E - Corporal

John Tilley, Company E - Corporal

John Tillman, Company E - Private

James Timmins, Company G -

Patrick Timoney, Company D - Private

Edward Tingley, Company C -

Dudley I. Tinker, Company I -

George H. Tinker, Company F&S - Musician

John H. Tippett, Company A - Corporal

Edgar Tipple, Company D - Sergeant

Daniel H. Tirrill, Company D - Corporal

Daniel H. Tirrill, Company - Recruit

John Toban, Company E - Private

Moses J. Tober, Company I -

Thomas F. Tobey, Company F - Sergeant